Guest Editorial by Maintenance Renegade

Hillary Clinton is basically Dick Dastardly and the DNC is now totally screwed because it’s the car she just drove off a cliff.

Many readers may not know who Dick Dastardly is. Mr. Dastardly is a Hanna-Barbera character best remembered from the cartoon Wacky Races, in which a variety of characters competed in cross country auto racing. He was the central character of the show, which primarily followed Dick’s attempts at cheating his way to victory by sabotaging the other racers. However, each of these attempts would not only fail, but they would backfire so spectacularly that they would cause him to ultimately come in dead last after suffering grievous injury, destruction of his car, and utter humiliation.

What made Dastardly hilarious and what makes Hillary so damned hilarious is that Dastardly had the most money, he had the best car, he had all the gadgets, resources and technology as well as oblivious and/or absurd opponents plus the ability to never get arrested no matter what underhanded crap he was quite obviously pulling….and yet he always lost anyway. Dick was usually in the lead for most of any given wacky race but would stop his car to get out and set up some sort of villainous pitfall that he would then invariably faceplant into himself.

What separates Dick from Hillary and the DNC is that the latter are not going to get to come back and do it all again next Saturday morning It cannot be understated how total her defeat is, nor how catastrophic it is for the DNC itself. After the WikiLeaks and Project Veritas flood gates opened, winning was Hillary’s only option because it was the only way to really protect herself and the DNC from criminal prosecution as well as civil litigation. So, if anything, she likely doubled down yet again on her cheating and criminality in true Dick Dastardly fashion.

The Clintons have spent their entire adult lives accumulating and consolidating power within the DNC. From what we learned in DNC leaks it’s clear that after Obama snagged the nomination in 2008 they realized the only way to ensure that an odious and conniving serial fuckup mafioso like Hillary (a woman despised by many Americans for decades) could secure the Democratic nomination was to turn the democratic party into a Clinton dictatorship.

What does this mean though now that she’s lost? It means the DNC is about to be a smoldering ruin. She’s a criminal, the Podestas are criminals, Bob Creamer is a criminal, Anthony Weiner is a criminal, Huma Abedeen is a criminal and everyone in the DNC management is a crony to their now fallen regime.

Trump is about to become president and he has the House, the Senate, and he will soon have the Supreme Court as well. The only way the DNC is even going to still exist in four years is if the entire Trump regime simply opts not to dismantle it, opts not to deliver the killing blow now that it’s down and out.

Given that Trump has vowed to “drain the swamp” and given that Trey Gowdy is rumored to be his choice for Attorney General, it seems unlikely that they intend to just forgive and forget everything the DNC has been up to. Thus, Hillary Clinton has not only destroyed her own dynasty but she’s probably ended a political party that’s been central to American politics since it’s founding in 1828. Moreover, the cascading effects of these events seem likely to uncork long suppressed nationalist, anti-globalist and anti-Islamist movements all over the Western world.

Trump’s victory will likely define the path of American conservatism going forward, meaning moderate alt-right Trumpism is poised to become the new normal and will end up influencing political thought, culture and activity at home and abroad for decades to come.

So thank you, Hillary. Thank you for being such a Dick Dastardly and thank you for handing us the keys to Western Civilization. Don’t let the door hit your sagging ass on the way out, or the cell door for that matter when they put you in the federal penitentiary.