People often ask me about how I came to be anti-SJW, anti-feminist, or whatever you want to call it.  The story is kinda long, so I usually don’t get into it. But I was thinking of column ideas for today, and this sounded pretty good. So, I figured, “Why not?” I’ll try to keep it as concise as possible, so you can get out of here within a decent time. Still, it’s gonna be a bit longer than my normal hits… 

I’ve always been an avid follower of politics. I can’t remember a time when it didn’t fascinate me, until recently. I grew up a liberal, and still am (although disenchanted). But I never focused on the feminist wing of the party. I did get into the drug war and it’s surrounding issues, like it’s disproportionate impact on minorities, and the poor. But the feminist lobby never really held my attention. The only notable thing I ever saw them involved with was abortion, and that’s not a motivating issue for me. So, I guess I kind of ignored them.

There is one thing that does motivate me, though, and that’s the freedom of speech. We all have differing opinions on what it means, but I’m pretty much a free speech absolutist (although, as I said, I don’t believe doxing and/or criminal activity has anything to do with that). What really made me start paying attention to the modern feminist agenda was when they started flexing the political clout they had gained over the years in ways I hadn’t noticed previously. This has now been turned into a well-oiled machine, but it was just starting to become fully established at the time.

The radical feminists began to take on comedians who told jokes they thought were over the line. Growing up a huge fan of comedy as well as politics, this really pissed me off, and still does. The job of a comedian is to push buttons, and step over the line. The best ones have always done it. Is it funny, or not? That’s the only thing they should be concerned about. Nowadays a comedian has to constantly be on the lookout for an enraged lynch-mob. Often times, these are comprised of feminists.

Around this time, I saw Don Imus get run out of MSNBC. That affected me greatly. I was a regular viewer and knew that he said fucked up shit all the time, but he said those kinds of things about everyone. He wasn’t being racist, he was being an asshole for laughs. The same liberal and feminist commentators who came on his show for years, deserted him when his time of need arose. Zero loyalty. This is also common. People are scared to stand up to the professional grievance machine, lest they get destroyed by it as well. It’s much easier to just throw your friend under a bus and get a new one.

During this period, I was also a college student. My major was political science. As part of my degree requirement, I had to take one semester of “women’s studies.” I was dreading the class, but on my first day, I found out that the teacher was smoking hot. OK, so she was still full of shit, but I figured that this would at least make it a little more bearable.

It did, at first. The class itself was easy as hell. You didn’t actually get graded normally. If you did the assignment, you got full credit. There was a paper at the end, but it was similarly scored. I can’t tell you much about the paper, though, because I never made it to the end of the course. One day, Professor Bell, the “conventionally attractive” instructor, told the class about extra credit opportunities. One of them involved attending a lecture in the “Women’s Studies Center” here at USC Upstate. So, I went.

The event was described to me as a question and answer session, but when I got there, it was more like a lecture. At several points I tried to calmly interject. I didn’t come there to sit passively, after all. I came there to debate the issues. This did not go over well, to say the least. I was silenced and told that I would have a chance to speak at the end. OK, fair enough. But when the end came, I still didn’t get to ask any questions. In fact, they ended up trying to have me forcibly ejected by campus police after I told them that my tax dollars and tuition contributed to the room they were sitting in. I ended up leaving before the police arrived, because I’m not an idiot. Discretion is always the better part of valor.

They didn’t stop there, however. I ended up having to go to a disciplinary hearing just like the ones you read about the feminists gaming all the time. This one was no different. Although I had a respected professor testify for me, and had the statements of several students, I lost. I was put on a year of “behavioral probation,” and sent on my way. Nothing ever came of it, but the process has been burned into my mind forever.

Dr. Bell wasn’t the main one behind trying to punish me, but she co-signed the whole thing. Where is she now, you ask?


