As is so often the case with GamerGate, I woke up this morning to a huge happening that I had no idea was going to occur the night before. Shit just seems to come out of nowhere more often than not, and in a lot of ways, it’s what makes this ride so thrilling. Today was no exception, as I was told there would be a debate between Hotwheels Fredrick Brennan, Arthur Chu, Psycho Lady from WAM, and Brooke, the young female gamer from the Al Jazeera interview. Things are shaping up, I thought to myself.

Then, I was given the link to the debate. I found out that it was a live chat, not an audio, or video debate. At first this took the wind out of my sails a little bit. But, I was wrong to feel that way. The debate turned out to be an epic beatdown of Arthur Chu, and I loved every minute of it. He even fled the battlefield at one point. Although, credit where credit is due, he did return. It didn’t matter, though. It was Hotwheels, Brooke, and last minute mystery guest David Auerbach, who dominated the proceedings. At least Chu has a lot of experience with getting his ass kicked. Maybe it wasn’t as rough on him as it would be you or me.

(Unfortunately, they didn’t.)

Brooke made several killer points throughout this interview. I can attest to her based nature myself. She was great, even in a biased video. I’d seen her before on Twitter, but didn’t make the connection. Hotwheels dropped that knowledge on me earlier today. And yes, please come on the show, Brooke! Consider this an invitation lol.

Let’s talk about the Psycho From WAM (Deanna Zandt), which I changed to the Idiot From WAM during the course of this debate. She spent the entire time shitposting memes, and generally making a mockery of the proceedings. She acted like a petulant child, and make even Arthur Chu look somewhat upstanding, at least when compared to this odious woman. When you look into her background, it’s not surprising. She’s an Anita Sarkeesian bootlicker, and loves to spread misinformation about GamerGate (these screens were given to me by Mr. Fart/FartToContinue):


This fruitcake is such a loon, that she really should have her own column. The only problem is, no one knows who the nutter is. So, I have to just stick it all in this recap. Oh yes, here’s the bootlicking:


I guess it’s also not very surprising that a person like this would also be part of the Listen and Believe chorus defending the UVA rape hoax? The true “believers” just will not listen to logic, or reason:

deanna4OK, enough about the WAM psycho. I just wanted to share some of her insanity with you all. Back to the actual debate…The wrecking crew of David Auerbach and Hotwheels did so much damage to Chu, is was unreal. Just when I think the hapless Chu cannot take a worse beating, he proves me wrong. What is his rock bottom? How much further can he degrade himself through public displays of stupidity? I’m not sure, but I know that I’m looking forward to finding out:

Like I said earlier, Chu did come back. I have to note that. Not that it mattered, because he picked up right where he left off, being the one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. He showed up with a knife to a gunfight. He got whipped like a government mule. You get the picture:

He did throw in a huge lie later on, which only made him look worse. Good job, Arthur:


It only got worse from there. Chu went off on a tangent about anonymity, and again got his pseudo-intellectual ass handed to him by Brennan. It might not have been the best idea to try and debate anon with the owner of 8chan, but Arthur thought it was.


Just one more miscalculation, in a day full of them for Arthur Chu. It was pretty special seeing him bite the curb like this, I must say. The people that booked his babbling fool of a partner did him no favors, let’s be honest. We also have to give the dirty bastard credit for having the guts to meet our people in an open forum. The same cannot be said for people like Zoe Quinn, Leigh Alexander, Ben Kuchera, Ian Miles Cheong, etc. At least Chu has the guts to take his beating. Getting your head kicked in probably does get tiring. So kudos, Arthur, and thank you for the entertainment today.


UPDATE: Arthur Chu got his ass whipped, but of course he has the perfect excuse. He doesn’t even care about stupid GamerGate, you guys! This, despite the fact that he’s based a huge part of his professional career around it, tweets about it all day everyday, and even told his users he was done with GamerGate…only to return back to it like a crackhead. The truth is, he cares, and he cares a lot. Which is good, because I love seeing him get his ass kicked. Keep up the good work, Arthur.

  1. Did you notice how every time he was made uncomfortable, he snarked to avoid addressing the core issue? Dude makes so many straw men he could sell scarecrows.

    Like you said though, at least he puts himself out there, even if all he does is get torn apart; winning Jeopardy seems to have given him a false sense of intelligence. We can clearly see why none of the other Literallys go on these things; they’ve done enough shady stuff that they wouldn’t stand a chance, and they know it.

