So I sat down in my rocking chair at my laptop late one evening to skim through Twitter, with a mug of hot cocoa. I’ll usually browse what I call my ‘stupid stuff to shut my brain down’ side of the net as a precursor to going to sleep. This usually involves bouncing through stuff like cat pictures or cute baby pics or baby animals; or random link-hopping.

I know that the common wisdom these days is to not browse the net or read before bedtime, but these days it usually results in my brain just refusing to go into idle and slowly go into sleep mode till I’m utterly exhausted. (Yes, the computer terminology is entirely apt. Our brains are meaty computers far more advanced than the stuff we have in front of us, but alas, all too many people just don’t seem to use it as well as they should. Hmm. I didn’t mean to go straight for the metaphors… oh well.)

I originally wanted to just go skim for videos of foxes, but stopped by Twitter, because lazy brain mode = random ooh shiny. I saw a Tweet by Ralph from The Ralph Retort, from the various images collected from the WomenAgainstFeminism Tumblr, which consists of testimonials from women who no longer call themselves feminists.

It read:

I’m a woman who, until hours ago, identified as a feminist. I support it in other countries where women are truly oppressed based on gender. However, as far as feminism in the U.S. I’ve come to realize how heavily it has become about judging and controlling other women. It’s not a sisterhood, it’s a “You can’t sit with us” Mean Girls set up where in the process of trying to “stop men from oppressing women” women proceed to judge and oppress each other. I support and respect for all people of all genders from all walks of life and I was completely torn down by fellow feminists because of it. It’s not a movement I want to be part of.

Reading it made me remember the incident that drove me away from feminism for good. I re-tweeted the tweet and started writing in reply to my own tweet, to sort of explain where I was coming from. From there a discussion cropped up and well, here I am, writing another essay because quite honestly, while Twitter can be fun, 140 characters are limiting for a discussion, and the way the tweets end up tangling is rather confusing for me. (I still prefer the LJ threaded formats but not when it squishes all the way to the right. Yeesh.)

I’ve mentioned this experience a few times before, because discussions of destructive rabid feminism will crop up now and again. I hadn’t had any encounter with it before this incident, so it’s probably a testimonial of my own to put down.

Again, a bit of background here: I went to an all girls Catholic college that also promotes itself as a feminist college. I can also almost see the ‘how the heck does that work?!’ expression most of my readers will probably have upon reading that. I’ll get into explaining how that works later. Story time first!

As part of Women’s Studies class, we were going to attend a talk…eh, a presentation, I guess, with a group of feminists from overseas, and some of the local feminists as well. Being young, we looked forward to this; the general experience we’ve had with feminism had been positive. Our Women’s Studies teacher actually enjoyed having us debate and encouraged discussions with different points of view. You know a class was being enjoyed when the students would go “Eh, we’ll go home later, this is a good discussion,” and we’d stay a half hour longer. Certainly, I have no bad memories of the class or the teacher. The guests were supposed to talk about how feminism yielded positive results for the women in their regions; two of the invited speakers were from India. I think the others were from other parts of the Philippines, and couldn’t tell from their attire; they were wearing loose tunics with ethnic-style embroidery around the collar, sleeves and hem, and loose pants with ethnic patterns, while one of the Indian women wore the more recognizable sari and dress combo. My teacher was fond of the tunic and pants attire too because ‘they were comfortable.’ I just thought, personally, that their tendency toward having wild, uncombed looking hair was probably very hot and uncomfortable in the Philippine heat.

Fortunately the lecture hall we were going into was nice and air conditioned, so when everyone who was supposed to be there was in, the talk began.

There were some discussions from the Indian women about how microloans in India worked wonderfully for helping women set up small businesses and become financially independent, or provide for themselves and their families if their husband had passed away. There were other examples given, but I don’t remember them so well now, and the general gist was that feminism was bringing more women to be independent and self-sufficient, breaking cultural norms.

Now personally, I didn’t think those cultural norms really apply to Filipino women. Even in the provinces, it is not uncommon for a woman to set up a small store at the front of their house and sell food, or set up some other type of cottage business. The little corner sari-sari store is an ubiquitous sight in the Philippines. Some are small, barely large enough to be called stalls, some are big enough to qualify as small groceries. Then again, the Indian women were talking about their own cultural norms, since they started talking about how some women would get acid splashed on them, for a variety of offences against male pride or honor. Some of those women would die, and the ones who did not would have to live with extreme disfigurement, or blindness, and debilitating scars.

