Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Twitter’s stock, it did. Well, who am I kidding? I’ve been talking about it getting worse for the idiots in charge of that place for months now. Column after column on this site has begged them to stop fucking around with their core formula, which used to be maximum free speech plus minimal restrictions. At the behest of a corrupt and ideologically bankrupt tech press, they have decided to institute the SJW values of censorship and poltical bias into their service, and it’s taking millions off their bottom line. Hell, it’s allegedly cost their CEO Jack Dorsey around $200 million just out of his own pocket so far this year. Keep in mind, this article was written two days ago…

Jack Dorsey, and the investors of the companies he runs, don’t appear to be having a very happy new year. Dorsey, who splits time as chief executive of both social network Twitter Inc. TWTR, -0.37% and payments company Square Inc.SQ, -3.36% may be losing nearly $180 million this year on the shares he owns in both companies, which he co-founded. Regulatory filings showed he owned about 21.9 million shares of Twitter and 69.5 million shares of Square at the end of 2015, according to FactSet. Twitter’s stock has yet to post a gain in 2016, as it has plunged 15% amid a six-session losing streak toward its lowest ever close on Monday.

Today didn’t bring any better news, as the stock continued to plummet, falling 4.74% to set a new record low. Twitter bigwigs seem to think that Periscope is the answer, but this post shows you why it’s not. You could also just use common sense to see that at maximum, all Periscope will ever be is a nice compliment to Twitter itself. It’s never going to be the answer to anything, so long as the main service continues to stay in the shitter.

The app is part of CEO Jack Dorsey’s campaign to add more monthly active users (MAUs). Twitter boasts that Periscope users have created over 100 million live broadcasts.

But an update to Periscope isn’t enough to make TWTR stock worth buying…

You see, Periscope doesn’t generate revenue, and Twitter doesn’t appear to have a clear plan for monetization.

Plus, there are two major obstacles for Twitter when it comes to monetizing Periscope:

  • Videos are deleted after 24 hours for public viewing. That only leaves advertisers with a limited time frame to have their ads viewed and clicked on.

  • Users typically don’t want to view ads in the middle of live broadcasts through non-traditional media because the broadcasts are intimate and personal. It would be similar to having ads appear in the middle of slideshows someone shared with their family.

Maybe you should listen to free speech warriors like Milo Yiannopoulos and Janet Bloomfield instead of authoritarian assholes like Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn? Without the benefit of charity, both those idiots would be in the poorhouse. They don’t know how to turn a profit and never will. There’s still time for Jack Dorsey to pull his head out of his ass, but it’s getting to be very late in the game. You better change course quick, Mr. Dorsey. Time is running out.