You know, during any other week, I would probably be ecstatic about Brianna Wu AND Big Randi Harper mentioning me in two separate (and cringeworthy) open letters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fucking hilarious, but I’m kinda busy with other things at the moment. Still, I thought it was important to come here and talk a little shit about it nonetheless.

First, let’s hear from Hamburger Harper

GamerGate hopped onto all of this. The committer bragged about people like TheRalphRetort following him. He went on Facebook to brag about how many new followers he was getting and how terrible of a person I am. He then started threatening me on Twitter. He said he was going to ruin my life. OK, whatever dude. I could block him, but when he publicly posted logs of me talking in the only place where I really felt safe — FreeBSD’s private developer IRC channel — it became a violation of my home and privacy. He was representing himself as part of the project, so I reached out to the FreeBSD Foundation. They suggested I contact FreeBSD core, the elected group that governs FreeBSD.

Master Milo (who I’m having dinner with tonight) frames it accurately

Harper frames her departure as her own decision, but she has of course been regarded by everyone associated with FreeBSD as a liability for some time. In her long-winded post (I read these things so you don’t have to), Harper unleashes a blistering array of bizarre allegations against the FreeBSD foundation, including a claim that they stood by while she was being threatened online, and that she was “tone policed” by someone at FreeBSD who suggested she “be nicer” online.

No wonder that one stung her. Harper is one of the nastiest pieces of work on the internet. She is a self-proclaimed “anti-abuse activist” who has in fact spent most of the last two years generating hate-filled online mobs against her opponents, as voluminous reporting byBreitbart has demonstrated. Famous for telling people to “set themselves on fire,” this anti-abuse activist once drove a woman to tears for disagreeing with her...

“A lot of developers didn’t know what was happening, just that one of the few women in the project was mad at another developer, and he quit. It made it look like the bullying was coming from my end.”

The bullying, coming from your end? Surely not, Randi!

Of course not! We all know that Randi Harper is the very model of civility! It not like she’s notorious for being one of the biggest harassers on the internet, or anything. Speaking of that, here’s what I wrote about the situation she describes several months back:

It looks like the Internet’s Harasser-in-Chief is back at it again. She got into it with a fellow member of The FreeBSD Project last night. As usual, she threatened to ruin the man within their community, as well as brand him a harasser publicly. They had a private IRC conversation where he was civil and polite, and she was her usual unhinged self. This is not a good look for someone who is supposedly going to end online harassment. But, as we’ve talked about MANY TIMES before, this is just what Hefty Harper is. She’s a bully.

There’s a lot more in that post, including screenshots. Judging by her farewell to FreeBSD post, she was legitimately mad that this guy followed me. Well, kick rocks, Randi. FreeBSD doesn’t need your baggage and neither does anyone else, for that matter. How long until some of her SJW friends cut her loose as well? You know it’s coming. The gelatinous git doesn’t bring anything to the table, after all.

That brings us to Brianna Wu, who I’ve now dubbed FuManWu (yes, I’m extremely clever). Most of the allies Wu one had have already turned sour, so I almost feel sorry for the contemptible creature. Almost. Then, I think of all the lies she spread about me and gamers in general. The sick fuck has a lot of nerve to post something like this in spite of all that.

Here’s Brianna whining about GamerGate (again), talking about how she’s gonna ignore GamerGate (again), and just being a general attention whore (again…noticing a theme?). I could write a lot more on all this, but I’m getting ready to go into London again for another fun-filled afternoon.

I do not spend time attacking Gamergate figures, because it would have no tactical value. Mercades, Oliver, C.H. Summers, Ralph – I think they are spectacularly wrong, but it makes more sense to focus on other things. Yesterday, I saw a KiA thread I thought was spectacularly racist, but rather than drum up public anger about it – I spent the day doing engineering instead. 

Everyone at my company is terrified of the Gamergate harassment we know is inevitable when we release Revolution 60 in the coming weeks. When the game is reviewed, I expect lots of Gamergate personal attacks in the comments. I expect to be doxxed. I expect to have more malicious rumors happen. I expect a new wave of death and rape threats.

But what would the value be in doing this? Maybe you think my game sucks, maybe you don’t like the graphics, but what does it have to do with Gamergate? If you really believe that censorship is a problem, it’s time to demonstrate it with your actions. 

I have no wish to continue to be the Batman to your Joker.
What is it with Wu and the continued Batman references (And what about Batwoman? Oh, yea. Never mind.)? Is this an attempt at humor? I wish I could say that it was, but it’s just more pathetic posturing from the master of mendacity. We all know Wu isn’t going anywhere, and that stunts will continued to be pulled. We say the game sucks because it actually sucks, not because of any war you have with GamerGate. I can promise you that I would not let someone’s personal beliefs get in the way of me praising a game that was worthy. Your’s is not, Wu. It’s that simple.
I’ll try to get back with you guys later this afternoon, but as you know, I’m still on vacation for another day or so. Look for posts to really ramp up this weekend, after I get settled back into the command center. I appreciate your patience with me while I have a blast here in England. Look for a late post about my meeting with Master Milo, and possibly a couple other things. Until then, I’m out.