Here’s some updates on the Hogan trial. First off, there was a hearing today where the date was inexplicably pushed back to March 2016. Then again, having followed the courts here in the U.S. closely over the years, it’s not too surprising. Hogan’s attorneys weren’t pleased, needless to say. I only saw the end of the proceedings, but apparently Gawker’s lawyers pissed off the judge and then she just started fucking with everyone. All that ended with her moving the date back. That was the goal for Denton and his thugs from the start, though, so I’m sure they were pleased.

Here’s more:

Team Hogan also finally flat-out said that they think Gawker is behind the leak from last week:

“Thus, the only value Gawker defendants could squeeze out of the materials provided by the United States government was if these materials went public — and in the process publicly destroyed Mr. Bollea,” the motion says.

Hogan claims Gawker orchestrated the leak to divert attention from its own public-relations nightmare — one caused by its posting, and then removing, a story about a married publishing executive’s attempt to engage a gay male escort.

When Gawker founder Nick Denton had the post removed, the motion charges, “a ‘civil war’ erupted which included the resignations of the executive editor … and the editor-in-chief of”

It then claims the resulting brouhaha exposed Denton’s “hypocrisy” in removing one post while asserting the Hulk’s sex-tape post was legitimate.

Also there’s a request that anyone involved with Gawker who is found to have leaked the transcripts be jailed:

This latest development asks for a formal investigation into who leaked the video. TMZ writes, “In the docs, [Hogan] asks a judge to launch a full-blown investigation into Denton and former Gawker exec A.J. Daulerio to prove they leaked confidential details from the sex tape video, including the n-word story.” 

More, Hogan wants anyone found to be involved with the leaking of the video to be put in jail.

Basically there’s a lot going on. As was said today in court, this judge is literally Hogan’s last hope for justice. I haven’t really been digging the way she’s handling the case so far, and I blame her for the leaks, at the end of the day. But it seems to come more from a place of incompetence and disdain for both sides than from corruption. Then again, who knows. I wouldn’t put it past Denton to bribe a judge. It seems right up his alley, in fact. I’ll be keeping a close eye on things. At this point I’m not ready to says she’s in the bag for Gawker.

Also, why do they keep delaying things if they’re so confident in their case? Are they trying to force Hogan into wasting a lot of assets on the trial? Perhaps they hope this will force him into an early settlement. Whatever the case, I hope there aren’t any further delays. We need to get down to business and have this heard by a jury.