Good morning afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The first post of the day is going to be a doozy. According to TMZ, Leslie Jones (Ghostbusters, Milo’s Twitter Ban) has been hacked and her nude photos have been released. Christi Junior, staff writer for the site, told me the hashtag for this hack is Good enough for me!

From TMZ

Leslie Jones has been horribly violated by a hacker who got into her website and posted all of her identification, including driver’s license and passport … and naked photos.

Jones has been dogged by haters since “Ghostbusters” was released and she was the target of a slew of racist comments. Some people even sent her pictures of a gorilla.

0824-leslie-jones-website-3Some people are saying this is going a bit to far. I sympathize with that argument for sure. Then again, she did kick the hornet’s next. But the point I want to focus on is all the outrage going around today. Where was that when American legend Hulk Hogan got his sex tape released by the scum at Gawker? Or when Orlando Bloom’s nudes came out a couple weeks ago? We see this double standard time and time again. When women get their shit hacked, it’s a national tragedy. If you even look at the pics you’re dubbed a rapist (yes, seriously). When it’s a man these same people literally say “LEMME SEE, LEMME SEE!”

The hypocrisy is stunning. I’ll keep this post updated throughout the day with tweets and examples of that hypocrisy.


From Twitter…

Here’s an interesting thought, by the way…

Hack Ghostbusters director Paul Feig weighs in…

Milo has posted his reaction to all this over on Snapchat…


  1. Why is Harambe’s good name & memory still being sullied? He had nothing to do with Leslie Jones. Tracy the Gorilla was in the original Ghost Busters tv show. I’m ashamed how few people got the joke when it was said Ghostbusters had a gorilla already. KNOW YOUR TV HISTORY, PEOPLE!

    1. Leslie is an awful person, a racist, a hypocrite and a liar. Milo is innocent, and twitter has an obvious liberal agenda.

      However, there was no ‘joke’ to get. We all knew it was a reference to an earlier ghost busters gorilla, but that reference didn’t qualify as a ‘joke’. It was just a crappy, childish, and racist thing to post.

      1. Milo isn’t innocent, he has a history of bullying and harassment. Whether or not he should have been banned shouldn’t play a part in acknowledging what a divisive, bitter, odious presence he has made for himself. Ironic considering it was a few years ago he complained about “cyber bullying” himself. He’s a creep. And BTW, conservatives are just as guilty of pushing their agendas too in dishonest ways. Every “group” does that. Like when I was censored on a capitalist website when I tried to write about how bad capitalism is.

        1. Milo is innocent of the majority of accusations being made against him in the Leslie Jones kerfuffle. ( Not innocent on every issue)

          Regarding dishonest conservatives: I’d wager there’s close to a hundred and forty million conservatives in the US. If only 1% of them were hateful hypocritical douchebags that would still be 1.4 million so I’m not surprised by your experience with censorship. ( and obviously the number is higher than 1%)

          As someone who has leaned left-of-center my whole life I currently think that the biggest threat to rational and factual discourse in this country is coming from the left.

          While Milo is not elevating the discourse, he is exposing this portion of the left for who and what they really are. This is necessary and wonderful.

          1. I’m a misanthropist, so I simply think most people are scum, no matter what “side” they are on. Milo and others like him exposing extremist kooks of another shade doesn’t mean much to me personally, because it’s all in line with their own agendas, just like the crazies they are against to begin with. I’m transgender and traditionally it was conservative types that were against lgbt communities. Nowadays that’s changing, because these people are aware that gay and trans people are a very politically relevant group, even though before they hated them. They just wised up to potential allies. Meanwhile, they still look down their noses at mentally retarded people or other needy types who are just mouths to feed, because unlike gays and tranny’s, retarded people are of no use to them. Even when I mention to LGBT supporters how I was repeatedly mistreated by other trans women for having a disabled brother, they don;t give a shit. But then pop a gasket when something negative is said about one of “their own”. They care about politics, not people. Even a lot of anti feminists don;t really care about men. They only care within the context of feminism. On the other, people who don;t contribute to their interests, male or not, can go and screw themselves as far as they’re concerned. Scum, all of them.

          2. You are the first Milo critic I’ve seen that is not an idiot, or dishonest, or highly partisan, or a combination thereof.

            You make several accurate observations about culture, politics, groups and their motives.

            You mention anti-feminists that don’t care about men. I don’t see that as a problem, nor hypocrisy. It doesn’t need to be men vs women. For me it is honesty / reason vs dishonesty and BS rhetoric.

            Extremist leftists have created such a terrible climate of ignorance and lies that somebody like Milo comes out looking like a hero to many (including me) when he goes head-to-head with them. I’d much rather it was a more honest and more respectable person (and more liberal-leaning) was doing that Milo is doing, but I’ll take what I can get these days

  2. This is the same cunt who egged people on to bully and harrass someone she disagreed with on Twitter. No sympathy from me.

    As for the hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to male nudes, that’s feminists and SJWs for you. I see it all the time in the UK media.

    Female nudes = “sexist”, “misogyny”, “hating women”, “perverted”, “creepy”
    Males nudes = “justice”, “empowering for women”, “positive”, “lemme see! lemme see!” (good one Ethan!)

    SJWs are the absolute scum of the earth.

    As a question of interest, what is their (SJWs and feminists) actual argument when people point out this double-standard? Because the hypocrisy is getting really fucking tiresome.