    1. The vast majority of SJWs have zero self-awareness. They simply do not understand what anything that comes out of their mouth means. They claim to be progressives yet constantly advocate for authoritarian regimes rife with censorship and segregation. It comes down to these people being raised in the lap of luxury, and because of this they cannot understand how the world works, and do not understand how people could disagree with them. Everything in their life has gone their way, and whenever they mess up daddy comes and bails them out with his fortune. For example, did you see the article Milo did on those filthy hipsters who opened a fucking “cereal cafe” that sold bowls of cereal for £3.20 in one of the poorest areas of London? The owner who was being interviewed just did not understand what the interviewer was asking him, and ultimately asked to stop the interview because he “didn’t like the questions.” And really, is that not just the perfect example of the SJW? “I don’t like what you’re saying, I’m gonna walk away covering my ears!”

      Here’s the article:

  2. I remember seeing a retweet of Brianna Wu talking about Claire and saying that they had a few conversations together and that she seemed to like Ms.Schumann. We all know that the anti’s and their with us 100% or against us policy meant she was destined to lose. I actually felt bad reading the tweets about her crying because the anti’s attacked her for wanting to open a dialogue between both sides. Chu is just a walking pile of useless trivia knowledge. Like you said though he does deserve credit for being willing to show just how inept the anti’s are and why they avoid debate and love censorship.

    1. For more evidence, check out Maggie Shnayerson’s (a freelance journalist) exchange with BDSMgirl on Twitter, where whe is accused of being a fake account, a sockpuppet, and the (when proven real), is threatened with complaints to her employer, with BDSMgirl throwing a massive tantrum afterwards.

      1. Thanks for that recommendation. She had an interesting timeline where I found little gems like this one where we see how anti-gamergate really does support women unless you refuse to drink their kool-aid.

  3. JFC, is Chu capable of telling the truth, or does he just parrot the oft-debunked Anti-GG lies?

    “Eron’s post was made specifically to destroy Zoe”
    Um, no. He made it to show that she is an abuser and hypocrite that should be avoided and given professional help.

    “Pinsof outed Segal for no reason and his editor told him not to publish it”
    WRONG. Pinsof outed her because she was defrauding people for thousands of dollars, and emails in the GJP list show that his editor did OK it, then threw Pinsof under the bus when the backlash started.

    “GamerGate hasn’t addressed ethics”
    You haven’t been paying attention, Chu. We’ve gotten several sites to amend their ethics policies, and be more transparent, exposed several breaches of ethical conduct and scandals, and even spurred the FTC to get involved.

    “Devi Ever was genuine”
    No, she wasn’t. She’s an unstable person who tried to use GG for attention and money, much like ST Sawyer. After that failed, she switched sides in hope of pulling the same con on Anti GG.

    “Claire Schumann was a sockpuppet”.
    Wrong again, Artie! Even your beloved senpai Wu has said that she was in contact with Claire before GG even started. Unless of course, Chu either believes that GG master time travel, or he wants to risk the ire of Mistress Wu by calling her a liar…

    He didn’t even bother to do any research or prep beforehand. I bet he expected it to be a fluff piece like Wu’s MSM interview, and thought that he could spew the Anti GG propaganda without any resistance.

    Based Hotwheels knocked the Chu Chu Train off the rails!

  4. auerbach hasn’t gotten the credit thus far for being based as fuck. his “how to end gamergate” article was fucking awesome.

    dude is rad.

  5. As for that Idiot from WAM, she didn’t do herself any favors. She was posting so many stupid memes, Hotwheels called her out for not taking this seriously. Based on her tweets that Ralph posted, she’s as obsessed with Anita as Chu is with Zoe.

    1. Most of these modern feminists have learned their debate skills from tumblr and twitter so it’s no surprise she had the intellectual capacity of a peanut. She made herself look like an immature idiot which is par the course with these feminazi’s.

      1. I also thought so at first, but I believe now that she was trying to derail the discussion through trolling memes, and referred once to “women’s sexuality” to change the topic (I don’t think she realises the Brooke might be a woman and have a sexuality of her own, but that is par for the course with SJWs, internalised misogyny and all). Thankfully, no-one took the bait and the attempt fizzled.

        But she is not a dumb woman—rather she is a smart and manipulative troll. It is only that she met more than her match in the awesome self-control shown by channers that made her look like a fool. Be aware, ANYONE (even me) could have fallen into her trap and the discussion would have devolved into a memefest and/or discussion of “women’s sexuality,” which would have then provided her with sufficient leverage to portray herself as the sane voice in a shitstorm.

    2. I know this has the potential of painting us in a bad light by saying it, I think this woman is a lesbian and she is incredibly hot for Anita. I mean, look at her attitude during the whole debate. She was going through the whole debate like a horny schoolgirl. she must have been laughing your ass off at her own “cleverness” while Hotwheels and Brooke looked at each other and went, “what in the high holy hell is this woman doing?”

      Honestly, I think these people on the anti side are so incredibly sex depraved, their hormones are backing into their brains and its making them retarded. It’s the only explanation I can think of at this point.

