Hillary Clinton: The SJW Anti-Gamer Candidate

Hillary Clinton: The SJW Anti-Gamer Candidate

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One of the bigger misconceptions about GamerGate has to do with its relation to politics. While we already know SJWs are lying when claiming the consumer revolt is “Far Right”, many within GG also get it wrong by trying to pass it off as completely apolitical, as something that’s just about games, not politics. Sure, GG is certainly not partisan – it doesn’t blindly support parties or politicians – but the Principles that define GG are surely not apolitical either. Support for free speech, meritocracy and consumer rights, opposition to political correctness, forced “diversity” and media collusion, these are not apolitical issues – but they *are* issues that good people on both the Right and the Left can unite around.

With politics actually being highly relevant to GamerGate, it makes sense to pay close attention to the US presidential race. While the American president certainly is constrained by checks and balances, he or she will nonetheless shape the direction of the country . This will in turn affect the rest of the world, given how the US isn’t just a superpower, but the world’s greatest exporter of pop culture and social trends. Unfortunately, one of the two major presidential candidates isn’t just bad in the normal “corrupt, out-of-touch politician” sense.

Hillary Clinton is basically the closest thing we have to a high-profile American SJW Politician.

Don’t believe me? Ask the supporters of Bernie Sanders, her main rival during the Democratic primary. Sanders supporters got a taste of the very same SJW smear campaign that GamerGate people have been subjected to, the “Bernie Bros” being labeled harassers of women, misogynists and bullies based on exaggerated or outright fraudulent claims about their behavior towards women. All because they didn’t shut off their brain and support the candidate with a vagina. And let’s not even get into how the Democrats basically rigged the primary and colluded with the media to deny Sanders any chance of victory. No wonder many Sanders supporters now despise Hillary.

Moreover, those are hardly the only examples of Hillary acting like a SJW.

Identity Politics

One defining characteristic of SJWs and the politics they advocate is how almost everything is about what you are – your sex, race, gender identity – and where this puts you in the Victim Hierarchy. For her part, Hillary Clinton relies more heavily on identity politics than any other modern mainstream American politician I can recall. Whether sincerely or cynically, Hillary Clinton has played the Woman Card more shamelessly than even most of her enemies thought possible. Her answer to being accused of being part of the corrupt political Establishment? “Not possible, because I’m a woman!”.  How would she be different from Barack Obama? By being a female president! What about being bought and paid for by Wall Street? “Look at all my female donors!”.

It isn’t all about pandering either: Hillary genuinely seems dismissive of men’s issues. This is the woman who claimed that “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat.” Apparently the single worst thing about men being killed is how it could negatively affect the women in their lives. When talking about criminal justice reform she also focuses primarily on women, not only ignoring how the vast majority of people languishing in prison are men, but also how men in the US, for the same crime, and with a similar criminal history, are imprisoned much more frequently and for much longer sentences. And of course Hillary promotes all sorts of feminist talking points, about the wage gap for example, or about how we need to Listen and Believe any woman making rape accusations – the last one being impressively hypocritical to boot.

Hillary is not any better on other identity politics issues either. She supports the racist group of thugs known as Black Lives Matter, and pretty much told white Americans to Check Their Privilege after a BLM supporter murdered 5 Dallas police officers. Basically, if you are a white man, your role in Hillary’s America is to be her scapegoat, while simultaneously being the workhorse that generates wealth for her social programs, and cannon fodder for her wars of aggression.

War on Free Speech and Video Games

Like all SJWs, Hillary has never been very keen on free speech. In fact, back in 2005, she even pandered to conservatives by proposing a law that would have outlawed flag burning. Little wonder then, that with the social justice Left ascendant there are now fears that Hillary as president would introduce “hate speech” laws of the kind that have undermined free speech in much of the Western world. Her support for Censorship is infamous – which of course brings us to her record on video games. If not quite up there with Jack Thompson as an iconic anti-gamer, Hillary has in the past certainly been one of the foremost voices pushing the Moral Panic about violent and “pornographic” video games.