She’s moved on to bigger and better things, as you can see. But not everyone came away unscathed. The old Women’s Center at USC Upstate was shutdown by the Republican Legislature in South Carolina due to a dispute over their activities. As much as I hated what they did, I didn’t support that, because of its heavy-handedness. But that doesn’t mean I shed any tears when I saw the former director, Lisa Johnson, get shitcanned. It was pretty amusing, I must admit. The same person who bullied me, got their center fucked right out of existence. Karma…it’s real.

All this happened years before Anita Sarkeesian came onto the scene. When they started creeping into my gaming hobby, I knew we were in for a decades-long battle against these bastards on every cultural issue imaginable. Being a professional victim pays very well, and you can do it for life. I can see why someone like Anita would get into her line of work. But the core of modern feminism is rotten and authoritarian. They aren’t interested in real debate. We’ve seen that a million times just over the last six months. It took a confluence of events to motivate me into full-time activism. GamerGate is in many ways the culmination of my journey. Radical feminists finally pushed too fucking far, and I won’t stop until I see them defeated.

  1. Man, that’s crazy. I’m glad that the single gender studies class I had to take was pretty fair. The prof was an elderly woman, a veteran second wave feminist. She gave RadFem about one lecture, in which she pretty well discredited the movement.

    Overall she didn’t blame men for anything, she objectively examined various ACTUAL patriarchal systems, and showed that the western world has absolute equality between the sexes.

    I’m sorry for your bad experience, and I’m glad that you were able to grow from it. I haven’t really been involved much in GG, but I found your site about a week ago and binge read it. Now I’m absolutely dedicated to the cause, and I’m willing to help any way I can.

      1. The more the better!

        After all they prey on soceity’s apathy and unwillingness to upset their tiny biggoted little hearts for fear of the mobb.

  2. My first negative experience was in community college with a literal ugly, old hag who OPENLY acknowledge that her granddaughter (obese, mean-spirited and had easily dealt with FACIAL HAIR… ugh) was enrolled in the course after failing it TWICE before and that she would “make certain” she passed. The fuck? Strike one.

    Then she came out stating that she never would make her notes available, thus forcing people to attend the class, ok, fine. But then she started giving her granddaughter her notes and she shared them with HER friends. There was even a girl in the class who was dyslexic and needed extra help and she wouldn’t give her a copy of the notes because she said “you might share them with others.” Strike two.

    And then she tried to rant on an on about how awful were by citing a bunch of irrelevant statistics about suicides and how men were more successful because they used “violent” (aka EFFECTIVE) methods whereas women used “passive” methods… all the while making direct, glaring eye contact with me. I challenged her to make a point and she basically told me to shut up. Strike three, cunt, you’re out.

    I filed a complain to the chair of the department that she was making me and the other men in the class intentional uncomfortable and was discriminating in favor of her granddaughter, openly. She accosted me on campus about going to the chair and I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. Later on she scolded the entire class about it and how ‘cowardly’ it was to go to her boss instead of confront her. Then she spouted a list of her accomplishments, including the hiring of the black Dean of the college. Ok, you want to play big boy and girl games? Game on.

    I went to the dean to file an official complaint regarding what I believed to be intimidation and a massive breach of ethical behavior, and I repeated, verbatim, her claim that she got the Dean hired because he was black. He didn’t think that was amusing, and apparently he ripped her a new asshole. I got a B in that class.

    Funny side note, I recently ran across a few radfem/sjw pieces (read as: shitty blog posts that take themselves WAY too seriously) that claimed Archer was “progressive”. HAHAHAHAHA. No, wait, they’re serious? That show is offensive for the SAKE of being offensive. It’s delightfully inappropriate and lampoons just about everything. But I guess there’s nothing that ultra-radical progressive trash won’t try and appropriate for themselves.

