Sexually transmitted diseases are unfortunately a fact of life these days. Well, they don’t have to be a fact of life, if you’re careful and don’t sleep around Charlie Sheen style. But you can easily find yourself in that boat if you don’t exercise precaution. As most of you know by now, radical feminists aren’t exactly examplaries when it comes to exercising sexual safety. Then again, most of them are allergic to exercise of any kind, so this isn’t a revelation.

Since many of these ideologues feel stigmatized by their poor life choices, they have to try to mainstream bad behavior. Their latest attempt is a hashtag called #ShoutYourStatus. It’s just as cringeworthy as you might expect…

I am truly shocked that this person has been stricken with a STD.

I would think this should be a topic of conversation the very first time you have sex with a new mate, but perhaps I’m just old-fashioned?


In fact, I think that particular meme perfectly describes my reaction to the entire tag. I just saw one of these chicks say that people criticizing her hate people with STDs. Well, I can only speak for myself when I say that I don’t. Still, I’m not sure how useful this exercise is if you want to spread acceptance of your condition. After reading some of your tweets, I think you might actually be setting that cause back a few years, ladies.

(And yes, I shamelessly stole part of my title for this post from R.S. McCain. Kudos, sir.)


UPDATE: At least two of these accounts have went into Protected status on Twitter. I have no way of knowing if the tweets were deleted as well, since they’re unable to be accessed.

  1. This comic immediately comes to my mind.

    Keep it coming feminists, entertain us all.
    The entire movement is one massive hivemind lolcow. I love it.

  2. The one that says they “deserve respect” was especially cringe worthy. Respect for what? Getting an STD/I is the easiest fucking thing to do, just don’t give a shit about your safety. A bit of a humble brag, but I’ve had more than the average amount of partners, both male and female, and I am clean clean clean because I take safe precautions and don’t fuck shady people.

    1. Unsurprisingly, Chicago has 2-3 times the average amount of cases for STD’s. What else does Chicago have 2-3 times the national average you ask? #BlackLivesMatter and murder… Weird eh?

      1. I’m from Chicago and when I studied abroad many many moons ago, the first thing I was asked when any European found out I was from Chicago was “have you ever been shot at?” Chicago became a joke of the world a long time ago. No Chicagoan will admit it, but from open corruption to gang violence we’re an embarrassment. At least the Cubbies are good.

          1. Nothing to apologize for. I could see the same question popping up if you learned somebody was from LA too. New York’s and LA’s violent reputation had been established for a long time. Really the 70s is when New York was a real shithole. LA gained its rep in the 80s and Chicago relatively recently. I didn’t notice the crime rate as astronomical until the late 90s. To be fair the crime rate (along with all violent crime nation wide) has been falling but Chicago is still well over the average expected crime rate for such a large urban center.

  3. What the fuck is that one on about claiming people don’t stigmatize diabetes? Yeah ok sure we don’t stigmatize diabetes in people who are about fifty five years old or older but yeah we totally mock the shit out of young people who give it to themselves. I remember when Movieblob announced that he’d responded to his firing and people online mocking him by gorging and loafing his way to type 2 diabetes and the internet mocked him over it unmercifully for over a week.

    Yeah sure alot of that was just because mocking Movieblob is as reflexive as breathing but it was notable because the behavior he’d exhibited was especially shameful and pathetic even for someone like him.

    1. We also don’t stigmatize people with diabetes because you can’t give it to someone else. The fact that the crazy chick doesn’t understand the difference is appalling.

  4. Well, they promote obesity and pedophilia so it’s no wonder they promote other diseases and disorders too.
    This is what happens when you delve into this “intersectionality” and “social construct” bs, you start actually believing illness to be an “alternative lifestyle”.

    1. For a long time, I thought it would end with mental illnesses (of which they either clearly have many, but some claim to have more to be fully inclusive).

      Turns out they just won’t stop at anything. Very edgy. Just like the little hammer-and-sickle that’s gotten really popular over on Twitter – ☭. You might want to look out for it.

  5. “I’m not interested in playing identity politics but I’m going to label the living hell out of myself and demand respect over it.”

  6. stop the merry go round I wanna get off

    what the fuck ever happened to SHAME?

    this is how the world will end….not with a bang but with a shit tsunami of twatter posts by plague bearing DuckyFace fuckers screaming for attention while they infect us all.

    1. What specifically should they be ashamed of? That they got a virus? That they had sex? That they like having sex? Or that in some people’s opinion they didn’t do enough to protect themselves? Shoutyourstatus is about starting a real conversation about sex and not just shaming and scaring people about STIs. You can get them when you’re sleeping around or not, whether you’re trying to protect yourself or not. There are multiple situations in which people are given STIs by someone else. Shoutyourstatus is about sharing those stories, learning and helping people who have been diagnosed to realize they are not alone. Millions of people get STIs every year and you have no idea who they are – more than likely someone you know has or has had one.