I was already familiar with such things happening, and this was the kind of inequality and abuse I stood against. For some of my classmates, they had not heard of such things, so were quite horrified.

The lecturer talked about how thanks to feminism, some of the women were able to find men who loved them and married them even though they were horribly scarred. Thanks to feminism giving such women hope they would not take their lives because of such a bleak future.

That was when the talk itself turned vicious. The words may not be exact, but I remember how horrible they were.

The lecturer began to talk about how beauty and attractiveness were signals to the patriarchy to ‘disregard the inner beauty of women,’ and that beautiful women by simply being beautiful, would never be ‘taken seriously’ for their real selves, but only ‘pandered to’ because of their beauty, ‘which is fleeting.’ Beautiful women would always be slaves to the patriarchy, no matter what they achieve in life, because a beautiful woman could never be sure if she was given that achievement because of a man wanting to gain sexual favors, as opposed to one who wasn’t beautiful who could be sure that what she had achieved was purely of merit.

Beautiful women too, cannot be sure of their keeping the love of men, because once their beauty is gone, the men in their lives will look for younger, prettier women, and cheat on them, while the younger beautiful woman would just be used because of her beauty. At least the women who have had their faces scarred by acid and found real men know they are loved for something that isn’t dependent on their ‘physical beauty.’

The lecturer was speaking in this superior, assured tone to a hall full of beautiful young college women, and her companions on stage were nodding in sage agreement at her proclamations. As the lecturer went on to talk about how pregnancy would ‘destroy’ a woman’s svelte figure and signal the end of ‘shallow sexual attraction’, my classmates started to cry. She went on to say that beautiful women were at higher risk of rape, and ugly women weren’t as high risk for rape. Beauty was a chain that would always make slaves of women to men, so beautiful women could never be true feminists. She had all but insinuated at that point that if my fellows scarred their faces, then proof of our sisterhood was assured.

I saw how those words beat on my friends, my classmates; all of them moments before having been confident women; tall, short, some thin, some not so, different shapes and sizes, but all intelligent, wonderful and kind. They believed they were worth something, worth the future they could build with their own two hands, and there they were, weeping because someone they had been assured was someone they should look up to and listen to was telling them that because they were beautiful, they would always be less than an ugly woman like the one who was looking down on them.

I saw my Women’s Studies teacher standing pale and looking back and forth between the women who were up on stage, and the women who were crying; the dean of my major saying “Wait a minute, that’s too harsh,” and the sound of her voice made something in me snap.

I jumped to my feet and shouted, “How dare you say that! How can you call yourselves feminists when you are shaming women for simply being born beautiful! How dare you say that everything we will achieve will never be real because you claim it’s because of men?!”

One of my classmates, I don’t remember who, all I remember is that she had long hair and looked scared, tried to get me to sit down again, saying I’d get in trouble, but I said “I can’t sit here and listen to that bullshit as if it’s truth, when it’s all lies designed to make you lose faith in yourselves! If we are supposed to accept physical ugliness, then physical beauty is no more and no less, but simply is! What’s important is inside, and yet they’re saying that everything a beautiful woman achieves in live, the love they get, the success they earn, is less than someone who was scarred by a man’s hate. We are strong women, whose strength comes from love and faith!”

I wasn’t afraid of getting into trouble. After all, every single time there was an important guest, I’d be brought to the hall to attend, and ask important questions. If my teachers trusted me to do that, then I felt they could trust me to speak in defence of my classmates. The ‘feminist’ guests were on their feet, furious at my defiance. One of them turned to my dean and asked her if they would let me address them like this.

My dean said “Let her speak.”

I pointed at the women and said “You’re ugly, not because of the outside, not because you’re physically fat, old and frumpy, doing nothing to make yourselves look good. No, you’re ugly because of the hatred in you, the bitter jealousy you feel because you think ‘beautiful women’ get more attention than you do. You have never been looked at with admiration because you are jealous, unpleasant and evil to everyone around you! If this is feminism, then I reject it! I cannot believe that a movement, a belief that all people are equal human beings believe in the things you just said. How dare you say because we are young and beautiful, we are less than you are! You are no different than the men who you say ‘hold us enslaved.’

“You are hypocrites! I will not listen to you! None of us should! My classmates and I deserve better than this! We are strong women, and truly strong women will rise to the heights of success with our own strengths and abilities, without tearing other people down for what we lack. Because you are tearing other people down for something that they cannot change, then you are as weak as the ‘men’ you so revile! Fuck your feminism!