    1. SJW do that last thing a lot.
      When they like something that is COMPLETELY contrary to their views they cant possibly admit it.
      I like plenty of stuff that *directly* opposes my political ideals.
      I’d say the biggest example is the “sword of truth” series by Terry Goodkind.
      Some of the later books are basically McCarthy redscare objectivist preaching, but the setting and characters are still wonderful.
      (I know plenty of conservatives/libertarians that love the Bioshock franchise and don’t need to pretend it isn’t mocking their politics. Because they’re grownups and can deal with it)

      It’s like how so many SJW are “sex positive” are into bondage or burlesque.
      They cant *possibly* admit that any of this counters their political life (ie: being human) and so it becomes political. Burlesque becomes a political statement about social justice instead of stripping to be admired. Bondage becomes some kind of game or proof that you’re edgy, rather than a personal kink you should keep private.

      3rd wave “progressive” and “sex positive” SJW feminists have somehow married all the worst elements of feminist and traditionalist extremism without a hint of irony.

      1. They’re fascists and bigoted ideologues dressed up as something righteous and good. It’s the most disgusting and deplorable tactic imaginable. The Nazi’s did it until they didn’t have to anymore. The Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t need to pretend they aren’t abominable because they believe themselves to be righteous. SJWs are just criminals or the emotionally/socially stunted who seeks shelter and support in echo chambers and hug boxes instead of just growing the fuck up. They’re a social disease that needs to stop being tolerated. You don’t tolerate cancer; you cut it the fuck out.

      2. “(I know plenty of conservatives/libertarians that love the Bioshock
        franchise and don’t need to pretend it isn’t mocking their politics.
        Because they’re grownups and can deal with it)”

        Well the series is famed for presenting extremes of ideals gone nuts, and I’m sure plenty of people handled 2’s portrayal of extreme cult-like socialism/communism rather well, also.

        “Think of me not as ‘leader’, but as ‘Mother’ to the whole Rapture family”

        I swear they were channelling Anita or something when they designed Dr. Lamb.

        1. The left has been self satirising and self critical for a LONG time.
          The right has not 😛
          1984 was written by a socialist, and that is an extremely scathing and insightful attack on the excesses of left wing politics.
          It’s why I’m so angry about it, because the left has lost one of its core principles to appease hateful bigots selling snake oil.

    2. “There was even a girl in the class who was dyslexic and needed extra help and she wouldn’t give her a copy of the notes because she said “you might share them with others.”

      Depending on where you live, that’s a nice human rights complaint or ADA lawsuit right there.

      1. That’s what I told her! But no, people don’t want to make waves. It’s pretty fucked up that the majority of people who sue over that shit seem to be intentionally setting up a con, rather than ACTUAL victims. Normal people don’t scheme to get a payout because of their problems, they just want basic accommodation so they can have the same chance as others.

  3. I said this before, but Games are different from all the other people who got bullied by feminists. Firstly we have experienced this sort of thing for thirty years, secondly we have nothing to lose except our games, the wery thing they seek to corrupt.

    What can they do to us? Call us names, pretend to be better than us, shame us into silence. Lol take a number and stand in line.

    Games are millions, we are everywhere, we are all over the globe, we are everyone, we are bigger than movies. We don’t need to apologize to anyone. Our enemies have no more worth than the filth beneath our shoes.

    We are not the ones who started this war, nor do our enemies get to end it. The SJW’s must be destroyed, and achedemia is the final boss.

  4. People often ask me about how I can to be anti-SJW,

    I can to be anti-SJW,

    I can

    Ralph plz proof read

    Edit: just shit posting carry on :3

    1. It’s a blog with one staffer lol. I don’t have time to pour over it twenty times. I read through it once, and hit publish. But I always correct typos as they are pointed out.

  5. Damn its like they molded you for this just by what happened to you we can see whats wrong with their BS!

  6. Good read Ralph, I agree with you about freedom of speech. I can disagree with someone on politics, religion, food preference, almost anything really, but I understand that doesn’t make them a horrible person, that’s the worst thing I think about these unbending pricks, you concede that a person disagreeing with you is less than a total piece of shit, and they turn on you, just like wu discovered recently. It almost made me feel sad for him, These Aholes act like a religious sect, any deviation from the dogma is mortal sin, and no other similar but different belief will get to femheaven or whatever. It’d be sad, if they didn’t try to destroy people.