      1. “Shoutyourstatus is about sharing those stories, learning and helping
        people who have been diagnosed to realize they are not alone”

        They have a dose of an easily curable STD, not fucking Ebola you shitwit. They do not need support, they need ridiculing for beings such narcissitic little twats that they think the whole world wants or needs to know they were stupid and careless enough to catch a STD.

        “Shoutyourstatus is about starting a real conversation about sex and not just shaming and scaring people about STIs”

        No it isnt. Its about a pack of shameless DuckyFace fucksters posting images of themselves to get sympathy so they feel better about the fact they are a dumb dirty plague ridden twatterwhore. People should not be posting “awww there there” to them. They are not brave and super special snowflakes. They need to be told that their filthy fucking ways are unacceptable and they should try applying some self control and caution before fucking.

        There is no dignity nor sign of self reflection in this social media shitfest. Just virtue signalling, extreme narcissism and a total fucking lack of anything approaching normal behavior.

        You do not reward such behavior …. you pillory the fuckers and lob rotten tomatoes at them.

        1. “They have a dose of an easily curable STD, not fucking Ebola you shitwit.”

          Actually, the hash tag was geared more for incurable infections such as HSV1, HSV2 andHPV.

          “stupid and careless enough to catch a STD.”

          About 65% of people have HSV1, 15% have HSV 2 and according to the CDC, HPV is so common that almost every sexual active person will get it. These viruses are more tricky – HSV isn’t automatically tested for, symptoms often go unnoticed, and now more people are getting genital HSV1 infections from oral sex which most people didn’t know could happen. In additon, there is no HPV test for men and condoms don’t fully protect against the virus. So people can do everything they’ve been told – get tested and wear condoms but still end up with an STI.

          “They need to be told that their filthy fucking ways are unacceptable and they should try applying some self control and caution before fucking.”

          What exactly do you consider “filthy fucking ways”? Actually having sex? Not using protection? I don’t know what kind of person you are or how often you have sex, or how long you wait to have sex, but if you are like most people and date and have sex with the people you date, I’m guessing you haven’t always done everything perfect. You’re placing all people who have STIs in a group -irresponsible. STI stories range from people who had sex for the first time, people who didn’t have enough information, people who were cheated on, and people who were raped. And that was the point of the hash tag – to share stories and information – and some people chose to post selfies.

          I don’t know who you are – if you have children, if you’re young or old. But given the statistics it is very likely that someone close to you has an incurable sti. Would you say these same things to them?

          1. No one close to me has an incurable STD because no one close to me is a fucking irresponsible shitwit. I have never in my fourscore and more known ANYONE with an incurable STD.

            And as for sharing stories…. what…. at 140 characters per story? Via a bunch of Tumblr “mea culpa” whinefests? Yeah, I bet Homer and Tolstoy are really shaking in their boots somewhere in the next world.

            If you want to educate people about STDs you do so through proper education at school and through proper education campaigns, not through a pathetic fucking social media swamp like Twatter and a pack of fucking idiots sharing greasy horrorshow tales around the drum circle.

            We do agree on something though – it is good for society to know who these fucking narcissistic scabrous plague rats are so the rest of sexually active society can avoid them … like the plague.

  7. On the bright side, they’re kinda telling us which ones to stay away from (gotta find that silver lining).

  8. No, seriously I’m cool with this, please, keep getting diseases, hopefully one will kill your stupid ass.

  9. Holy fuck, the one that said “people with diabetes don’t get stigmarized, so why should I” has to have fallen as a kid from a sequoia and hit the ground head first.

    It seems fair to compare an illness that stems mainly from metabolisms problems and genetics to one that stems mainly due to you being a stupid whore who couldn’t bother to:

    -Keep her legs closed
    -Use the appropriate precautions

    Holy shit those people.

  10. When one says they deserve respect, generally they’re the one least worthy of it. It’s earned, not given, and the recipient isn’t the one who decides if they’ve earned it or not.

  11. Increasing healthcare costs in the US, not only due to their eventual cardiovascular and diabetes issues, but also due to their eventual liver issues. Thank you feminists for increasing the costs of everyone’s healthcare

  12. so are we going to eventually be hearing about all the people with ST/D/I’s being herded up like cattle, tagged, and sterilised so is this a random eruption of mind boggling stupid

  13. Just a qiuck note, STDs can also be contracted by:
    skin-to-skin contact (direct or indirect)
    sharing needles
    linens (via pubic lice)

    So yeah, there are going to be a few poor saps that got infected thru a overly sweaty rugby match, a Taco Bell restroom, or some shitty motel bedsheets. *Those* people I can sympathize with. Not sure how many of them are here though.

      1. **late reply is late**
        Not quite. I’m just saying that not everyone on this twitter bandwagon got infected by reckless, unprepared-for sex. For the select few people who got infected by one of the ways I listed (or similar), telling them “well then you shouldnt’ve been so careless” is pointless.

  14. Herpes is just a virus that causes discomfort. But at the same time it’s associated with social nonacceptance which makes it even worst. We at believe that talking more about herpes is great idea and some who still in the herpes closet will be able to overcome and move on. At the same time people who have influence in on social media should explain that this is not coolest thing and educate people how to avoid contact with virus.

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