“Don’t listen to them!” I told my classmates, even as the women on the stage were screaming at me to get out and I have no idea what I was talking about, how dare I pretend to know better than they?!

There was a lot of shouting, and I don’t remember if I stormed out or was urged out. All I remember was that I was standing outside the lecture hall, shaking with indescribable fury. The dean of my major came out, followed by my women’s studies teacher, who rushed to me.

“Don’t,” she pleaded. “Don’t abandon feminism because of what they said. They’re wrong, I’m sure they were just embittered by their horrible experiences.”

“Then they shouldn’t be taking it out on us!” I shouted. She flinched away from me and I apologized for shouting at her.

“Modena’s right, you know,” my dean said. “This isn’t a positive experience for the students.” She looked at me “Go home. You look so mad you look like you’re going to have a stroke. Or stab them, which really would be fun, but you’ve better things to do than be in jail.”

I managed a laugh, and my dean clapped me on the shoulder. “I’ll walk you out so the guard at the door knows you’re leaving early. The talk is over.”

My women’s studies teacher thanked me for standing up to my classmates, and went back to the lecture hall.

I took a taxi home, I was so angry I didn’t trust that I’d not get run over. My mom was surprised that I got home so early, and asked if I was sick. I proceeded to horrify her with the story of what happened at school, and she was just as outraged as I was.
The text of my original series of tweets went like this:

For me this happened in the Philippines,in college,against a bitch saying pretty women were always patriarchy slaves

The lecturers were all fat,ugly,frumpy,arguing that ugly shouldn’t be seen as bad;but they were saying beauty was. They said the only good men worth having were the ones who loved ugly women because ‘it was proof of loving for inside.’ My classmates were all in tears,as the feminazi practically implied that the girls should scar their faces with acid. It was an all girls college. I was so furious I stood up and started yelling at their hypocrisy. If ugly bodies are something to accept, then beautiful bodies should be too;they are simply as birth is given;but ugly spirits are made by hate not love. I rejected their hatred,saying they were jealous,evil,wanted to tear down others for what they couldn’t have. Called them old. said they were jealous of never being seen with actual admiration for both being good inside and out. I said to my classmates,don’t listen to these fat serpents,even as the old hags were yelling at me.I said my mates deserved better I said truly strong women rise with their own strength,abilities,without tearing others down,so these old bats were weak. I don’t remember if I stormed out,but I remember my women’s studies teacher thanking me for standing up for my classmates.

This is how I stopped calling myself a feminist.

(This is part one. I’ll pick it up with part two at a later point.)

(original source link)

  1. Amazing! I wish I had the guts to do this in high school (then again, I don’t think I even heard of modern feminism in school.. I’m old)

    1. Tbh I think it was around the time of the Elliot Roger thing that I became familiar with the modern feminist group. Prior to that I only knew of the history of feminism and what I would later find out is second wave.

      1. Perhaps we should remind people here that Elliott Roger was a mad man, not a men’s rights activist, who killed twice as many men as women. This did not prevent feminists from attempting to exploit the incident to their advantage; feminist distortion of facts, statistics, and history, like feminist ideology itself, is mendacious, fraudulent, man-hating, and totalitarian.

        1. This incident was where I first became familiar with the whole modern feminism agenda: you know patriarchy, misogyny, etc. Even worse was the extent that the media actually tried pushing this agenda.

          But yes, you are right. The man was not well in the head, a major understatement, and felt like he had nothing to lose. Once a mentally unstable person feels this way then how they will react is unpredictable and no one will be prepared. Feminists downplayed this and made it all about misogyny.

          Feel free to check this out if you haven’t. I know people are mixed on jordan owen but he was on point here and even made fun of this mad man.

  2. I can’t say I ever stood up in class and yelled at the guest speakers, calling them fat serpeants. Damn lol.

    I think I would have been expelled.

    1. The only time I ever said anything that ballsy was when I stood up and said – at a liiiberal state school – “I don’t know why athiests are so upset. Its not like they believe in anything.”

      1. I did it during a lecture on FGM a couple of years back, where a feminist were trying to pin it on men as the main perpetrators, which is an outrageous lie of epic proportions. Just like with the acid attacks, this is exclusively a women doing it to other women phenomena. When called out on her male hatred, the ideologue quickly backed down and made all kinds of excuses. To this day, I’m still wondering how many times she gave that exact same lecture to other students, and actually managed to get away with it.
        Feminism doesn’t make you strong or empowered. It only makes you a mentally unstable liar with a victim complex.

