Last night, Hulk Hogan finally spoke out on the Gawker case. In case you don’t know, it has the potential to bring down the entire gossip empire that Nick Denton has built up over the last decade. Denton himself has given about 1,000 interviews on the case, but up until now, The Hulkster has been relatively silent. I guess the beating Gawker took yesterday inspired him to speak out:


Yea, I do think they’re finally starting to feel you, brother. It’s so funny, because I’ve watched Hogan literally my entire life. I never thought I would be sitting here and updating you on a trial concerning his sex tape, but here we are. Gawker chose this fight. They had plenty of chances to take it down, like they ended up doing with the Geithner post yesterday. They chose not to do that. Hogan can now sink the whole company if he wins this suit. He can smell the blood in the water just like anyone else. Gawker’s days seem to be numbered.

While we’re on the subject of Gawker, Milo Yiannopoulos had some thoughts on the subject as well. The title of his column? The Ten Most Heinously Unpleasant Gawker Writers, Ranked. I think he has some fun with this one:

Hernandez is a writer for Gawker’s gaming vertical, Kotaku. When she isn’t promoting a friend’s terrible video games without disclosing their relationship, she’s helpfully advising game designers not to defend themselves when they’re falsely accused of rape. Word has it she’s aiming for a job at Rolling Stone.   

Remember the time when a Kotaku writer failed to disclose he was banging a subject of his reporting? Shit was jokes. And there are long lists of failures to disclose conflicts and other professional solecisms floating around the gaming industry.

If you dig deeper into Grayson’s reporting history, you’ll find an entire career dedicated to the promotion of his buddies’ projects. #AndN

Max Read is Gawker’s editor-in-chief. Maybe it’s because he has to defend all of Gawker’s editorial decisions to the public, but I think he may actually be a psychopath. Whenever there’s something morally repugnant to defend, Read always seems to be there on Twitter with a chillingly out-of-touch and dismissive explanation.

The full article is well worth checking out. I’m going to go check out a few things myself. I might be doing a new video tonight to test out this new microphone, but we’ll see. As always, it will be posted here on the site if it happens. I hope everyone is having a rocking Saturday night, or whatever time it happens to be where you’re at. I’ll be back soon with more.