Outright voter fraud or not, next week’s election will in a very real sense be rigged. The media coverage of the two presidential candidates has basically amounted to non-stop propaganda to get Hillary Clinton elected, as Hillary-supporting journalists week after week cover up scandals involving their criminal candidate, while trying to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to controversies involving Trump. This shameless attempt to manipulate people into voting Hillary also extends to social media, due to almost all the big tech sites being rabidly Anti-Trump. Leftist bias is rampant on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, meaning that wherever you turn, you have opinion-shaping institutions (never actually disclosing their left-wing biases) trying to talk you out of voting Trump.

Given this fact it’s nothing short of amazing that the election is still so close, and that Trump actually has a legitimate shot at winning, if just his supporters turn out and vote. It speaks to the appeal of the Anti-Establishment truth-bomb thrower Trump, and the general disgust with the corrupt, warmongering, SJW-pandering Establishment puppet Hillary. However, facing an electorate increasingly revolting against their agenda, the Democrats do have one last ace up their sleeve: Replacing the electorate itself.

Back in 1980, 56% of white voters supported Ronald Reagan in his landslide win over Jimmy Carter. In 2012, Mitt Romney also managed to win 56% of white voters, yet he was trounced soundly by Barack Obama. What happened? White people have seen their electoral power drained due to demographic shifts within the US. This is well known in political circles – indeed, it’s consistently used as an excuse for Democrat and sometimes even Republican politicians to ignore the concerns of white voters, and instead appeal to non-whites with preferential treatment and racist “Pro-Diversity” policies that favor them over white people solely on the basis of skin color. What’s never addressed is what’s actually happening in the country – the gradual political disenfranchisement of white people isn’t primarily the natural result of some groups having more children than others, but the result of politicians choosing to impose mass immigration on the US.

Implementing mass immigration doesn’t simply mean accepting the reality of rising crime, wages being depressed and public services being strained – now that most of the immigration to the US comes from the 3rd world instead of Europe, it also results in the political balance being dramatically shifted. Hispanics for example overwhelmingly prefer Democrats to Republicans, and the gap actually *widens* when you take into account 2nd generation Hispanics.


Muslims also heavily prefer Democrats, which probably explains why almost all the Syrian “refugees” accepted by Obama are Muslim. This despite 10% of Syrians being Christians, Syrian Christians being more culturally compatible with majority-Christian American than Syrian Muslims are, not to mention posing a far lower terror threat and even being the group most in need of protection, as multiple Muslim groups in Syria are trying to eradicate them. If you think your Democrat leaders are incapable of being this evil and cynical, you haven’t been paying attention.

And don’t for a moment think the preference for Democrats that all these non-white, 3rd world immigrants are displaying is a product of Republican “racism”, or Trump’s mean words – these voting patterns reflect strong policy preferences that inevitably lead to the new arrivals voting for Democrats – as well as generally favoring polices that will take away freedoms that Americans currently enjoy. Republicans supporting mass immigration in the hope that this will increase their support among a growing voting demographic mostly just results in making the electoral map more unfavorable over time – to put it like this, it would be better for Republicans if Hispanics made up 5% of voters and voted 70% Democrat, than if they make up 30% of voters and vote 55% Democrats. Yet Republicans have so far gambled their entire political future on what seems to be a doomed bet.

Of course, this is why almost all Western countries have adopted policies of mass immigration from the 3rd world – not because the policy is popular with the native citizens (it certainly isn’t), but because the Left broadly benefits politically from it, and the Right is either blind to the danger or too scared of being called racist to strongly resist it. Indeed, white guilt in widely exploited to silence critics of mass immigration early on – the hope being that when the situation becomes so bad for the native whites that they’ll inevitably revolt politically, it will be too late – they will effectively have been politically disenfranchised, as no political party they’ll prefer will ever be able to win a majority again.

This is also why the “Never Trump” Republicans, willing to throw the 2016 election away because they don’t view Trump as a so-called True Conservative, are so incredibly foolish. They’re not just throwing one election away – they’re making it more difficult for all Republicans to win future elections, as Hillary will continue to import Democrat voters at an alarming rate (especially Muslims), as well as attempt to legalize the many million illegal aliens that already live in the US.

But surely the Republicans can win over these immigrants if they just change their policies I already hear some people saying. Sure, in theory. However, since the non-white 3rd world migrants that vote Democrat do so because their policy preferences are so strongly Leftist, prying them away from the Democrats would effectively require the Republicans to sell out all their current voters and go all in for mass immigration and socialism. You’d end up with a situation where the US no longer has ANY real right-wing alternative – kinda like the situation in German until recently, where the despicable Angela Merkel long represented the nominal right-wing alternative to the Socialists and the Greens.

I know waking up to the existential threat that 3rd world mass immigration represents will be difficult for many conservatives, who have for decades been so desperate to prove that they’re color-blind and anti-racist. However, surely the inevitable result of allowing mass immigration to continue – namely America in a very real sense ceasing to be America – should be bad enough to force their hand. This is why Donald Trump and other anti-mass immigration Nationalists represent the future of the American Right – and why the likes of Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush only represent appeasement and suicide.