  7. Any brand of “feelz over realz” feminism that seeks to censor ANYTHING needs to be taken to task and dealt with (see also thrown into the fiery pit of Mount Doom) immediately.

    GamerGate may not end up being the death blow to this brand of feminism (I hope it does, frankly), but it is first blow of hopefully many to feminism’s glowing, visible ideological weak point.

  8. I very much enjoyed this read Ralph. And it’s unfortunate about what happened to you back in college, you have my sympathies. I never experienced anything as serious as your situation. Although there was this one time back in high school were we had a substitute black teacher for a whole week and she had one nasty attitude on the whole class for no good reason and I really didn’t like her. But that’s all behind me now.

    Now I see these 3rd Wave Radical Feminazis/SJW’s spreading there poisonous propagandist bullshit where ever they sink there fangs into. Trying “slut-shame” and “bro-shame” through guilt association. Now RadFems like Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh are trying to inject there there extreme narcissistic view into my gaming hobby. What’s next? Gun Range? Poker? Chess? Fishing? Music? Well, if they don’t like it then DON’T FUCKING PLAY IT! JESUS CHRIST!

    You don’t see us boycotting things like Fifty of Grey, or Magic Mike (although other feminists were trying to boycott FSoG from showing in theaters lol)! Oh, and guess what that?That one game Gone Home has been confirmed that it won’t be coming to consoles. It’s not because it sexist or any other bullshit like that, it simply didn’t make its way to consoles because it was SHIT LOL!

    Anyway, sorry for the long ramble, but I just had to get that off my chest. And I will not rest easy until I see these zealots ideologues completely eradicated from gaming and I’ll do whatever it takes to defend my hobby.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no way in hell when I get into a liberal arts college will I ever enroll in Gender Studies. I’m gonna stay away from that shit like it’s the plague. Those types classes, in the end, would be a severe waste of time for me. I’d rather just study Computer Science and Art classes, like I’ve always wanted to.

    Another thing about these SJWs, I want to see the looks on their faces when they hear that I’m a black MAN, they’d be so angry that I’m a man, but would curse themselves for daring to oppress a black guy.

  10. ” I still didn’t get to ask any questions. In fact, they ended up trying to have me forcibly ejected by campus police after I told them that my tax dollars and tuition contributed to the room they were sitting in.”

    … you SURE you’re not a conservative? You spent a lot of time in CA – they can twist you into thinking you’re a liberal.

    JOIN USSSSS RALPH! JOIN US and TOGETHER we can shitcan the whole stupid system!

  11. So you hate feminists because you got shut down once for saying some almost certainly crazy threatening shit?

    Amazing. It’s even dumber and less intellectually honest than I imagined.

      1. I was for something more exciting like, he was a young man trekking through the outback and then, out of nowhere, he was attacked by a feral vagina!

        1. FFS, you don’t mess with a feral vagina! If you are out there in the wild, 100s of miles from the ocean, nary an fish’n’chips stand in sight and your olfactory senses pick up the fetid stench of dead fish, you better start legging it as if you were going for the olympian gold.

    1. How about that 2014 election?

      I voted republican for the first time because of you and those like you.

      I’ll keep doing it until your hate movement is defunded and given the same regard as creationism.

      Enjoy the salt!

        1. So you hate feminists because you got shut down once for saying some almost certainly crazy threatening shit?

          Amazing. It’s even dumber and less intellectually honest than I imagined.

          [x] rationalization

          [x] libel

          [x] recrimination

          [x] projection

          [x] defense of a hate movement

          if you’re a poe troll, well-played

  12. I was for something more exciting like, he was a young man trekking through the outback and then, out of nowhere, he was attacked by a feral vagina.

