When I woke up today, I was kind of in a funk. But leave it to the Twitter Gods to being me out of it a little bit. For the second time in the last few weeks, a joke tag against feminists is trending on the social media giant. This time, it #HowToSpotAFeminist. They have supporters on the tag as well, so I don’t want to say it’s a total wipeout. But I wanted to show you the best cuts from our side of the argument.

I’ll start with myself, because well, it’s my website:




This one is truly mind-blowing:


There’s so much good stuff here, that it’s kinda hard to choose. I welcome you to submit your own down in the #BasedCommentSection. Also, I’ve fallen behind on replying to some stuff from the weekend, so I’ll get caught up on that. I’m slowly starting to ramp things back up, and I appreciate all the patience you guys have had. But before I go, and to end on a less sappy note, let’s take a look at some more from this hilarious tag:





If you have any more favorites from Twitter, or your own submissions, put them down below, as I just mentioned. I definitely could have kept going for a long while. There’s a lot of quality stuff there.

      1. Well, I did 10 years in the Navy. I’m 4th generation military. So I wouldn’t know about lip service.

  1. How to spot a feminist? Hair that would put most anime to shame.
    For extra confirmation, check online; They’re probably mocking people for anime avatars while hiding behind heavily edited pictures or thinner, prettier, cartoon versions of themselves.

    1. You beat me to it!

      How to spot a feminist:

      Her twitter avatar is an attractive little cartoon pixy.

      In real life she looks like Jabba the Hut.

    2. I find it amusing that even Josh had a picture as his icon for a while that was taken on an angle to make him not look like the fat loser he is.

  2. If big red isn’t careful, the homeless man might grab her and tear out her jugular with his teeth..

    … really – what has he got to lose?

      1. Unfortunately for him (and us) he’d probably contract “Mad cow disease” that will turn into “Mad person” disease which will then start the Zombie Apocalypse…

        …but at least Big Red will be the 1st to go!

  3. That thing with lowering the bar. How far down will it have to go? A disabled firefighter with no arms and 1 leg jumping about. In a wheelchair? A fat man unable to endure the pressure and stress of being a firefighter that he breaks down and needs to be carried away cus he has bad condition. A feminist firefighter demanding others to carry her things, people and ignoring men when needing to resque people in a burning house.

    1. This NYC FD situation concerns me greatly and sets a seriously bad example.

      We’re talking about public safety here…

      1. Which feminists give entirely zero fucks about.

        Guarantee you one of them will sue claiming they didn’t get the male firefighter due to uhhpression.,

    2. I’ve heard some fairly disturbing things about female candidates in the Army Ranger training program as well. Milblog coverage has been a little spotty (and I honestly hadn’t heard much) but evidently there’s political pressure to ‘help’ the candidates pass the course… even if they don’t meet the grueling requirements.

      1. My old man served in Bravo Company with the 75th. Do you have any articles or material you can share on what you just mentioned?

        1. Sorry about the delay, ThatGuy. What I saw came from weaponsman.com. Specific links:



          I understand the desire to succeed, to achieve. And I don’t doubt at least some of those women are there not to prove some feminist point but to ‘climb the mountain’. But physics and biology can be terribly unkind, even to the best of us.

  4. OK, this #HowtoSpotAtaFeminist bullshit has GOT TO STOP.

    I read ~ 15 of the tweets on the internet.

    Not only was I not getting anything done at work, I’m in a ambulance on my way to the hospital!

    Gotta get BOTH my sides replaced…


    PS: can’t wait to get home from the hospital so I can download them all!

  5. This tag seems rather unnecessary. It is not hard to spot a feminist. If their body fat doesn’t obstruct 98% of your field of view you can always burn your eyes in their red rare hair (be that facial hair, ear/nose hair, arm pit hair or even pubic). If for some reason you are blind (lucky guy) you’ll be able to hear their screeching screams complaining about an illness causing soggy knees. If you are also deaf you can smell the vile stench coming from a feminist who recently urinated on a wall painted with their own menstrual blood all in the name of high art. Considering you can’t smell anything you will just feel an evil presence – as if millions of braincells suddenly screamed in pain and were suddenly silenced.

    So yeah. They are pretty hard to miss.

  6. Look anywhere on the web for a few seconds.

    The harder part is “how to spot a woman who is intelligent and sane”. That isn’t already homeschooling a fairly large brood.

  7. Hahahahaha! I was just about to come here and post to see what people made of this malarky? Too much fun. I love how Salon (of course it’s fucking Salon) paints it as they’re “reclaiming it.” Why am I suddenly reminded of Randall from Clerks 2 trying to reclaim “porchmonkey” when he found it was a racial slur? To be fair, I didn’t know it was a racial slur either; I hadn’t ever heard it before. What? I’m not completely debased.

