Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Promotes the Latest Anti-Gamer Smears From Brianna Wu

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Promotes the Latest Anti-Gamer Smears From Brianna Wu

The show must go on, despite all the drama and memes currently surrounding TRR founder Ethan Ralph.

Right before I left for work today, I learned that the Twitter account of Hillary Clinton’s “Hillary for America” campaign had tweeted out an article by Professional Victim Brianna Wu. You all will remember him as the person who over the last 2 years has become infamous for smearing gamers and the GamerGate consumer revolt. In his latest article he again repeatedly attacks GamerGate, calling it a hate group targeting women that advocate for inclusion in the tech industry (ignoring that Wu’s own credentials as a woman are even shakier than his credentials as a game dev).

Of course, these sorts of lies are par for the course when it comes to Wu – what’s notable is that they are now endorsed by the Hillary Clinton campaign (their tweet even mentioned GamerGate explicitly). And make no mistake, Hillary for America is very much part of her campaign – the twitter account is Verified, and counts Hillary Clinton herself as a follower. Huma Abedin and John Podesta are at the heart of the Hillary for America organization. Denial over the Hillary for America’s involvement with Hillary Clinton’s campaign is just feigned ignorance and any excuse for it has no basis in reality.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Hillary Clinton has a decades-long record as an enemy of video games and gamers, and she’s the closest thing we’ve ever seen to a viable SJW candidate for US president. Her own daughter has promoted Anita Sarkeesian. Some of us even half expected her to mention GamerGate during her cringe-worthy speech taking on the Alt-Right (alas, the most interesting thing about that speech was Hillary being 2 hours late). Then again, even someone as out-of-touch as Hillary probably understands that banging on about issues like online “harassment” and “misogynist gamers” is just going to piss off ordinary voters concerned about jobs, crime, health care and illegal immigration. With that in mind, her current approach makes sense: her campaign pushes the anti-gamer propaganda on social media to show the SJWs that she’s truly one of them, while Hillary doesn’t have to demean herself by personally talking about the mean tweets Zoe Quinn has been getting.

Gamers should also be getting the message loud and clear – as SJWs try to hijack their hobby, censor their games and use the gaming press to push left-wing propaganda (all while smearing the gamers who dare to protest as sexists, racists etc), Hillary Clinton is firmly on the side of the SJW Anti-Gamers. Old habits die hard…


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  • Nanya

    GamerGate is like an RPG.

    Started out small and we’ll end up saving the world.

    So, about Ralph, what happened, did he get arrested or not?

    • Botiemaster

      Apparently did. After this blows over for him maybe it’ll be a lesson: Alcohol isn’t worth a shit to anyone, ever, except to get you in trouble. But that never stopped anyone from drinking it to get drugged up so whatever.

      I think the law is usually pretty good about giving people a break over this kind of thing as they know you have very little control over your actions when stupidly drunk. You won’t get a slap on the wrist, but you also won’t have your life ruined. The law does need to reexamine itself though;”assault on a police officer” could very well mean he merely grabbed at them in a non threatening manner by accident or some shit. I have great respect for law enforcement, but the fact is they sometimes go well overboard with charges. I doubt Ralph was swinging away at an officer. Dude would have been gunned down at that time 😡

      • Nanya

        Yeah. In that regard (what you said at the end) I do agree with BLM, that cops get away with a lot and there’s not a lot of transparency. More transparency would go a LONG way to fix a lot of issues with cops in this country. Because transparency leads to accountability if, in fact, things are as bad as they seem.

        • Toastrider

          I’ve remarked before that BLM had a golden opportunity to make common cause with people opposed to the militarization of police forces. David Codrea (War on Guns) and Reason.com have been documenting bad officer behavior for years.

          But instead BLM decided it would be more effective (or profitable) to hold up blatant thugs as martyrs, and pissed any credibility they might have had away.

          • Nanya

            Not to mention rioting and attacking people.

            If it had been anti-militarization, transparency and holding bad apples accountable, I know more people would be there with them.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Now the key question is whether it’s a western rpg or a jrpg. If it’s the former all we have to do is just save the world and we’re approaching the home stretch. However if it’s a JRPG we’ll save the world but then one of the SJWs will become God and destroy the world and then we’ll have to kill God. If that’s the case we’re only a little more than halfway through it.

      • There’s way more to JRPGs than just Final Fantasy you know… but yeah, expect the final boss to be one monstrous bitch of a fight (and just a bitch in general), with multiple form changes that get stronger with each phase.

      • Nanya

        Hmm… Could be a mix of both, yes.

  • Willie Christianson

    Something tells me that Donald Trump is gonna start mocking Hillary and the SJWs pretty quick.

  • DukeMagus

    Trump doesn’t have a good attitude towards gamers either.

    Just choose which way you’ll get fucked

    • ash

      What has Trump said about gamers?

      • DukeMagus
        • While a tad concerning, this is a single tweet he made four years ago. Even if he does still think gamers are monsters, he certainly hasn’t been aggressive on the topic to near the extent that Hillary has been. I highly doubt he’d make it into a race and gender issue, too. He clearly seems like the lesser evil in comparison.

          • DukeMagus

            And in 4+ years he never changed attitude. I don’t take either of them to embrace anything post 70’s, games included.

            Hillary is exploiting millennials’ stupidity, not actually embracing any cause.

        • Trump TRex

          ONE tweet versus hitlery’s ENTIRE HISTORY, get fucked dude.

        • lol, one single Tweet made 4 years ago

  • Silence Dogood

    Ugh, these people are worse than cancer. At least cancer goes into remission. Plus with cancer you can eventually die (and with it kill the cancer)… these fuckers are just endless.

    • DisneyVillain

      Darn I had planned to eventually write, “I no longer agree that feminism is cancer. That is because it is now WORSE than cancer. At least with cancer, you’re granted the peace of death, but feminist are complete killjoys that ruin anything that is fun to the point where you wish for death.” Oh well, I snooze, I don’t get booze.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    Dunno if you will see it here, Ralph but apparently our favorite Star Trek dropout, Wil Wheaton is now on an “Ethics In Journalism” kick:


    • Toastrider

      Jesus Fucking Krypton. Wheaton is literally holding his hands over his eyes and ears screaming ‘CLINTON GOOD! TRUMP BAD!’.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        Yeah, I get the feeling he does this about a lot of things.

  • These regressive little SJW fucks just keep coming and coming.

    The game has always been about convincing the neutrals/normies, because they are the ones who will make the difference.

    Unfortunately it’s the SJWs that have the control of the mainstream media, academia and politics, and they have done for the last 30 years. That’s why the Republicucks and Cuckservatives are appropriately named as so.

    Until the above changes, it’s always going to be a Sisyphus situation for GamerGate. I am glad though to see that there really does seem to be more push-back than ever against SJWs. Seems a lot of people have finally woke up.

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  • The_Positivist

    Funny you didn’t mention Bill Gates Fundation in this article, since it makes total sense with the one Wildgoose published.