  13. I’ll be honest, I used to be okay with calling myself a feminist until I learned it had nothing to do with protecting the rights of individuals. It’s a nitpicking cat fight and, like most groups that identify with secular rights (whether it be race, religion, etc), they really don’t give a shit about how it figures in to being a decent human being or defending anyone else who isn’t them. I’m really happy that even female celebrities are so vocal about being opposed to the feminist movement’s claim that they are actually about equality. Its one thing to stand with women in a time of weakness, but women do not lack opportunities in the modern age and feminist oppression of men and any other groups should not be tolerated.

    1. it’s a gendered hate movement, and the only thing needed to spot it is a bird’s-eye view and basic logic:

      “her body, her choice” + “child support or prison” = “his body, her choice”
      bye 13th amendment for men.

      “unilateral divorce” + “the lifestyle to which she’s accustomed” + “tender years doctrine” + “vawa” + “child support or prison” = the only men who would marry are ignorant or stupid, because feminists have made marriage state-licensed grand-theft for women only.
      where have all the good men gone?

      66% men vs 33% women graduating from college? CRISIS
      66% women vs 33% men graduating from college? “who cares, they’re ‘privileged'”

      nearly 50% single-mother households when research shows paternal absence is the #1 cause of a dysfunctional life? — people campaigning for paternal rights or to end no-fault divorce?…. “why are you attacking women, misogynist!”

      Anyone calling out the dystopian results of 50 years of feminist policy online? MISOGYNY! CENSOR THEM NOW! DOX AND FIRE THEM!

  14. I never even came close to giving feminism the time of day. I guess cause i didn’t go to college and get an indoctrination, I mean an education in how evil whitey is or how evil men are and how they want to rape anything that moves. The modern left is a dangerous, dangerous beast. The uber right is too, but they don’t have power in academia.

  15. Interesting story. I think telling that tale is compelling, because everyone seems to think that all people interested in GG are not only right wing, but are misogynist monsters. The truth is never that cartoonishly simply. #NotYourShield is only the start of it. Everyone has their own tale to tell about how they arrived where they are, and what kinds of experiences shaped their recent opinions.

    The scary ones for SJWs should be the opinions of liberals, which a lot of us are, describing how badly they’ve been ostracized, insulted, and driven into active opposition.

    I did study this stuff in school, and was pretty good at it. I was more interested in the intersection of sociology and economics; discussing things like globalization, or economic inequality and how that translates into people’s lives and the effect that has on culture, etc. That kind of sociology is at least somewhat grounded in quantitative economic data to add to its qualitative observations. I ran into some stuff in college that I questioned, but I was able to voice my opinions without a ton of opposition and most people were open minded enough to be genuinely interested in conversation.

    It really wasn’t until around 2010 that I began to even consider critiquing modern feminism. It was when Kotaku began to start introducing more gender and political stories into their rotation. I initially was super interested in that kind of thing, and I honestly still am. That’s what I like to think about and study. I read all the articles with an open mind, and commented on them all. But pretty much every time I would get about a 60/40 split of replies; 60% just losing their minds beyond all reasonable proportion, freaking out and calling me names (gawker commenters from Jezebel); and 40% or so agreeing with me and discussing things. I never would resort to any kind of aggressive rebuttals, just stuck to the facts. But I’d get wild hate thrown my way; called racist, sexist, misogynist, when the topic at hand didn’t even have anything to do with it.

    To be honest, I was pretty stunned when I saw that. I’m a liberal. I voted Nader multiple times, and I’m far to the left of the democratic party. I play a female character pretty much every time I can in create a character just because I want to. Almost all my best friends are women. But yet, voicing any kind of rational, or critical response to anything in these articles would cause people to lose their minds.

    That’s when I started doing some new research. I ran into the Karen Straughn videos, and from there, began to really develop a much broader understanding of gender and cultural discussion. And as anyone who follows this, or who follows Sargon’s channel knows; really the more you look, the more you see that is just flatly absurd.

