One of these days I’ll have to sit down and whip up a proper in-depth opinion piece again, the kind I used to write for this site. Right now though, chronicling the madness of Heat Street’s founder and editor Louise Mensch is just way too much fun. She’s the Lolcow that never runs out milk, having already embarrassed herself plenty of more times on Twitter since the last time I covered her. That said, her latest stunt might just have been a watershed moment for both her and the “Anti-SJW” site she runs.

First, some background: Recently a new anime called Keijo came out, which Triggered SJWs to no end. See, Keijo is basically a Shounen sports series, but revolving around a sport that involves girls fighting each other using their butts and boobs (the emphasis being mainly on the butts), the competitors using their assets to knock their opponents out bounds, or even to knock them out. Oh, Japan…

I’ve actually seen the first 3 episodes of the anime and it’s pretty enjoyable, and even plays the concept completely straight, which is kinda hilarious. Of course, SJW gaming site Kotaku hates it, and hosted an article labeling the anime as Deplorable (interesting choice of words). The author seemed genuinely upset that American anime fans weren’t up in arms about this series, with no-one trying to get it banned for Objectifying women. Apparently it’s not enough for men today to white knight every single woman in our vicinity, we’re supposed to defend the honor of fictional women too.

At the time the article came out, a lot of Anti-SJW people (me included) mocked Kotaku for their stupid article, maybe gave the Problematic anime some attention we otherwise would not have, but beyond that we moved on. One site did however cover Kotaku’s article critically, that being Heat Street. This was in the form of a short piece written by William Hicks, definitely tongue in cheek, yet calling attention to the interesting fact that Keijo passes the Bechdel Test (basically the SJW gold standard for female representation in fiction) with flying colors.

Why archive a decent article you may ask? Well, besides Heat Street in general being garbage, you should know that if you follow the archived link I posted and check out the active link provided, you won’t be met with William Hicks’ piece, but instead a completely different article written by Loony Louise herself, claiming that Keijo isn’t just misogynistic, but actually qualifies as child porn! And no, this isn’t even a case of the original article having been moved – Louise’s smear piece, going far beyond what even Kotaku dared, is now the only article about Keijo available on Heat Street.

Now, as a TRR contributor, I’m fully aware that submitted articles are sometimes altered by the site editor, and can even be given completely different headlines from the ones suggested by the writer. That’s par for the course. What would however be completely unacceptable would be taking a finished article and changing the message of it into something the writer responsible clearly does not agree with. And yet, what Louise did is even worse – she took an already-published article by one writer and straight up replaced it with an article of her own, that has a completely different message. And none of this was even disclosed by Mensch! In fact, Mensch’s new article has the exact same date as the original article, which is patently false. In fact, going by the comment section of the article, it was changed/hijacked by Louise’s nonsense just one day ago.

The new article itself is obviously awful, but for even more reasons that you’d think. For starters, Louise makes the startling discovery that anime characters have big eyes (shocking!). She does claim that this may not usually be a problem, but says that in the case of Keijo it makes the characters look like children, because one of the characters (brace yourselves!) has small boobs. You hear that A-Cups? Louise Mensch the Feminist has basically declared that only pedophiles can possibly find you attractive. I’m sure that’s not nearly as offensive as a fanservice anime being allowed to exist though.

Beyond this, the article manages to get a number of things wrong despite being very short (for starters, the Keijo characters aren’t competing in the nude), and Mensch wraps it up by trying (and failing) to create a distinction between SJWs and her brand of Feminists:

So, yeah, on this one, I fear that fauxminists and feminists are going to wind up on the same side, and quite honestly, if you are a bloke who likes mud-wrestling porn maybe you should grow up and get out of the comics section. And if you can’t even do that, at the very least try and make sure your animations don’t feature “women” that look suspiciously like little girls.

Anime Fans Are Dead, Anime Fans Don’t Have To Be Your Audience – you get my point.

Then again, this isn’t new rhetoric coming out of the Pro-Hillary Cuckservative camp:

Thankfully, the reaction to Louise Mensch and Heat Street outdoing even Kotaku in terms of SJW outrage, as well as being ridiculously unethical, has been strong. The normally SJW-sympathetic Mods over at the GamerGate Reddit sub KotakuInAction, which Heat Street has been pandering to hard these past months, ended up Blacklisting the whole site over Louise’s antics. Of course, they also Blacklisted TRR long ago over hurt feelings, and have Breibart (GamerGate’s oldest and best ally) grouped with notoriously corrupt, SJW-friendly GameSpot in the Tier 1 Blacklist, but hey, it’s rare to see them turn on fellow SJW Lites, so I’ll take it.

Other reactions from formerly sympathetic Anti-SJW people were equally strong:

As someone who has considered Heat Street to be Controlled Opposition ever since their “Pepe is Anti-Semitic” article (a position which was further vindicated when Louise Mensch was revealed to be an actual Hillary Shill), I’m happy to see so many other people now seeing the site for what it is. Considering how Heat Street’s whole business model has basically been to cash in on the Anti-SJW backlash, being exposed like this could actually really hurt it. I would not be the least surprised if the original Keijo article soon gets brought back – and if Rupert Murdoch hasn’t gone senile yet, I expect to see Louise Mensch get fired soon.