Hillary Clinton AGAIN Promotes Anti-GamerGate Lolcow Brianna Wu

Hillary Clinton AGAIN Promotes Anti-GamerGate Lolcow Brianna Wu

It sure must be getting difficult to keep pretending that Hillary Clinton isn’t the SJW Anti-Gamer candidate of this election. I thought my original case for labeling her that way was already quite strong, and afterwards her campaign vindicated me by openly promoting an Anti-GamerGate article written by SJW circus freak Brianna Wu.

At least you could argue that was just a campaign-related account. Last night however Hillary went one better and promoted Wu using her personal account. Given all the grief the media has given Trump about the people he has in the past retweeted, I’d imagine that Hillary (or at least the Hillary 2016 campaign hacks usually running the account) would make sure to vet the people they decide promote to an audience of 10 million. In that case, Hillary and her people must think that this SJW, who’s a failed game dev and a fake woman most known for attacking and smearing gamers for 2 years straight, is the kind of voice they want to amplify.

Now, if you had truly been paying attention this shouldn’t come as a surprise (after all, I wrote my article well before any instance of Hillary shilling Wu), but if you still think gaming or the internet as a whole has nothing to fear from Hillary Clinton, this might clue you in. Admittedly, it did take a while for a lot of people associated with GamerGate (me included) to even see this latest case of Hillary embracing her inner SJW – Wu has almost all of us Blocked, and due to Twitter’s stupid design change we can’t actually see tweets by people who have us blocked. However, the cat’s out of the bag now.

Sadly, if you’re relying on the Reddit hub KotakuInAction for your GamerGate news, this is the kind of information that gets instantly Censored by the notoriously left-wing Mods there. Never mind that a lot of the users would probably find it interesting and notable that the presidential front runner (who they might even consider voting for – KiA in general is very left-leaning) is supporting the kind of people they’ve spent more than 2 years fighting. Hell, that’s the main reason I decided to whip up this article – to help get this information out there, given how certain people obviously don’t want this to become known in GamerGate circles.

One more thing to note – Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn must be fuming about this! Imagine, Batty “Brianna” Wu, the most obviously unstable of the SJW Professional Victims, being promoted by the SJW Queen herself before any of them are. Anita especially must find this baffling – hasn’t Chelsea told her mom yet about what a great Feminist martyr she is? Then again, Hillary herself isn’t exactly all there either.

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  • RuralScot

    I would like to point out that most gamergate folks have been pretty much ignoring Wu for quite a while now. Ignoring these people isn’t working.

    • Ignoring SJWs and feminists has never worked. If anything, ignoring these tossers allows them to roam free and completely get away with the sheer faeces they spew from their mouths.

      It’s virtually almost the same situation with the GG Ethics faction. Stay on that moral high-horse, sit back, be the good guys, do nothing and hope that the ‘normies’ will see GG’s good moral behaviour and change their views. Unfortunately, mainstream media and mainstream games media is what the majority of normies see and suck up to, and these kinds of media will NEVER give GG any ounce of positive coverage, not in a million years. Therefore, sheeple will always see GG as a “sexist and misogynistic hate group”.

      Always remember, SJWs/feminists see silence as acceptance and compliance. That’s why they’ve been able to take over and infest the entire mainstream media, news media, academia, education, politics, government, entertainment media, etc. because the average drones of society are too busy watching X-Factor and obsessing over Kim Kardashian’s buttocks and what she had for breakfast.

      • DisneyVillain

        Also I’d like to point out that even if ignoring these assholes worked, it’s already been proven that they make up their own death threats. Remember when Sarkeesian showed the Kevin Dobson threats?

        Hell I even believe that there is no point in being civil with them since they see the most constructive of criticism (or so much as saying hello) as harassment so there’s no point in holding back. That’s why I even prefer to call radical fems “femcunts” and white knights or manginas “man-bitches.”

  • Mr0303

    I suppose KiA is just another idealogical safe space. Out of all the SJWs Hillary could promote why go with Wu? Sarkeesian is a much safer bet.

    • DisneyVillain

      I think it’s because Sarkeesian is losing relevancy fast and is kind of slowing down. Even her latest TvsWiVG didn’t receive that much attention aside from Mr. Repzion and Thunderf00t and at least Wu made a game. It’s a piece of fucking shit but at least Wu did something.

  • Wager: If Hillary gets in, there’s a cabinet position in Wu’s future.

    Any takers?

    • DisneyVillain

      No point in it as it’s lose-lose. If we’re wrong, we don’t get the bet. If we win, we get another psycho in office.

  • Willie Christianson

    At this point, I’m guessing Mr. Donald Trump is our pro-Gamergate candidate since Mr. Bannon of Breitbart is on his team.

  • GodBowser

    “Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn must be fuming about this!”

    Guess that could be seen as a silver lining and this may sound stupid but what if those two decide to vote Trump out of spite that’s if their insanely jealous enough to do it

  • There is more than enough evidence now that Hillary Clinton is the candidate you need to keep OUT of the White House if you are a person that is anti-SJW, anti-PC, anti-censorship, values free speech and freedom of expression.

    Yes, Trump is of course not perfect, but based on some of the policies he advocates for, some of the things he’s said and his attitude, he’s the one that is anti-SJW/PC.

    The “muh 3rd party” brigade should just drop their differences and get Trump into the White House, because at the end of the day, it is a choice between Trump and Clinton, no-one else. A 3rd party will NOT be elected in this election. If you vote for a 3rd Party, you will be gifting the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

  • D-Bone

    Someone really needs to spread this around twitter. She absolutely shit all over Hillary back in 2008. How does she get away with this over and over and over again. How can anyone take her seriously at all?
    I got this from Kiwi Farms by the way.