    It has nothing to do with women. It has to do with opposing bullying, irrational positions with no evidence, the lack of logic when making arguments, groupthink, all of that. Any authoritarian group without a leg to stand on would provoke the same reaction from me.

    And I think that’s the scary part that SJWs need to wake up to. It’s not “right wing crazies” that found Shirtgate disgusting. It’s … normal people, many of them very liberal.

  16. Damn that behavioral probation shit sounds like a real pain in the ass. It’s really sickening that radical feminist and SJW can get away with so much crap in the US.

  17. “I won’t stop until I see them defeated”

    I honestly haven’t seen any greater evil than modern day feminism, and I’ve seen a lot. Nothing could be more anti-truth, anti-logic, and anti-consciousness. Nothing more criminal.

    1. Honestly the only difference between them and the nazis is that they don’t put their imaginary enemies in concentration camps and try to convert the men into feminism instead.

      1. They actually do want to do something along those lines, especially removing their “masculinity” and other examples of manhood. The feminist mothers are emasculating their own sons for freak’s sake.

  18. To be honest, I’ve been really SJWish about a year and a half ago… until my conservative friend, with a suspicious smile, told me that perhaps I should join Tumblr, as it’s a great site to conduct debates about social justice. Only now do I realise the magnificent plan the lovely bastard cooked up.

    I did try Tumblr, and then the redpill started flooding in – I saw all those radfem misandrist posts, all the bullshit, all the white-hating reverse racism, all the cisphobia, all the intellectual dishonesty, all the curbing of freedom of speech, and all the logical fallacies, and finally broke. I’ve been sternly anti-SJW ever since. I still admire my friend to this day; he didn’t redpill me, he made me redpill myself. After that, supporting GamerGate seemed like the right thing to do.

    1. Both you and your friend are really cool!
      I was also a bit SJWish for sometime, I always agreed with what Anita said. But now, when I look at her videos before the tropes vs women ones, she makes some of the most retarded claims and even attacked Zack Snider, calling him some porn enthusiast or something and WB for making that movie with the girls fighting in fantasy setting when they were really actors.
      Man, she sure does say the stupidest shit now that I’m in a different mode of mind.
      Edit: Sucker Punch

      1. The funny thing is that those actresses are feminists with their girlpower bullshit and stated that they were tougher than the men because they claimed the men complained during their strenuous training but the gorls did not. I saw their training, nowhere near as hard as they made it out to be.

  19. Well, I don’t know where to begin, I don’t really have that big event that culminated into the views on feminism I have today. But I think its more a culmination of many events. Basically, throughout vast majority of my life that I have known something about politics, I’ve never considered myself to be feminist. Why? Well growing up as an aspergers kid, you can be very literal, and well at first I saw it as the fact I’m a guy and feminism is clearly for women based on its name so even though I agreed with the core principles (equal rights etc) I could not be one. Mainly because I’m a guy! But then I saw that there were male ones and they tended not to be talked about, and then eventually I began to notice feminists weren’t what they seemed.

    For a start, growing in the UK there were some news stories about why boy’s my age were not doing as well as girls. There was a small debate, not seen anything since I left school, but it was there. It seems today to me to all make sense, especially when I moved up to A-level (Which is called college over here, which is high school seniors for you yanks 16-18). My brilliant history teacher Ms Cooper put it well, sorry guy’s as much as I will try and help you, the education system is geared towards girls not boys. It all kinda made sense, it wasn’t that boys were lazy and all the stereotypes you hear, especially in those debates. It was the system, and my teacher basically admitted that was here opinion. It struck a chord with me.