  3. Beauty is more than just appearance, it can be what one demonstrates when facing adversity. It’s something that makes her stand out above the rest and show her worth as an individual rather than part of a collective.

    What you did was a thing of beauty and, rightfully so, makes you a beautiful person.

    1. Beauty is more a visual thing than anything else, that doesen´t mean that are other things important than can make a person better, BUT beauty is about proportions and visual preferences

      1. There are two kinds of beauty.

        The visual beauty you mention is the obvious one, physical earthly beauty, which is transient and beguiling. It should be appreciated for what it is, an attractive flower that blooms and fades, which can contribute to the making of honey or can be callously carnivorous.

        The second kind of beauty, spiritual heavenly beauty, unseen and overlooked by those unable or unwilling to see, is the kind which endures, profound and eternal. Indeed it cannot be visibly seen, but seekers of truth and genuine love will feel its presence and its radiance in the depths of their souls.

        1. You are absolutly right, but I am pretty sure these pieces of shit where refering physical beauty

  4. My gf is from the Philippines as well… went to an all girls catholic school in California, pretty much had the same experience and gave the big ol middle finger to feminism. Only difference was that the school’s administrators were so far in their feminist cult mentality they thought she was possessed by the devil. Literally if you didnt take the feminist rhetoric, hook line and sinker, you would need to get counseling or maybe an exorcism. It amazes me how insane this is getting… People really need to step up and say enough is enough, fuck off. This can only have an impact though once the sane people get back in control of everything from government, media, and education.

  5. You know what the standard answer feminist gave me whenever i criticize their movement? “yeaahh, that’s not what feminism is about, you should educate yourself and google it”. I mean like WTF?

    1. Rad-Fem: “That’s not what feminism is about. Google it and educate yourself.”

      If that’s not what the movement is about, THEN WHY ARE YOU DOING IT IN THE NAME OF FEMINISM?! YOU. DENSE. MOTHERFUCKER.

      Another one I love:

      Non-Fem: “Most of modern feminism is thinly veiled man-hate”.

      Rad-Fem: “No it’s not. Look up feminism in the dictionary. Feminism is wanting equality between the sexes”.

      Non-Fem: “Oh really. Well look up misogyny in the dictionary real quick.”


      It’s funny how they think they can pick and choose and still convince us that they’re reasonable. They’re not. We all know by now that they’ll discard what’s inconvenient and put whatever suits their worldview/agenda on a pedestal. Ya’ can’t have all of your cake and eat it too, feminists (although I’m sure some have tried…literally).

  6. Your school reminds me of my Catholic College I went to, the teachers based as fuck. I didn’t agree with the religion etc, but when it came to stuff like free speech, hell yeah.

  7. Glad to hear your eyes were opened and you were able to escape these loonies. Men have known this about feminism forever though. A large segment of feminists are just ugly, fat, and/or old and are only feminists because they are bitter that men don’t want them and are jealous of beautiful women.

    I wish beautiful women were attracted to chubby, broke computer nerds in their early 30s, but they aren’t. I’m not going to go MGTOW and whine about it though.

  8. Well props for being a bit anti-social and not just going with the crowd

    Question: Can you share with us the lecturer’s name?

  9. Speaking as a female myself… I am done with online feminism. Too often it’s hyper-focused on “representation’ (because having a digital image of someone that is deemed acceptable is totally going to help me pay my bills amirite) or some amorphous patriarchy but too often the only people the brand helps are wealthy white women. When I see these so-called feminists start to be concerned about poor women and their needs I might change my mind but all I see is a popularity contest for who can become the biggest Twitter / Tumblr / whoever celebrity.

    1. “but all I see is a popularity contest for who can become the biggest Twitter / Tumblr / whoever celebrity.”

      Hate to break it to you, but that’s no different than off-line feminism.

  10. I truly want this to be a factual account, but there’s that slight bullshit-o meter going off. It’s the healthy skeptic in me.

    That being said, very great points brought up in the article. I feel soon enough people in places like public education will lash out if/when feminist dogma is attempted to be taught in their schools, much in the same way religion is mostly kept out of school curriculum. I say public schools because colleges have already converted to their new religion and have given into the scary arbiters of justice known as “students” .

