More on this breaking story as I get it. As you can see, these so-called progressives have a real problem with democracy and the peaceful transfer of power. This is the second night in a row that thugs have decided to riot over Donald Trump election victory…

Things have definitely picked up. It looks like the cops might start cracking skulls pretty soon, but we’ll see. I’m gonna keep updating things. (EDIT: Maybe I was wrong! The destrcution has picked up even more. This looks worse than Oakland.)

(What the fuck?!^^^)

As you can see if you made it this far, the situation is completely out of hand. I keep thinking the cops will put an end to it, but apparently they’re worried about the size of the crowd. They’re getting slightly more aggressive, but the rioters are still acting with impunity for the most part. Some official said they weren’t going to call in the National Guard because that’s not what Portland does. They’d rather have their city destroyed by George Soros’ thugs, I guess.