Some Clinton apologists in the gaming press have tried dismissing Hillary’s old anti-gaming stances as being irrelevant today, but even they can’t spin her ugly history. As Reason’s Matt Welch makes clear in his takedown of Paul Tassi:

Tassi breaks down the comprehensive illiberalism of Clinton’s Family Entertainment Protection Act (which, as he notes, would have “criminalized” selling violent video games to minors), and points out that it was “almost exactly” like California’s video game ban that was later struck down by the Supreme Court on free-speech grounds. He embeds video of hysterical Clinton speeches, and unearths choice quotes like “We need to treat violent video games the way we treat tobacco, alcohol, and pornography.”

And then he forgives her for it.

Furthermore, Welch makes clear that Hillary’s enthusiasm for video game Censorship was neither “brief” nor “odd” in the context of her long political career. Now, it is certainly true that Hillary downplays her anti-video game positions nowadays – she even recently tried connecting with gamers by making a godawful Pokemon GO joke! However, everything about her history and the current political climate suggests that Hillary will clamp down on video games if elected.

Consider for example how left-wing politicians in both France and Britain want to make it harder to sell “sexist” video games. Think about how Canada’s left-wing prime minister Justin Trudeau has attacked GamerGate. Hell, check out Hillary’s own daughter Chelsea Clinton promoting Anti-Gamer icon Anita Sarkeesian! If you think Hillary will be anything but awful on issues like video games or online Censorship, you’re engaging in wishful thinking at best.

An awful candidate

It’s interesting to note that Hillary overall is hardly a very left-wing politician, even by American standards – Bernie Sanders was considered the progressive alternative to her, and she’s a notorious warmonger, voting for the Iraq war, orchestrating the Libya intervention and pushing for regime change in Syria. She’s also a loyal servant of Wall Street, being Goldman Sachs’ Golden Girl. This actually bodes especially ill in terms of her pushing SJW causes – being so “right-wing” on economic issues and foreign policy, pandering to the social justice Left will be Hillary’s one reliable way of throwing Red Meat to the Democratic base. Count on her to cover for increasing economic inequality by pushing “Diversity initiatives” (aka expensive programs discriminating against straight white men) even more aggressively than Obama, or attempt to silence criticism of her newest war by stepping up efforts against online “harassment”.

Unlike Ralph, I believe Hillary as the next US president will do real and lasting damage to the country, damage I don’t really see it recovering from. Hillary would likely get to pick multiple Supreme Court Justices, not to mention the number of other judges she could potentially appoint. Remember how Zoe Quinn only needed one anti-free speech judge to Silence Eron Gjoni for ages? Not to mention how Hillary will aggressively be exploiting immigration policies to import more Democrat voters (no matter the costs to the US or the security risks), fundamentally shifting the political center leftwards and making it all the harder to undo her policies. SJWs like MovieBob certainly understand what a game changer a Hillary win would be for them.

For all the major and minor victories we have won against SJWs since GamerGate began, I firmly believe a Hillary Clinton presidency would be such a big victory for SJWs that all our efforts will effectively have been for nothing. I don’t expect everyone in GG to vote for Trump (though I certainly would, if I was American). I do however hope that after fighting SJWs for nearly 2 years during the course of GamerGate, nobody in GG will be so foolish as to turn around and vote to empower those very people and advance their agenda. You might just want to be left alone to play your video games, but as we know by now, chances are that SJWs and their friends in the Democratic Party aren’t going to leave you alone.

Christi Junior

Infamous #GamerGate Hardliner featured in the Washington Post. Nintendo fan. Screw your pronouns.

  • Trump TRex

    YES! Exactly, there’s actually a lot MORE.

    I wrote a similar article with EVEN MORE damning evidence for Degree 180, but Candace is MIA right now, Yall can DM me on twitter if you want some of the things I dug up.

  • The article summed up my exact thoughts on a potential Hilary Clinton presidency. It’s like you completely took the words out of my mouth.

    You know what’s ironic though? The fact that Hilary Clinton supporters – especially feminists, manginas and white knights – are wanting her to be president purely on the basis that she is a woman. You know, not wanting a man as president. This is actually sexist and discriminatory against men in the first place. Amazing double-standards from SJWs/feminists again.

    The ones who want Hillary Clinton as president are either misinformed OR are complete and utter leftist, misandrist SJW-feminist scumbags.