  11. This was a great read. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but it seems you’ve grown from it, so perhaps I’m speaking out of turn.

    I feel pity for those women, to a degree. They’d never welcome it, but I couldn’t care less if they did or not. Honestly, they already live lives of nightmare. There’s no point in hating then for their already miserable lives.

    1. Not that long ago, we used to admit crazy people like those women to asylums. Now they preach to our kids in the schools, spreading their disease everywhere you turn.

  12. wow I don’t know what to say (well I can say stuff but nothing serious) that’s kind of a yeah. really messed up.
    I suppose the speakers attempt at sophism critically failed. im the kinsd of person that usually does humor (its a coping method I guess) now im done with the serious. She was off collage grounds she should have flown home like the bird in the pic purely on anger/outrage.

  13. The trick with brainwashing is to do it gradually so that people don’t notice what’s going on until they’ve lost the ability to resist.

  14. Anyone who situates themselves as morally superior to half of all human beings on Earth by nothing more than virtue of what they were the day they were born is not only a supremacist but a sociopath. If they make that into something of an insistent crusade they are likely a psychopath. Given the remarkably hostile and even hysteric quotes of both the founders of gender feminism and its most compassionate followers today, psychopathy is a suit which fits this ideology perfectly. The later racial add-on – so-called “Third Wave” or “intersectional” – only adds more remarkable anti-white racism and hatred. Third Wave Gender Feminism takes no pains to disguise its bald-faced disdain for men, heterosexuals and whites. Its own self-assurance it can never be guilty of sex-hatred, genderphobia or racism provides a free-fire zone for hate speech and a fertile field for quotes.

    1. Its own self-assurance it can never be guilty of sex-hatred,
      genderphobia or racism provides a free-fire zone for hate speech and a
      fertile field for quotes.

      One of the more obscene aspects of contemporary feminism.

      Bahar Mustafa, who repeatedly tweeted Killallwhitemen, claimed she herself could not be sexist because, as she also (falsely) claimed, only men have shown sexism towards women. This, she said, effectively gives her carte blanche to say anything no matter how violent or vicious.

      Reparations feminism at its finest.

  15. “…Or stab them, which really would be fun, but you’ve better things to do than be in jail.”
    Damn, this teacher is 2edgy4me.

    By the way, her speech reminds me of proletariat fighting against the oppression of workers.

    …No, I’m not a commie. 🙂

  16. I think it’s important that people realize: Feminists have been lying–by omission–about acid attacks in India. They consistently marginalize and ignore two things: Female perpetrators, and male victims. They continuously underplay the number of female attackers. They consistently underplay the number of females who encourage or even order the attackers, whether the attackers are male or female. And they consistently underplay the number of male victims in India.

    As such, you should know: feminism doesn’t just hate women. It’s racist. It spreads lies about Indian men, Arab men, Black men, and others, and excuses violent women at every turn.

    Yes, I will provide references on this to anyone who is genuinely curious.

    1. You should provide references anyway.

      Makes it much easier for everyone as there’s no need for someone to ask for references, then you see the comment and get the sources, and then put them in the comment, and all the while people who see your first comment won’t be able to look at the sources which a good number would if you provided in the first place, and then maybe go on to look at other stuff in the sourced website.

      1. “You should provide references anyway.”

        If only we had access to some kind of inter connected series of electronic devices, which contained access to all of mankinds knowledge….. But that would be crazy.;)

  17. Welcome to Feminism. If you think it’s not very nice when women do it to YOU, another woman– try thinking about what it’s like when they do it to MEN– ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

    1. Some feminists target men more; some feminists target women more. However, overall I think that they target everyone, including each other, and even themselves.

  18. While Heaven always celebrates a repentant sinner, I feel compelled to point out that if you think feminism treats women badly, you should wake up and see how it treats men. It would have been nice if that was the reason you left feminism, rather than for pure self interest.

    1. I can’t fault her at all, I’ve been saying this for years. Feminism is just as horrible to women as it is to men. At least to the women who are targeted. If you’re drinking the kool aid then you’re A-Ok, but the moment you have a singular thought that is your own, well prepare to be attacked by the bullies.

      To me, most of them to seem to be just hateful, resentful assholes who hate everything and anyone that disagrees or is against them. Be it man or woman.

  19. This part infuriated me: “The lecturer talked about how thanks to feminism, some of the women were able to find men who loved them and married them even though they
    were horribly scarred.”

