Heat Street Goes Full Retard, Apologizes to the Victims of Pepe the Frog

Heat Street Goes Full Retard, Apologizes to the Victims of Pepe the Frog

Until now, I’ve been kinda torn on Heat Street, the supposedly Anti-SJW news and opinion site headed by former conservative MP Louise Mensch. While Mensch regularly makes a fool of herself on social media (most recently, she tried dismissing the weekend’s terror bombing in New York as a non-event), the site itself has published a number of decent anti-SJW articles. Still, many on the Anti-SJW right have been understandably wary about embracing a Murdoch/Neocon site that has already hosted some pretty shady contributors – including a pedophile!

Moreover, having a Hillary Clinton-supporter run an Anti-SJW site never really made any sense – as should be clear by now, Hillary is easily the closest thing we have seen so far to a SJW presidential candidate. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of everything Anti-SJW people are supposed to be fighting, be it misandrist and anti-white identity politics, political correctness or censorship. Pretending to fight SJWs while simultaneously trying to get a mainstream SJW elected president of the US is hardly a tenable position – at some point you will either have to firmly stand against Hillary, or expose yourself as a SJW Lite at best.

In the case of Heat Street, the surrender to SJWs was declared under the most absurd of circumstances – an editorial by Louise Mensch stating that the online meme Pepe the Frog was indeed anti-Semitic, just as Hillary Clinton had claimed, and even apologizing for an earlier article disputing that claim. The author of that older piece, former Nazi/former SJW Ian Miles Cheong, fessed up to wrongthink like a good little Cuck.

Of course, normal people will at this point be feeling like they’ve been taking Crazy Pills. It’s one thing when the consistently clueless MSM and old, sick Hillary Clinton label a beloved internet meme as anti-Semitic, but for supposedly internet-savvy Anti-SJW people to do so makes no sense. Indeed, going by the online reactions the article has gotten, a number of people assumed it was a joke, a clever troll piece. However, by all hallmarks the article is all-too-sincere.

That’s not to say it is well-argued. Indeed, the only argument the article makes is that a lot of anti-Semitic Pepe memes have recently popped up, which apparently means that Pepe himself is now a Nazi symbol. That line of reasoning is of course complete nonsense. It took me just a few seconds to find anti-Semitic Vivian James memes – does that make Vivian or GamerGate anti-Semitic? Does GamerGate have to disavow Vivian James, or be smeared as Jew haters by people who are supposed to be our allies?

The article manages to get even dumber near the end, as Mensch (and by extension, Heat Street) apologizes to Pepe’s Victims for having suggested earlier that the cartoon frog wasn’t in fact a Nazi icon. Pepe is “actual racism” Mensch concludes, as she wraps up the article with a handful of Nazi Pepes sure to shock people who don’t know how the internet works. It very much reads as Louise Mensch laying out Heat Street’s official editorial stance too, not just her personal opinion, so don’t be surprised if the site from now on makes a big show of condemning the unholy trinity of Adolf Hitler, David Duke and Pepe the Frog.

As for me, I have pretty much learned what I need to know about Heat Street – a site whose editor so readily labels classic internet memes as anti-Semitic on the say-so of Hillary Clinton is hardly an ally you can trust in the fight against SJWs. What if Hillary drops all pretenses and explicitly calls GamerGate misogynistic? What if the MSM decides that criticizing George Soros now suddenly counts as anti-Semitism? What if Cuckservatives conclude that the term Globalist is code for Jew-hatred? Oops, turns out that last one already happened!

Basically, if/when Heat Street ends up turning against key Anti-SJW allies, I for one won’t be the least bit surprised.

Christi Junior

Infamous #GamerGate Hardliner featured in the Washington Post. Nintendo fan. Screw your pronouns.

  • The Gator Gamer

    We’re watching Neo-Conservatives turn into Neo-Progressives before our very eyes, all because they hate Trump. Thanks to the Donald for exposing all of these pseudo-Republican sycophants as the scum sucking chud they really are.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      We’re at a delicate juncture right now where it could all blow up in our face but judging from the polling trends we’ll likely soon be watching a huge swath of the worst people in American politics go down with Shillary’s sinking ship.

    • scemar

      here’s the true fight
      honest populism vs subversive elite corporate globalism

    • Pesty

      I think it’s entirely false to call these people pseudo-Republicans for their hatred of Trump when Donald Trump himself is basically the poster child of a pseudo-Republican. If anything, it shows that the conservatives aligned against him are true GOP supporters.

      Now, I say this being immensely glad of Trump’s nomination as the Republican candidate and what may be the sign that the GOP, which up until now was the very soul of the Republican party, has officially lost their long-established control.

      I just wish that there had been a similar implosion within the Democratic party, but Bernie Sanders’ nomination bid essentially being trampled by the DNC despite his obvious populism clearly shows that the Democrat’s political machine is still running strong. They’re not about to let a little thing like real democracy or the will of the people get in the way of their political ambitions.

      • scemar

        trump’s qualities which would fit with what republicans seemed to have been about:
        defense of freedom, defense of safety,the interests of the people, protection of values, speaking for the people

        what he lacks is the proper nice guy bible lover decorum of the conservative republicans,he’s the entire opposite of that, and people are warming up to his showmanship, but his stances aren’t that far from what was supposedly at the heart of the party before the neocon take over

        now, I don’t claim to understand that part of american politics enough to be certain of it, but if the other candidates were willing to sell out their country’s values, safety and freedoms, then I’m not sure what sort of ideal they could claim to stand for which could make them more republican than him, at least when it comes to actions, not behavior

    • CultofZoidberg

      Well they started out as Trotskyists, so it’s not that much of a stretch.

