I was wondering when this would happen. Randi Harper hates Brianna Wu, and vice versa. I planned on looking up Randi’s account and seeing what shit he had to spew about it, but I have better things to do during Christmas Week. Thankfully, the freaky neighborhood stalker did the work for me! I always appreciate a helping hand. Merry Christmas, creep.

Anyway, let’s get to the juice of the post and see what Hamburger Harper had to say about Weirdo Wu…


It’s hard to disagree with anything that’s said here. Wu is an egomaniac who serially exaggerates (i.e. lies) things so that SJW retards will write clickbait articles about, well, Wu. I don’t have a problem with clickbait in general. My point is at least make it about worthy subjects. Sensationalism is great, I love it. It’s fun. But it needs to be grounded in fact. Nothing Brianna says or does is grounded in any sort of reality. Fact doesn’t exist for that psycho.

I’m also not surprised that Wu tried to make everything about “her.” That’s been the M.O. from Day 1 with this goon…



But this is coming from Randi “Go Set Yourself on Fire” Harper…

TheRalphRetort.com archives are brimming with examples of Big Randi’s hypocrisy. It’s hard to pick out just one, but the Loot Crate Saga always stands out. So they are both scum, at the end of the day. I know this to be true. Even with that said, I would have to rank Randi Harper a little higher than I do Wu. She’s not quite as big of a liar and fraud. Well, I mean, in terms of psychical size, yes, she is.

I didn’t mean to be literal, though.

Anyway, let them fight, as they say. I’ll just sit back and enjoy my popcorn.

    1. From what I have seen all these progressives hate each other. They act nice to each other but in the end when you are fighting for victim status and Patreon bucks they will climb over each other to be queen of the oppression hill.

      1. If she came out as trans would that give her an advantage over the others or would that be a bad idea just in case feminazis happen to be hostile towards male to female transsexuals

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  1. hell, I forgot the public moment Randi started hating Wu but I’m pretty sure it involves ‘crossing the line’ to talk positive about our side, and may not be pro-GG in particular. I forget. What was that one event that took place where everyone on their side started to publicly show relief they no longer had to back Wu’s shitty game for the cause? I forget 😡 He did something to make them all turn on him. He’s just not that important to remember these things…

  2. wu run for office… i’ll believe its happening when i see it cause all i see is now is positioning for patron money

  3. As someone who wouldn’t piss on Randi Harper to put out a fire, even I can’t find fault with anything she said here. Brianna Wu is a histrionic nutcase, completely divorced from reality, unconcerned with anyone but herself.

    Wu is slightly worse than Big Blue, because at least Big Blue isn’t running for congress.

    I’d like to see Wu make it in though, because it’d mean suicide for the Democrats

    It’d also mean easy street for the Republicans, especially under Trump.

    I’d like to hear Trump tear Wu to shit at least once.

    1. It would be amazing to have Wu running for congress with Keith Ellison as DNC chairman. John Walker Flynt is probably a walking offense to muslim sensibilities.

  4. Wu always tried to get into the popular SJW club, but failed miserably. Sarkeesian, Harper and Quin just pretended that John doesn’t exist.

    I for one would love Brianna to get nominated – the more these wackos come into the light, the more the normies will get to hate them.

  5. The only thing good about the left it’s their uncanny ability to backstab, boycott and cannibalize each other.

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