The FullMac post is still coming, but let’s face it. He’s not gonna get any less crazy between now and then. First, let’s talk about Big Randi Harper…or Hefty Harper, as I’m using in the headline tonight. Let’s see if we can’t get another nickname going for her. Anyway, she lashed out at an SJW pawn named Chris Plante earlier today. He writes for The Verge, and was one of the idiots who blew up the Matt Taylor Shirtgate bullshit. Needless to say, he’s not a fan of GamerGate, either. So why is Rancid Randi (one more!) doing this? Well, she’s an egomaniacal glory hound who can’t stand losing spotlight…even when she doesn’t deserve it.

Before we get to Harper, here’s Chris Plante on GamerGate from back in the fall. He’s a total dunce, don’t get me wrong:


But Randi is supposed to be the head of an anti-abuse organization (OAPI). I don’t think you’re supposed to go around calling people “dick for brains” when that’s your chosen vocation. I don’t know, maybe I’m off-base here:


“Techbros.” Get the fuck out, Randi. You literally make me sick to my stomcach every time I see you spouting some nonsense like that. I doubt you even believe it yourself, since a few years ago you were making fun of feminists. Regardless, your act is getting old as fuck, and I can wait for your ultimate downfall. You’re pissing off so many, even on your own side, that this is bound to happen sooner rather than later. Milo is also coming for your ass. In short, you’re in a lot of trouble. Don’t you also owe the IRS a bunch of loot? It must suck to be you in a lot of ways right now. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the show.

P.S. This isn’t the only tirade she went on recently:



  1. >implying all of the people in tech are jocks/bros

    Randi, those jocks took economics. Nerds take CS

      1. I just think we could benefit to have SJW’s fight for our amusement. Someone should make a game of that, SJW stereotypes being forced to fight in arenas.

        1. They wouldn’t fight though. They would just ask the audience to donate to their patreon and try to get them to fight their battles for them.

          1. Thus we release the Lions! Or give them incentive to fight, dangle a patreon donation, for the winner. And as we see here their loyalty is that of I’d say thieves but even they don’t turn on each other that bad. But you see my point! But the game shouldn’t use names so as to avoid lawsuits naturally.

        2. I see here an idea that is genius. Imagine a fighting game where their specials are specific to the sjw fighter.

          1. That would be amazing but wouldn’t we be trying to kill the one we control? Because we would them to die too?

          2. Not die, just kick each other’s asses. Hell the story could be how they become greedy one day and have to beat each other up to steal each others’ patreons.

  2. Ay thar she blows again capt’n. The mighty land whale strikes again with bullshit for brains.

    Did I make too much fun of harper, or not enough?

      1. Tis’ probably mating season for blue whales and this one missed out because she couldn’t put the sandwich down.

  3. i don’t know if any one read the maenos kaen interview with yuki nakajima and to be honest i’m not so sure nakajima isn’t a really good elaborate troll but towards the end of the first page of the interview nakajima listed off some really funny bastardizations of some e-celebs from the opposition.

    for me he funniest was for the subject of this article, his nickname for freebsdgirl was Handi Raper.

    edit: location of the list of names

  4. if Plante happens to be homosexual, then this can be used a proof that Hamburger Harper’s a homophobe

  5. Wait sorry. That first block of tweets with Plante. Can I get a citation on that “it’s been endorsed by blah blah blah” like 4 realz? You’re a good little anti-harasser, aren’t you, Randi?

    For the record, “Big Randi” is my favorite, but I do quite like “Rancid Randi.” “Hefty Harper” is just meh..

  6. Randi for your own sake stop eating your own. 1) you are running out of food sources, 2) I don’t think you can take any more. You are like a ballon about to pop.

    1. She’s more like a ballon about to poop.

      Fuck, that’s an image that will be hard to erase… O_o

  7. Oh! My sides! That last one got to me! “Pointing out and responding to threats isn’t harassment.” well Randi, by your own logic, you’ve justified GamerGate’s utter disgust with you. You’re a threat to free speech.

  8. the milk that fed a baby ED still flows from harper.
    i think she’s officially the oldest existing active lolcow-dramallama on the internet

  9. “you’re a threat so it’s ok for me to talk to you even though I said we shouldn’t talk” Social justice faggots are retarded as fuck

  10. Rotund Randi Heffalump Harper follows the money, she has no principles. That’s why one day she is anti fem then the next a raging femnazi.

  11. I’m starting to wonder who ate more paint chips as a child – Harper or McIntosh. She’s reaching levels of insanity that would make Charles Manson scratch his head.

    Even though Harper has stopped using dishonestly thin avatars, it’s obvious that she picked a photo because it hides her 5 chins. Also, someone needs to clue her in on what “male tears” really are. (Hint: It’s jizz)

  12. She went full retard more and more lately. Looks like this blue parasite is nervous about something (Milo article maybe?)

  13. “Randi, please stop talking to me.”

    What is she, 5?

  14. Just a reminder that Chris Plante is the beta eunuch who helped kickstarting #shirtgate

    So fuck him.

  15. Oh God. That last exchange…
    “You’re a harasser!”
    “No, YOU’RE a harasser!”
    Where are their parents?

  16. ….y’arr…i spy off thee port bow a great hump, like an island of lard, breaking thee waves and sending ripples mast-high our way,,,man thee cheeseburger cannons lads,,,we’ll distract and divert her, leading her nor’east away from thee shipping lanes and into deeper waters,,,
    …pray for Japan lads…i hope Fukishima can withstand it all over again…

  17. Always brings a smile to my face whenever I see these chodes eating each other . And it looks like Humpback Whales Randi Harper doesn’t get enough from eating the “Patriachy”, but also has to feast on her own allies as well. Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely NO sympathy whatsoever for Chris “I know nothing about science but know I ton about fashion” Plante after attacking Matt Taylor for his awesome shirt on his day of accomplishment for landing a probe on a comet. Let Plante suffer I say. I can only hope that Milo can quickly harpoon the black heart straight from Moby Harper ASAP with the incriminating evidence he’s dug up and interviews he’s done with Harpers former colleagues at Kixeye.

  18. (With bated breath for fallout 4)

    Culture War. Culture War never changes.

    When flame wars consumed the internet, those who survived did so in great, intolerant hugboxes. When they opened, their inhabitants set out across ruins of the old internet to tear down the new communities, establish new oligarchies, pushing tribalism.

    As months passed, what had been the disparate gaming communities united beneath the flag of Gamergate ,dedicated to old-world values of ethics, democracy, and the rule of law. As Gamergate grew, so did its needs. Gaters spread through the net, seeking justice
    and answers, in the dry and merciless expanse of social media. They returned with tales of a site undamaged by the SJWs that had scorched the rest of the web, and a great whale spanning the twitterverse.

    Gamergate mobilized and set out to occupy Twitter, and restore its values of free speech. But across the blockbot,
    another society had arisen under a different flag. A vast army of slaves, forged in the conquest of other communities: The Social Justice Warriors.

    Ten Months have passed since Gamergate held onto twitter – just barely – against the SJW onslaught. The SJWs did not retreat.
    Behind the blockbot, they gathered strength. hatred burned, new shaming methods are tested.

    Through it all, twitter has stayed open for business under the control of its mysterious overseer, Mr.Dick Costolo, and his army of mods and censoring robots.

    “You are a Gamer, under the banner of Gamergate, fighting to deliver ethics to the flagging gaming journalism scene. What seemed like a simple consumer revolt has become so much more.”

  19. Just because people use something doesn’t mean it’s any good. There’s a lot of useless and stupid shit out there that thousands if not millions of people use. She’s such a narcissist.

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