Until now, I’ve been kinda torn on Heat Street, the supposedly Anti-SJW news and opinion site headed by former conservative MP Louise Mensch. While Mensch regularly makes a fool of herself on social media (most recently, she tried dismissing the weekend’s terror bombing in New York as a non-event), the site itself has published a number of decent anti-SJW articles. Still, many on the Anti-SJW right have been understandably wary about embracing a Murdoch/Neocon site that has already hosted some pretty shady contributors – including a pedophile!

Moreover, having a Hillary Clinton-supporter run an Anti-SJW site never really made any sense – as should be clear by now, Hillary is easily the closest thing we have seen so far to a SJW presidential candidate. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of everything Anti-SJW people are supposed to be fighting, be it misandrist and anti-white identity politics, political correctness or censorship. Pretending to fight SJWs while simultaneously trying to get a mainstream SJW elected president of the US is hardly a tenable position – at some point you will either have to firmly stand against Hillary, or expose yourself as a SJW Lite at best.

In the case of Heat Street, the surrender to SJWs was declared under the most absurd of circumstances – an editorial by Louise Mensch stating that the online meme Pepe the Frog was indeed anti-Semitic, just as Hillary Clinton had claimed, and even apologizing for an earlier article disputing that claim. The author of that older piece, former Nazi/former SJW Ian Miles Cheong, fessed up to wrongthink like a good little Cuck.

Of course, normal people will at this point be feeling like they’ve been taking Crazy Pills. It’s one thing when the consistently clueless MSM and old, sick Hillary Clinton label a beloved internet meme as anti-Semitic, but for supposedly internet-savvy Anti-SJW people to do so makes no sense. Indeed, going by the online reactions the article has gotten, a number of people assumed it was a joke, a clever troll piece. However, by all hallmarks the article is all-too-sincere.

That’s not to say it is well-argued. Indeed, the only argument the article makes is that a lot of anti-Semitic Pepe memes have recently popped up, which apparently means that Pepe himself is now a Nazi symbol. That line of reasoning is of course complete nonsense. It took me just a few seconds to find anti-Semitic Vivian James memes – does that make Vivian or GamerGate anti-Semitic? Does GamerGate have to disavow Vivian James, or be smeared as Jew haters by people who are supposed to be our allies?

The article manages to get even dumber near the end, as Mensch (and by extension, Heat Street) apologizes to Pepe’s Victims for having suggested earlier that the cartoon frog wasn’t in fact a Nazi icon. Pepe is “actual racism” Mensch concludes, as she wraps up the article with a handful of Nazi Pepes sure to shock people who don’t know how the internet works. It very much reads as Louise Mensch laying out Heat Street’s official editorial stance too, not just her personal opinion, so don’t be surprised if the site from now on makes a big show of condemning the unholy trinity of Adolf Hitler, David Duke and Pepe the Frog.


As for me, I have pretty much learned what I need to know about Heat Street – a site whose editor so readily labels classic internet memes as anti-Semitic on the say-so of Hillary Clinton is hardly an ally you can trust in the fight against SJWs. What if Hillary drops all pretenses and explicitly calls GamerGate misogynistic? What if the MSM decides that criticizing George Soros now suddenly counts as anti-Semitism? What if Cuckservatives conclude that the term Globalist is code for Jew-hatred? Oops, turns out that last one already happened!

Basically, if/when Heat Street ends up turning against key Anti-SJW allies, I for one won’t be the least bit surprised.