I’m not sure what’s happening on /v/ (a board on 4chan, for those who might not be aware) that’s causing the mods to delete the threads. Hopefully, it’s just the work of a rouge mad. But as many of you know, you can also talk about GamerGate over on the KotakuInAction subreddit.

The GamerGate hashtag on Twitter is still going strong. And of course you are also free to post what ever you would like down in the comments on my articles, or in my newly opened forum.

Whatever choice(s) you make, keep this discussion alive. Don’t let the powers that be shut us down, not this time.

UPDATE: Here’s a site that  /v/ refugees are using for the time being. Hopefully 4chan will come to their damn senses. We’ll see.

UPDATE 2: It seems that the GamerGate thread have moved back to this link. /v/ still missing in action due to shitty mods.

UPDATE 3: /pol/ is still putting up a fight against censorship on 4chan. Check their board, as they have GamerGate discussion going on now as well (as of 2:34am EST).

UPDATE 4: Aaaaaand, we’re back here.