    Then I stumbled upon rationalwiki, I think Sarkeesian was a thing by now and I dislike anyone who closely resembles jack thompson or in the UK our version was a right wing conservative (its different over here) called Mary Whitehouse. She did to me. Anyway back to rational wiki, it was obviously a wiki based on skepticism and atheism and as a life long atheist (literally) it struck a chord. I even joined the facebook group…then I had a debate. What I found was an SJW infested cesspool, and when I pointed out to them the vast majority of gamers are men they flipped their shit and did not debate me….no, they just insulted me and sent memes on the feed flooding it. I left. I was disillusioned and just did not know what to think, these people are supposed to be “rational!” then years later it came to no surprise as I saw they hate thunderfoot and amazing atheist.

    I think the effect they have had on my college mates has also effected me, even those who are just acquaintances. I’ve seen quite a few get brainwashed, and there’s been these radfem nights out called “RECLAIM THE NIGHT!” its basically a big piss up and drunken night out to “fight sexual assault”, and as we’ve seen from honey badger and others. Most rapists aren’t the hiding in the bushes in the dead of night preying on women types, even though they do exisit, but I digress its not the point. Most got brainwashed, I had never heard most of them talk about politics until recently and I feel its changing them. So, gamergate comes along and here I am. I tried not to be anti-feminist, but I think I have probably become that now.

    So sorry for the wall of text, but that’s my story. Its not as eventful as Ralph’s but its there.

  20. What the ever loving fuck at that archived article.
    Attractive woman complaining it “shouldn’t matter” likely doesn’t even understand how much of an advantage it is and *essentially* cries because two guys hit on her without ever making any demands or doing anything *actually* inappropriate.
    I mean, I don’t like the idea of educators dating students (and pupils are an absolute no no, at least wait til they hit uni ><) but when you're an ADULT you cant pretend it's a fucking crime.
    Sickens me because that kind of talk makes it harder for REAL victims to be taken seriously.

  21. Modern feminism discredited in one word: “Manspreading”.

    But yeah, freedom of speech is pretty much the driving issue behind most of GG. SocJus has really just turned into a way for people to bully others who “offend them” (they don’t like) into silence.

    1. And before that, “mansplaining.”

      Taking an anecdote about some blowhard who doesn’t realize he’s talking to the author of a book, and expanding it to derail any disobedient male in a conversation.

      Juvenile, intellectually dishonest, but a great flag to know when you’re wasting time responding to these idiots.

      ESR’s great essay on Kafkatrapping:

      1. Absolute truth. But at least “mansplaining” by the actual definition is a bad thing, and I’ve actually seen old-timers do it. The dishonesty is that most of the time it isn’t used by the actual definition, and is just used when a man is explaining anything, rather than a man explaining something that a woman already knows. And there are plenty of women that do this too – I’ve literally heard women say “Well if we left this to you men, it would never be done right” so many times.

  22. The long and the short: they’re authoritarian, sexist hypocrites.

    Every initiative they pursue imposes the same traditionalist standards they claim to be fighting, and in the process promotes the same misogyny they claim to be fighting!

    “Affirmative consent” and “pro choice”+”child support” make men responsible for women’s actions, compelling them to treat a woman as a child lest they be punished for her actions.

    While claiming women need freedom from oppressive gender roles, they bitterly defend and even enhance legal structures which enforce the 1950’s stereotype of “absent wallet” upon men. (spousal support, maternal custody, child support, unilateral no-fault divorce).

    Those radical feminists who did not go into lobbying went into media and academia, and have spread horrific rhetoric against men, dehumanizing them and encouraging women to view them as worthless and disposable.

    This has effectively destroyed the nuclear family as a concept, stripped all men of 13th amendment protections should they dare to trust a woman, and is abusive to children (study after study show the absence of a father is the #1 cause of a dysfunctional life).

    The results of their “reforms” and cultural impact have made cynicism and distrust of women a required defensive reaction for any responsible, reasonable man.

    This leads us to the past few years: As reasonable people wake up to the dystopian reality feminism created, as men and women who want to form families but can’t due to the current legal and cultural landscape call things out for what they are, these same feminists found organizations like “WAM!”, who engage in economic terrorism against news and social media organizations until they relent and censor their critics.

