Looks like Hulk Hogan is going in for round two on Gawker according to Breitbart and Allum Bokhari. This time it’s over the “n-word” rant that got released and ended up costing The Hulkster his job with WWE.

Despite having already been awarded $140 million in his original lawsuit against Gawker Media, pro-wrestling star Hulk Hogan isn’t done. He’s suing the media company again, this time for allegedly releasing a tape of him saying the N-word.

Hogan, whose original case against Gawker Media received extensive coverage here at Breitbart, alleges that Gawker released sealed court documents to the National Inquirer in summer 2015 that contained quotes of him using the slur. Gawker denies that they leaked the transcript.

As a result of the story, Hogan was fired from World Wrestling Entertainment Inc (WWE) and had his name removed from the organization’s Hall of Fame. The toy company Mattel stopped producing Hulk Hogan action figures, and the wrestler’s merchandise was removed from shelves at Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target.

I hope Hulk takes another $100 million or so from them. Make Nick Denton (the owner of Gawker) fight on all fronts. Even if Hogan doesn’t get his money, or only gets a portion of it, Gawker has to spend a ton to fight all these suits. They had to spend at least $3 million on the last lawsuit and their insurance refused to cover it. So it all came out of their coffers. I would imagine that the insurance company will likely refuse to cover this one as well.

Of course Denton and his cronies have issued a statement denying the whole thing, but this is Gawker we’re talking about here. They did extensive reporting on the “n-word” leak and they had access to this material at one point or another. Also, they had all the motive in the world to leak this, given their then-upcoming trial against Hogan. We’ll see what happens with the new case.

Let another judge and jury sort it out.