I got up late like I did on Tuesday, so I haven’t seen any of the trial yet myself, but thankfully, other people have. Let’s get the morning recaps started.

First off, the trial comes back on at 1:30pm Eastern time. Here’s the stream for when it does…

Now, from the morning’s festivities…


Mike Foley, a University of Florida journalism professor and St. Petersburg Times newsroom veteran, took the stand for the second day in the Hulk Hogan lawsuit. Mr. Foley is a witness for Mr. Hogan, who is suing the New York-based website Gawker for $100 million over a 2012 post that showed an edited video of  the wrestler having sex with the wife of his former best friend, the local radio shock jock who legally changed his name to Bubba the Love Sponge Clem…

During tense cross examination, Michael J. Sullivan, a lawyer for Gawker, mentioned several celebrity sex scandals or examples of celebrities who have posed naked or had seemingly intimate details of their lives made public in an effort to establish a precedence for posting photos and videos of public figures. The seemingly mild-mannered Mr. Sullivan brought out the big guns as he sought to depict Mr. Foley as an out-of-touch former print reporter and editor.



Gawker’s defense centers around free speech. Attorneys for the company say that its publication of the video and the written commentary that accompanied the clip are protected by the First Amendment, given how much Hogan has publicly discussed his sex life and the amount of news coverage that had been devoted to the tape.

Foley said that Gawker had a “right” to run its written commentary on the sex tape, though he said he wouldn’t have published such a story during his days as a newsman.

In an email to CNNMoney, SPJ ethics committee chairman Andrew Seaman challenged the plaintiff’s use of the ethics code in the trial.

“The SPJ Code of Ethics is not relevant to whether an act is or is not legal. The words ‘ethical’ and ‘legal’ are not synonyms,” Seaman said.