    1. They don’t make an argument. They just call you “literally Hitler” and refuse to engage you rationally. To do otherwise would be to admit your comments have merit and deserve a response that they can’t provide.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. SJW and the politically correct are degrading to society. Arsenicsunday: She has posed naked before. What’s the big deal? People are born into this world naked. Gtfu

      1. I think you’ll find that anti PC people are the same as PC people. It’s horseshoe theory in action. Also, are you implying people being born naked should mean it’s okay to reveal nude pictures without consent?

    3. ArsenicSundae, but if I had to make a guess at a counter, they’d probably make an excuse about how women have been oppressed by men so when they’d probably see male nudes as revenge while they still see female nude as continued oppression by the “patriarchy.”

      My counter argument would be, “Everyone deserves privacy no matter what. Even criminals and SJWs deserve the right to privacy as well. Plus if she put naked photos of herself on her computer or site, then she deserves blame too, because if you didn’t want nude pics of yourself on the internet, don’t put nude photos on your computer or website.

  3. Could this be an act of karma or maybe a ploy to get her some more sympathy

    On the subject of Fembusters according to MundaneMatt’s latest episode of 3 Buck Theater the movie has already flopped in Japan by just coming in at number 4 on it’s opening week

    Sorry feminazis but Fembusters is actually quite crap

  4. Frankly, the picture of her looking into the camera and licking her lips looks more like a rape threat than something erotic a woman would send.

  5. eh, I wouldn’t advocate or support this, purely out of principles
    but…I don’t feel bad for it either

    if anything it does highlight the double standards when stuff like this happens, that much is true

  6. “A celebrity’s privacy has been horribly violated!” -TMZ 2016

    It’s a good thing irony and hypocrisy don’t have physical mass otherwise our planet would have just imploded into a black hole.

    If there’s one lesson everyone living in the modern internet era needs to figure out is that you should NEVER take nude photos of yourself unless you’re comfortable with them getting out. Sooner or later everyone with a high profile seems to get hacked. The best way to control your data/information is to never create it in the first place and to never store it on anything with an internet connection. There’s a reason the Russian Federation bought all those typewriters and have taken alot of their classified material back to physical archives. You can’t remotely hack a filing cabinet.

      1. …and pickpockets are guilty of stealing but if you walk down the street with a stack of hundred dollar bills visibly hanging out of your back pocket flapping in the breeze you’re still a fucking moron. Doubly so if you already made it a point to publicly antagonize half the people who’ll be there on that street that day.

          1. Yeah I definitely pick my battles. I’m certainly not going to white knight for Leslie Jones and I definitely wouldn’t white knight for the unfunny and intensely ugly cunt for an entire three months like you now appear to be doing.

          2. This was the first time a checked back in three months. I wasn’t “white knighting” I was simply pointing out when someone/some people are in the wrong, and shouldn’t be excused. I believe people should have fair treatment, whether or not they may have been in the wrong in the first place, even if the person in question were bad. I know not to particularly expect rationality or consistency from others though.

            Also, it’s odd that it’s okay to insult people for being “ugly” but insulting someone’s skin colour, their sexuality or their gender identity is considered bigoted.

  7. When I seen the update about Salty McFaig chiming in I had to wonder could this be what he’s really like in real life or did he start acting like a nasty little mangina since the first trailer for his feminist propaganda flick got all those down votes on YouTube

  8. TMZ calling someone leaking some personal data despicable

    TMZ ?

    A Paparazzi Muck Raker org which regularly posts salacious crap about anyone who is considered in any way a celeb, from panty shots to nipple slips, drunk in charge mug shots to suicide notes….and org run by a Starbucks slurping sheeny scumbag too fucking poisonous for the California Hollydud legal profession that shat him out? Harvey The Fudgepackers TMZ who come only second place to Denton & Gawker when it comes to outing other gay celebs and politicos to get his mag clicks?

    “Horribly violated”?

    Are you having a bubble you hypocritical fucking leeches?

    Harvey is just pissed off his mag didnt get the scoop

    1. Your rants are so delightful to read. I just imagine it starting out in a reasoned tone and gaining in pitch and timber until it’s a full on shout towards the end. Love it.

      1. Imagine a cross between Sean Connery circa The Man Who Would Be King and Lewis Black….. you have me

        Always happy to know I raise a smile 😉

          1. Wrong end of the country.

            The cockney slang comes from working side by side with a pack of “propah geezahs” for the past two decades and doing 15 years of living in Narf Eest Lahndan.

            Y get less for murder as i always used to say.

    1. Milo has a history of bullying and harassment. It’s sad he has any support or liking just because they agree with him about feminism.

        1. In other words, it’s not good vs bad, it’s bad vs bad. And anti feminists don’t really care about men, They care about their politics.

  9. Smoke you fags, this nudity shit offends me.

    No, fucking seriously, nude pictures of leslie jones? Are you kidding me? Gross…. literally the only time it’s okay to be “offended” at anything……………..sick bastards, y’all need Jesus.

  10. No sympathy. She courted negative attention for Sony PR and then used the backlash she instigated to get Milo banned from Twitter. Fuck Her! [not literally of course, ew]

  11. Fuck the hacker who did this. He should be servery punished. Releasing nude photos of Leslie Jones… he should be tried for crimes against humanity.

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