      We need a biologist in here, STAT!

      1. You don’t need to have a crush on someone in a sexual way to idolize to such an extent. It is the cultist mindset in action and is why cults do all the crazy things they end up doing. The leader(s) say things in a way that speak to a select few who then put down their entire lives in dedication.

        I see this almost as a religion to them.

  6. I loved the fact that Fredrick was actually providing sources for his points. Chu started out spouting the same anti-gg rhetoric. You can actually pinpoint where he just started to let loose a torrent of BS to try and discredit GG. He could have engaged in civil debate and instead resorted to discrediting measures because he couldn’t reply back on an intellectual level.

  7. LOL Chu and the others are just paid shills. We give you $, fame, security, jobs, priority whatever and you go do things like these. This happens a lot in the entertainment industry and when it comes to GMOs


  8. Wait a second, if he wasn’t taking the debate seriously because he was driving while tweeting (which, by the way, is highly inadvisable, especially with posts as long as his), why was his excuse for taking a break from it that he had to get in his car and, I assume, drive somewhere? If you’re going to make up an excuse for your poor performance, at least get your facts straight.

  9. A brief summary of my opinions:

    1. It amounts to nothing, as it is still up to AlJazeera to make a TV report about this, or incorporate the facts Hotwheels, Brooke and Auerbach provided into a balanced press report. Until then, the mainstream narrative stands. Not many people outside the GG/aGGro pay any attention to text “debates,” regardless of the content, especially when there is a TV hit piece running a one-sided coverage.

    2. My respect for Arthur Chu greatly increased after this debate. He came across as a person who has firm conviction in his beliefs, and is prepared to defend them with as much energy and gravitas as he can manage. Truly a worthy opponent. However, reading his “mind-control” doublethink makes it unlikely that he will ever be receptive to any arguments. For example, he believes journalistic collusion is all hunky dory (he admits to doing biased reviews himself), and the games press have been “models of ethics,” and he has very weird definitions or concepts of censorship and free speech. At this point, I think it is fruitless to focus on Chu anymore. He has given enough negative quotes to last for years (unless he decides to give more)!

    3. Deanna Zandt. What she did in the interview can charitably be described as “shitposting.” She had very little to offer in the way of sensible comments (unlike Chu), and at one point called the discussion “ridiculous.” It was a good thing Hotwheels called her out on this, but I’ll go right ahead and call it TROLLING. I have no idea whether this was an intentional attempt to provoke Hotwheels and/or Brooke into responding with memes of their own, thus proving her point that the discussion was ridiculous, but it looked extremely unprofessional. Fortunately, Hotwheels and Brooke showed grace under fire and ignored her trolling, but that doesn’t excuse her. For a woman who claims “everything is IRL” for her she certainly makes a very poor case for herself. Picture memes are what she does in real life? Bonus points for admitting that she can’t distinguish between real and virtual worlds, and the gravity of communication. She even disingenuously tries to being up the topic of “women’s sexuality,” while Arthur harps upon “burgers and fries.” I first ignored it, but later realised this could have been actually intended to derail the discussion into the direction of the Quinnspiracy. Thankfully, Hotwheels and Brooke did not bite, which is more than I can say for myself! It is telling that Zandt does not really have any arguments apart from her bogeyman about “women’s sexuality” that is not really germane to GamerGate at all.

  10. Who in the hell does that WAM person think they are? If she didn’t want to actually participate, she should have politely declined and allow somebody who wouldn’t be a disrespectful mess. She spat in Al Jazeera’s face be ignoring the debate they set up.

  11. SJW Debate Rules:

    1. Make illogical statements and assert that they are the truth, and that everyone else who doesn’t believe these statements is a bigot of some type. (Popular choices are “misogynist” and “racist”, although “homophobe” and “cisgendered” are fine also).

    2. When someone calls you on your ad hominems, either tell them you were joking, or say “it’s not an insult if it is the truth” (Hopefully they won’t be smart enough to know that some insults are true – avoid the second option when talking with gamergate supporters)

    3. When someone debunks your argument, either claim they do not know what they are talking about, or state that you aren’t taking them seriously, because they are a joke.

    4. ALWAYS CLAIM THAT YOU WIN. NO MATTER WHAT. (Doing so ensures that you are right, especially if someone says you didn’t win).

    5. Optional – If you are ever lost, and don’t know what is going on, repost memes. They make you look intelligent.

  12. I love that final whimper from ChuChu. Good old classic line from someone who were verbally destroyed so completely and utterly they have nothing to come back with.

  13. It’s great that Chu and WAM-O didn’t take this seriously as it made it much easier for their side to be discredited and made to look like the morons they actually are. I hope many outsiders are reading this debate as a judgement on which side to pick.

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