    “Feminists Reclaim Sexist #HowToSpotAFeminist” courtesy of the halfwits at Salon.com — here’s the Archive link: https://archive.is/t8a3O

    I love how they call it sexist instead of misogynistic; I have to wonder why? Feminism’s perpetual image problem just won’t go away and it’s pretty sad that they have to spend so much time managing it, especially when they’ll talk just as much trash about movement’s like Gamergate. But, that Feminist logic though. Also, hahahaha, like they can “reclaim” a hashtag.

    Here’s a novel thought, Feminists, if there are so many ISSUES with your LABEL, then why don’t you just CHANGE IT? After all, isn’t that what you harassed Gamergate supporters to do for months? LMAO

    1. The only people who have ever been able to “reclaim a hashtag” are GamerGate, and GamerGate does it with every new anti-GG tag.

      GamerGate has the dedication and shitposting ability to do it. Feminists don’t.

        1. The Gender Studies loons would be lucky to make even half that (unless they’re Queen Sarkeesian, of course. In which case, they’d live in a 100-storey iron fortress with security tighter than the White House, and they’d be millionaires).

          Gender Studies is so useless. What good has come out of it? It is completely rife with confirmation bias, pseudo-science, dodgy statistics, HOLYFUCKTHEBUZZWORDS, and other scarlet letters against credibility.

  8. It’s like how the U.S. Marine Corps. is being pressured into lowering the combat standards for women.

    First, they’re called “the few, the proud”. I have family, both men and women, that are Veteran Marines. They’re supposed to be the best of the best. This isn’t some elementary school dodgeball game where everyone’s a winner. This is war, and lives are at stake.

    And secondly, why don’t we go have a nice chat with our enemies? Explain that they need to go easy on ALL the women because SOME of them didn’t make the cut and the bar had to be lowered. I’m sure they’ll understand!

    This, just like with the firefighters, is absurd! This isn’t about inclusion, it’s about putting yourself in a life-threatening situation where if you’re not prepared, you’re not only endangering your own life, but others as well.

    1. At least, with the Marines (if they’re smart), it’s a self correcting problem. Combat and natural law will generally sort out what most other fields cannot. Will it weaken the Marines? Yes. Will it cost lives? That too. But most of them will be the very women they are claiming to give a leg up.

      Then again, we are not the military we used to be.

  9. “I’m not biased, everyone else in the world is biased” -Every radical feminist in the world.

  10. Here’s a good one:

    HowToSpotAFeminist: “They use weird things like truth, facts and data!”

    Ahh hahahahaha!


    HowToSpotAFeminist – “anyone who has a functional brain and knows that women are people and aren’t your dick ornaments”

    “Dick ornaments”


  11. How to spot a Feminist? There are obvious visual and audio cues, of course, but then there are Feminists who pass the visual and audio tests (Daywalkers).

    If you believe you have a Feminist in your midst, simply say the words ‘the Wage Gap is a lie’ and if their pupils dilate, and their mouth starts to froth, voila, you are in the presence of a Feminist. Run.

  12. They get outraged over the smallest of petty first world issues or problems involving women, yet consistently fail to do one damn thing about actual and serious issues, problems and opression women face outside the industrialized west.

    As I dont do Twitter, can someone please throw my little meme into the Twittersphere for me?

  13. It’s funny how many tweets there are w/links to articles stating the “Hash tag has been reclaimed by feminists”

    Do they even know what the word “reclaimed” means?????

    1. Hehehe There is a priceless reply there that says “Has blocked everyone she disagrees with on Twitter, so she thinks feminists have reclaimed the hashtag #howtospotafeminist”

      They do realize that this hashtag will probably always be used when a feminist says or does outrageous stuff right?

  14. I loved seeing some headlines that basically said “This hashtag PROVES why we still need feminism.”

    Anyone who has been paying attention to these third-wave feminists for awhile will not at all be surprised by that. That’s one of their go-to lines: “The fact that feminism is criticized is why we NEED IT!!!!”

    I have to give them credit. I mean, if they could find a way to physically apply that principal, we may finally have the once-thought impossible perpetual motion machine.

  15. How to spot a feminist:

    * Tells men to openly express their feelings…while wearing her “I bathe in male tears” shirt.

    * Says that she wants to “open a dialogue about gender”…before telling you to “shut the fuck up” and “check your privilege.”

    * Goes on a tirade against “fat-shaming”…after talking shit about “those skinny bitches.”

    * Marches against “slut-shaming”…far away from those “creepy,” “rapey-looking” dudes over there.

    * Claims that feminists are strong and independent…until an opposing viewpoint has her sobbing in the fetal position.

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