    Because of all of this, I am the first in 3 generations to vote republican. I will continue to vote against democrats until they disavow feminism. Even the most fundamentalist christian does not attack the basic human rights of critics, and at least they hold everyone to the same moral code, rather than a massively disparate double-standard by which only one gender is punished.

  23. You sound a lot like me. Used to work for Ethan N. back in the day and still support ending the drug war.

    Of course my default position was “for” equality, which I thought feminism was.

    At first I was like this:

    But when I was like:

    Thin-skinned, pseudo-intellectual who had a large group of beta orbiters who attacked when I called out her bullshit. At the time I thought those “we’re going to get Greg” jokes were just puffery.

    Then a dude got arrested for a FUCKING HASHTAG. – #fascistfeminist

    This was in 2012, and it opened my eyes to the scourge of SJW bullshit.

  24. That Women’s Studies class did no justice for academia. People shouldn’t get full credit just for finishing the assignment, they should get full credit for writing a good paper. When people are getting credit in a class just for showing up, it lowers expectations for other classes, especially when there is more than one class that does it. And then you end up with people getting degrees with the expectation that this is what life is like, that just doing the work should be enough, even if the quality of it is very poor.

    Personally I took a class on Women in Religion, that one actually made more sense. We had a book that touched on female genital mutilation and other horrendous behaviors towards women, but it also pointed out some religions that seemed to put a lot of importance on women as well. It felt to me that the class wasn’t so agenda driven but actually more about relaying information ,something those types of classes don’t tend to do anymore, but what college should really be about, relay the information and let you come to your own conclusions. It would be beneficial for feminists to focus on things like FGM or other horrendous behaviors rather than making internet wars for slights that don’t really exist.

    I still have the book and reader though, so I should probably reread it just to make sure I’m remembering it correctly though.

  25. I never had to deal with them in a university setting because I never went and that’s fine because they can yammer all day about the silly made up “gender theory” crap because I know how machinery works and that’s a hell of alot more marketable a skill.

    I’ve clashed with them repeatedly online for years though and I eventually noticed the pattern which is the moment they manage to establish themselves in an online community that community is fucked. It will limp along miserably for a little while maybe but it’ll always die the same death, purges, witch hunts, tests of ideological purity etc until all that remains is a handful of mods modding each other.

    Then of course their work done they invade something else. They’re a fucking virus.

  26. My first run in with radical feminism, came when I attended College. Prior to enrollment there, I had grown up in the “deep south.” Now, for those that don’t know this in advance, the southern states (traditional south) handles things differently than many other places. Chief point being that southern children are taught to treat their elders or superiors with the utmost respect; regardless of personal feelings on the matters. Men are always referred to as “Sir,” while women are “Ma’am.” While taking a literature course, I had occasion to run afoul of a feminist professor who not only stated that she quote “hated having to teach misogynistic men” but also questioned my intelligence entirely because I had been born and raised in the south. It all finally came to a head one day when I responded to a question by her, by saying “Yes Ma’am.” She began to rant and rave about ignorant southern students, and how I obviously didn’t respect her. She then reported me to the Dean for a disciplinary hearing. At that hearing, she claimed that by saying “ma’am” I was equating her to a prostitute, since the word “ma’am” is a contraction of Madam, and that word also referred to the head of a brothel. I countered that it was taken from the French, Madame, and means “my lady” and is a word of utmost respect. I also presented witnesses (one of her own Feminist students I might add) that recounted her tirade and insults directed at me due to my southern heritage; as well as related how previous statements and actions by her in my direction had made them feel uncomfortable both for me, and for themselves. Long story short, the professor got censured, and she flat out failed me from the course. I, for my part, went onto bigger and better things; having since published two historical novels, a handful of short stories, and write an on again/off again piece for a gaming journalistic site. (No, not Kotaku.)

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