HONOUR KILLING: 19-Year Old Girl Found Dead In Fridge In South London

HONOUR KILLING: 19-Year Old Girl Found Dead In Fridge In South London

A 19-year old and, her cousin, a 21-year old were allegedly kidnapped and taken to a house in Kingston, London. The police were made aware of the missing girls after a concerning phone call around 5 pm, and had been searching for them in a couple of different locations. The 21-year old managed to escape to get help and was rushed to hospital. She had a ‘slashed throat’ and ‘multiple stab wounds’. Around 8 pm, police arrived to the house a to find the body of the 19-year old in a ‘large upright fridge’. When the police arrived at the property, the found a silver Renault Clio stood on the paved driveway with a smashed driver’s window. Despite several news outlets reporting the girl was cut up, the police has insisted her body was fully intact. The police has labelled this a possible honour killing.

A 33-year old and 29-year old males have been arrested on suspicion of murder. The 33-year old is said to be related to the girls. A third man was also arrested as he tried to leave the country via Dover. A 28-year old woman had been arrested on suspicion of assisting offenders but has been released. In a statement to the Independent, the lead Detective on the investigation said

“At this stage, one line of inquiry is that the two women were taken against their will to the address in Kingston, by a man who they both knew. They were last seen safe and well at an address in Merton, prior to police being contacted about concerns for their safety and welfare. It is clear that both women were subject to a violent attack, resulting in the death of one woman.”

The house the girls were taken to was under renovation. A man in his 50s, a woman in her 20s and two children live in the property. They moved around 18 months ago. There is currently no reports linking the family to the honour killing.

Nora Ralph

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