    • The even bigger irony is if that’s the basis of their choice, they’re disregarding any achievements she may have to deserve the position. Basically acknowledging their mediocrity by choosing the candidate that’s least qualified to be president.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        That’s why it’s so funny when she tries to blast Trump for being unqualified. She got into the game via marraige/nepotism which allowed her to squirm her way into the senate, Obama had to give her something to keep her out of his way so he made her secretary of state where she racked up failure after failure. She’s been unqualified for every post she’s ever had and she’s fucked up every job she’s ever been given.

        • Typical

          Points I am certainly looking forward to Trump bringing up if she’s stupid enough to debate him.

        • John hoosier


      • Mr. Saturn

        Yeah I always hear the claims of “most qualified ever” but I wonder by how. She was a mostly unimpressive congresswoman and as Secretary of State she more than likely made things much worse. About the only thing she is good at as a politician is pandering to whatever group she is talking to.

        • Maintenance Renegade

          She opposed the gays getting married right up until it tipped over and there was more support for it than against it, from that point onward she was it’s champion all along or so she’d have you believe. Just a single example but it pretty well sums up how not only her but the entire Clinton dynasty operates.

  • Silence Dogood

    I’d like to point out that it’s just the trannies and lesbo’s that benefit from diversity initiatives unless you are a VERY high profile, progressive gay man. Otherwise it offers zero benefits (I’m speaking from experience).

    • Typical

      That’s because you’re still serving your sentence for the crime of being a man. You gay man shitlords doubly reap benefits of the horrible wage gap holocaust.

  • The_Positivist

    As stated many times before, this election is no just “politics” anymore. It has become a cultural election too. SJWs have creep the cultural war in with their “personal is political” bullshit. It won’t stop. It won’t go away. It is here to stay. And, any person who values individual rights and freedom and refuses to be lumped into a label just for features he can’t control and tell it’s “misoginist” , “racist” or “fascist” if it doesn’t engage on self bashing, definetely has little option but to vote for the candidate that better represents free speech and individual freedom and western values.

  • Zakn

    I think Trump is a shit show, but shit show that he is, the media will be on his ass to limit what he can do. As opposed to what would happen With Hillary. With Hillary they will just carry water and try and score points against her “adversaries”. If you want honest Government, Vote R.

    • Typical

      I don’t necessarily think Trump is a shit show, and he’s not ideal, but we’ve seen both sides be garbage over the last 3 or 4 decades, let’s try someone who was never a cog in the machine and see what happens…

    • ash

      Trump could care less about the democrat media or he would have cared long ago, no he will do what’s best like actually securing are borders and DEPORTING criminals that aren’t suppose to be here.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    I’m just interested to see what her movement in the polls will be after the convention is over. My gut tells me that while she probably wont lose points that she probably wont pick many up either. I still see Bernie bumper stickers everywhere and I expect to keep seeing more Bernie stickers than Shillery stickers right up to election day.

    I expect the resentment within the democratic base to continue to fester no matter how hard the media tries to tamp it down or claim everyone is enthusiastically behind Clinton now. I doubt she’s going to be picking up much in the way of independents either coming out of the convention and I’m rather surprised we still haven’t had that riot in Philly yet.

    • Typical

      Not going to help, a baby and puppy murdering democrat with ties to criminal organizations and video evidence of them snorting blow and telling their secret plan to enslave the human race is still preferable to, you know a republican in these idiots’ minds.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        But will they actually go out and vote? Especially if she’s continued to slip in the polls and left Trump with a lead (from independents) come November? Are they really going to feel motivated to go out and pull the lever when it equals taking a bite out of a shit sandwich and probably accomplishing nothing by it?

        No they wont vote for Trump, they’ll just vote for the Green party or not vote at all.

  • Typical

    Sadly, you’ve done nothing but waste a page and a half of text. There are many leftist who are just voting for her because REPUBLICANZ IZ EVVVVULLL AND TRUMO IZ RACISSSSS!!

    Facts won’t change that for these fucking retards.

    • Republicans really did a number on their reputation after George W., to say nothing of extreme evangelicals like the Westboro Baptists, all of which contributed to Obama winning, twice. Also, I wasn’t paying much attention to politics at the time, but apparently Clinton (the male one) did quite a bit of good for our country, like decreasing our deficit to the lowest it’s been in ages before those Middle Eastern wars fucked us up.

