The show must go on, despite all the drama and memes currently surrounding TRR founder Ethan Ralph.

Right before I left for work today, I learned that the Twitter account of Hillary Clinton’s “Hillary for America” campaign had tweeted out an article by Professional Victim Brianna Wu. You all will remember him as the person who over the last 2 years has become infamous for smearing gamers and the GamerGate consumer revolt. In his latest article he again repeatedly attacks GamerGate, calling it a hate group targeting women that advocate for inclusion in the tech industry (ignoring that Wu’s own credentials as a woman are even shakier than his credentials as a game dev).

Of course, these sorts of lies are par for the course when it comes to Wu – what’s notable is that they are now endorsed by the Hillary Clinton campaign (their tweet even mentioned GamerGate explicitly). And make no mistake, Hillary for America is very much part of her campaign – the twitter account is Verified, and counts Hillary Clinton herself as a follower. Huma Abedin and John Podesta are at the heart of the Hillary for America organization. Denial over the Hillary for America’s involvement with Hillary Clinton’s campaign is just feigned ignorance and any excuse for it has no basis in reality.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Hillary Clinton has a decades-long record as an enemy of video games and gamers, and she’s the closest thing we’ve ever seen to a viable SJW candidate for US president. Her own daughter has promoted Anita Sarkeesian. Some of us even half expected her to mention GamerGate during her cringe-worthy speech taking on the Alt-Right (alas, the most interesting thing about that speech was Hillary being 2 hours late). Then again, even someone as out-of-touch as Hillary probably understands that banging on about issues like online “harassment” and “misogynist gamers” is just going to piss off ordinary voters concerned about jobs, crime, health care and illegal immigration. With that in mind, her current approach makes sense: her campaign pushes the anti-gamer propaganda on social media to show the SJWs that she’s truly one of them, while Hillary doesn’t have to demean herself by personally talking about the mean tweets Zoe Quinn has been getting.

Gamers should also be getting the message loud and clear – as SJWs try to hijack their hobby, censor their games and use the gaming press to push left-wing propaganda (all while smearing the gamers who dare to protest as sexists, racists etc), Hillary Clinton is firmly on the side of the SJW Anti-Gamers. Old habits die hard…