  • RuralScot

    I gave Heat Street a chance, but eventually I had had enough. I managed to survive the editor coming out for SHillary and a bunch of their anti-Trump stuff. But saying that globalist was a code word for Jew was the last straw for me. I also find it weird how she pushes the Putin conspiracy stuff.
    Mensch is a cretin and I hope she runs the site into the ground.

    • milk bone

      The “globalist = Jew” tactic is just a variant of an older strategy. Charles Krauthammer started circulating the idea that when people said “neocon” they really meant “Jew”. IOW, if you oppose the neoconservative agenda (as I do), you’re an anti-Semite. (If you’re Jewish and oppose it, you’re a self-hating Jew.) So, the upshot is only the neoconservative point of view is acceptable; any other opinion is beneath contempt. By thus demonizing the neoconservatives’ opposition, there is no need to consider the substance of anti-neocon (or anti-globalist, mutatis mutandis) arguments.

      There’s a reason as well why “denialist” is the preferred moniker to assign to those who are skeptical about anthropomorphic global warming/climate change. It is to form a psychological connection between such skepticism and Holocaust denial. So again, if one is skeptical of AGW, he is beneath contempt and his arguments need not be given consideration.

      The strategy in all these cases is to narrow the Overton Window to a single position, so that ungoodthinkers are defeated before they even open their mouths to express their “toxic” ideas.

      • Username

        I highly doubt the term “denialist” is used to form a subconscious connection between climate change and holocaust denial thought processes. That seems pretty far fetched, not to mention a very evil genius-level construction.

        It takes a lot more than casual conversation to intuit such a complex connection. There are a lot more things relevant people’s everyday life in terms of denial. That’s not even a decent subliminal message.

        My point is, when someone says “denial”, the holocaust probably isn’t even in the top ten list of things people then immediately think about. Not unless it is/was actively relevant to their lives in more ways than most.

        Well, sure, if you asked someone to think about a list of relevant terms referencing denial, it’s bound to come up a lot, but you’re describing a subliminal message. Not exactly something a specific thought-out checklist is used for.

  • Voidraithe

    I was skeptical of Heat Street because of Mench. She showed her true colors at the beginning of GamerGate by blocking me after mocking her over the Protein World decision or calling her out on her “men can’t be victims of domestic violence” bull.
    Louise “white line fever” Mench is a globalist and hypocrite like Cathy “too old for the internet” Young. I’m a year older than Louise so her being old isn’t an excuse. I know Pepe is a drawing, a blank slate you can make to be anything. Cathy and Louise say they don’t assign guilt by association but fall short now because it back up their position.
    I’m glad both of these phony’s have been exposed now and it’s due to the Donald.

    Thank You Mr. Trump

  • tz1

    Jewishflies? Pepe eats insects for breakfast! I guess they are victims.

  • youareivan

    to argue that pepe is anti-semetic because some people have used him in nazi cartoons would be the same as arguing that the cross is racist because it’s been used in kkk propaganda.

  • Perrico de los Palotes

    Sieg heil, Pepe!

  • Alarming red flags for a so-called Anti-SJW site. The mask may be slipping now.

    Time to ditch I think.

  • scemar

    the instant I heard about heatstreet, every instinct in me told me this was an attempt by murdoch and his globalist budies to subvert the uprising against them, to tap into it, take over, and attempt to steer it towards a direction that pleases them

    good old controlled opposition, classic globalist trick

    and everytime something like this happens they prove that cynical instinct right

    they’re a useful like a chess piece, but should not be seen as allies
    their intentions are not genuine

    the moment they start saying something out of line they had the bosses force them to publish a pathetic apology about it, controlled opposition indeed

  • While I have been cautiously optimistic about Ian Miles Cheong, I’ve really been liking the strides he’s made since renouncing the social justice cult. I really hope this slip-up isn’t enough to completely screw over his newfound reputation, or worse, send him spiraling back into the cult mentality.

    • Pesty

      IMC correctly identified some of his own faults back when he first renounced the Social Justice cult. He craved the acceptance they offered. He’s definitely one to swim with the current rather than against it; not out of laziness, I believe, but rather an avoidance of conflict and adversity. I don’t judge him too harshly for that, especially in light of his own admittance to it. But recognition of your faults alone is not enough to overcome or fix them, and I don’t know if Cheong will ever be able to cure himself of always wanting to find the easier path.

      He’s clearly jumped the SJW ship, and has burned those bridges behind him. Sadly, the cynic in me can only see that as just a new round of virtue-signaling on his part in order to ingratiate himself with the new social circles that he’s looking to join. Still, I’m sure that he’s feeling much better with this new set of philosophies that he’s adopted because I’ll bet it beats the hellish amounts of cognitive dissonance that he had to manage in order to be a regressive SJW.

  • Skin

    The world is becoming a parody of itself.

    • Username

      This type of shit really makes a rational, level-headed person just want to down a full bottle of extra-strength paracetamol.

      I just wish more people realized how fucking poisonous having a political system with only two parties can be. There’s bound to be such insanity.

  • ash

    Won’t be visiting Heat Street anymore.

  • One-Eye

    I recall someone warning us about Heat Street some time ago, claiming they were phonies.

    I can’t for the life of me remember if it was Gavin, Chuck Johnson or Milo. It was likely one of those three.

  • Mr0303

    I guess since Mensch supports Hillary she also has to go all in on this ridiculous war on memes. The group think is strong with this one. Ignoring how bad Hillary is, a reasonable person will disagree with their candidate of choice if they say something stupid.