      However, the past few years have shown me that the left is NOT the side of reason, and the extremists on that side can be just as bad if not worse than the right extremists. Even getting past the anti-Republican bias, I can understand why a lot of people might be wary about Trump (particularly his racist propositions for tightened border security), but none of that matters to me when the opposition is mother fucking Hillary. Political correctness has gotten so out of hand in recent years. I’d wager to say that safe spaces will be more damaging to our education system than some creationist museum has ever been (at least the right can TRY to argue in favor of their bullshit rather than shut down all discussion period), and Clinton’s only going to enable that shit even further. And then there’s this apparent denial that Islamic extremism and groups such as Black Lives Matter are anything but dangerous to our country, even in light of the innocent lives that they’re taking (oh, but who cares? They were just whiteys). Ultimately, I’d rather side with a racist who’s not willing to take his chances than a racist who backs what is clearly the wrong horse (not to mention a racist that shouldn’t have even gotten her nomination in the first place, fucking super delegates). No matter how far the Republican party has fallen in recent decades, I’m gonna have absolutely no problem voting for them this November.

      • Typical

        You made good points until the racism thing, his border security has nothing to do with race, it has to do with illegals and people who are unvetted from terrorist filled nations.

        Also, muslim and mexican aren’t races. Seems you’re buying into the talking points like every other leftist.

        • ash

          Exactly. Every healthy nation must secure it’s borders. When did it get popular that securing the borders and deporting criminals = fascism? People don’t know what fascism is.

          • Typical

            It didn’t get popular. Those that want to exploit the cheap labor and destabilize the economy to enrich themselves sell it on emotional ques to idiots lacking critical thinking skills.

        • Fair enough. I guess I’ve been seeing too much of it being made into a race issue as opposed to an issue with “any person regardless of skin tone, gender, or sexual orientation trying to live in our country via illegitimate means and/or believe in an extremely dangerous ideology”. But my point stands, even if Trump was a racist, he’d at least be a tolerable one unlike Hillary. She, and pretty much every SJW ever, refuse to acknowledge that their “fight for the greater good” is only tipping the balance of discrimination in favor of whoever isn’t white or male as opposed to actually equalizing it (and then silencing any non-white who doesn’t comply with their message, because narrative… or they just get in the way of them profiting off of whatever “charity” they wish to exploit), but as if that weren’t enough, she has the actual gall to back up the people who actually are a danger to everybody (especially the LGBTs that they claim to fight for) and hold them up as the “poor, oppressed group” and doing nothing while they bomb the fuck out of us. Yeah, no. At this point, Trump could put on a white robe and hood, and he’d still seem like the lesser evil.

          • Typical

            I don’t think anyone should be tipping favor in anyone’s way, take the shackles off and let everyone run to their full potential. Individual freedom is the only way to be fair to everyone. You can help those that truly can’t function, but when that’s your one trick pony, you then have to widen that pool to get people vesting in voting for you in their own self interest. Everyone votes self interest, when it comes down to it, no one really cares about their fellow man.

  • Mr0303

    Sanders was a true SJW believer. Hillary on the other hand will say anything to get into power. She is obviously influenced by the feminists, which would spell doom for anyone who wants videogames to be treated like art and not like a children’s product.

  • Iso

    Hillary scares me, what damage she could do to the free world and to other countries. We already had it up to here with Obama and his hatred for the British and him coming over and demanding we stay in the EU. I can only imagine the damage she would do to everyone and I am British!

  • scemar

    when it comes to traditional left or right, which side is more anti GG is debatable

    but when it comes to pure establishment, sjw, feminist hillary or rough, straight forward, pragmatical and honest trump the choice is more than obvious

    hillary has a default pool of zombies voting for her even after all her scandals, and Trump is the underdog who needs to beat her
    anyone not voting Trump is willing to let hillary win

  • Kellen Joel

    God, she’s fucking terrible. I’m ashamed when anyone close to me supports her. I can understand why they don’t support Trump, Hell, I’m completely neutral, but they completely overlook every shitty thing she’s done. She’ll be worse than Obama.