    The lecturer just admitted that one of the many horrible objectives of feminism is to control men’s sense of “love”. By taking personal credit as feminists for men loving disfigured women they diminish the free choice of the men to love who they choose and the men’s own ability to see beyond the disfigurement to the person within. Not a word here that a man thereby is also capable of seeing past beauty to the person within.

    The feminists clearly aren’t able to see past a beautiful woman, that is her power which they envy. It is no wonder that the Beauty Industry is recession proof. Pathetic.

    They are the Love Police, choosing power over love.

    1. I find it funny her reaction, she’s pissed because they are saying men shouldn’t love pretty women, but not the complete lack of empathy for men or the huge amount of projection.
      None of them would be complaining if they didn’t care about the appearance/status/power of the men they want loving them.
      She understand pretty well their shitty tactic is one of sexual competition for male sexual attention and favors when she points out the jealousy.
      She just conveniently fails to point out that that entails hypocrisy on their discourse.

      1. Love is not something that can be objectively defined. Meanwhile it is true that few women see the big picture however men tend to like their women on the sheltered side. Show me a man who likes his woman wise and I’ll show you one who has rejected leadership. As the pool of leaders contracts, “catfights” are likely to become more intense but that still won’t necessarily confer wisdom. They’ll just fight over the women leaders as lower hanging fruit.

        1. Well. You aren’t wrong. A men who likes a strong woman usually rejects leadership. They are more common than you know.
          But it doesn’t mean they want to be lead.

          1. I doubt that they are more common than I know. They would appear to be the norm among both sexes today (reversing the genders of your statement) and that’s a lament. By default, they are both “led” by industry, government, and media.

          2. Well, there’s no study that shows strong women have more of a problem in getting and keeping male attention.
            At least when it comes to intelligence and self determination, power is sexy for both men and women.

          3. Actually there are many studies making just that conclusion i.e., unmarried or divorced women being more independent than the ones who remain married; albeit many of such studies have a feminist bent or which blame the men for being weak or insecure. By the way, we’re still in dueling semantics with me saying “wise” and you saying “strong”. You may well find “strong” women sexy but that doesn’t mean emotional intimacy or relationship longevity.

          4. Yes, it doesn’t mean relationship longevity.
            If she is independent and strong and I’m independent and strong, when need push us apart, none will be sticking for the sake of the relationship.
            This actually already happened to me.
            Another thing that happened was me breaking the relationship because she became to dependent on me and forgot about everyone else in her life.
            I hanged more with her friends that she did, and so on.
            It’s terrible when this happens, it’s not only too much responsibility for the guy, it hurts the girl’s relationships to obsess over her boyfriend.
            And it wasn’t like she wanted me to be independent while she depended on me, she seemed to want some sick kind of co-dependency.
            Like we shouldn’t need anything else in our lives but each other…
            And that’s not healthy.

  20. Feminism has nothing to do with equal rights for women, instead it’s become an ideology where middle class white women seek to impose their sensibilities upon the rest of the world.

  21. I find your lack of empathy and introspection worrying.
    Not much different from those feminists, you are just pissed off because you became a target.

  22. Her reasons for abandoning feminism seem to have nothing to do with the lies and hatred they spew about men and the injustices perpetrated in the name of this cult, but the fact that they dared to suggest pretty women could never be feminists.

    1. Consider that before this incident, she had been a true believer. I see nothing wrong with one particular instance like hers being a catalyst for changing one’s stance.

  23. I’m a woman who, until hours ago,
    identified as a feminist. I support it in other countries where women
    are truly oppressed based on gender.

    I encourage you to rethink this.

    While feminism in third world countries may give women a short-term boost, the fact that it completely ignores men’s issues and considers the issues of men and women to be a zero-sum gain means that it immediately pits men and women against each other, to the ultimate detriment of all. For every 13 year old girl confined to the home and wearing a burka, a 13 year old boy is taken into the military. For every 13 year old girl kidnapped by Boko Haram, a 13 year old boy has his throat cut or is burned alive.

    Third-world problems are often class-based problems, and feminism has no means of addressing that.

    1. Third-world problems are often class-based problems

      I agree. I would go on to say that this really applies to nearly all serious problems – they are human issues, related to socioeconomic status, availability of education, healthcare standards, etc.

      feminism has no means of addressing that.

      Personally, I believe that modern feminism has no means of addressing pretty much anything beyond the incessant and narcissistic bitching of small subgroup of extremely privileged western women.

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