I saw a story early yesterday morning that I haven’t gotten to talk about yet. I had a movie to catch, and afterwards I got caught up with errands and sleep. But this story is too big not to cover, even if I’m a little late. It concerns our old friends over at Gawker Media, and The Immortal Hulk Hogan. You remember the lawsuit I talked about Hogan filing back in December? Well, it’s about to start next month, and according to multiple published reports based on comments from Gawker chief Nick Denton himself, the company is in serious danger from the suit. 

Let’s look at The New York Times first:

Gawker is also confronting a more immediate threat, one in the form of an angry, litigious 6-foot-7, 300-plus-pound ex-wrestler named Terry Bollea, a.k.a. Hulk Hogan. A few years ago, Gawker got its hands on a video of Mr. Bollea having sex with a woman who was then the wife of a friend — a radio D.J. named Bubba the Love Sponge — and posted a one-minute 40-second edit of it. Mr. Bollea forced Gawker to take the video down, and is now suing Gawker Media and Mr. Denton for violating his privacy. He is asking a Florida state court for $100 million in damages.

The post itself was nothing more than an attempt to shame Hogan for the benefit of pageviews. The Hulkster discussing his sex-life, and Gawker publishing a secretly recorded sex tape clip, are two totally different things. According to Denton and his disgusting crew, they aren’t. Even the Times called bullshit on that:

But Mr. Denton is engaging in some spin of his own here. What “really happened” is that Hulk Hogan was secretly videotaped having sex, and that Gawker leapt at the chance to publish the footage in a post headlined, “Even for a Minute, Watching Hulk Hogan Have Sex in a Canopy Bed Is Not Safe for Work but Watch It Anyway.” There was some accompanying text that tried to put the video into a larger context: “We watch this footage because it’s something we’re not supposed to see (sometimes) but we come away satisfied that when famous people have sex it’s closer to the sex we as civilians have from time to time.” But let’s be clear: This post was less about piercing a marketing haze than it was about tapping into the timeless appeal of celebrity voyeurism, the more prurient the better.

Just think about how many hits Gawker has taken over the last year. Their writers have been restless, former employees openly shit on them through their own platform, and Hulk Hogan is about to hit them so hard that Denton is likely going to have to sell a controlling stake. Oh, did I mention the trial is taking place in Hogan’s backyard? It really does seem to be a perfect storm. Even a $20 or $30 million dollar verdict would mean big trouble, much less the $100 million Hogan is seeking. Good times are coming, GamerGate. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  1. Gawker’s double-standards over this issue and their outrage at “The Fappening” is pure SJW bullshit. Throwing guys under the bus is fine, but women are delicate little blooms who must be protected. Or is that brotected?

    1. I seem to remember Gawker had no problem sharing nudes of Olivia Munn at one point. Their moral outrage over the Fappening was more about them not getting to the pictures first.

      1. It’s all about what they find acceptable for others, not what is acceptable, moral, ethical. If it’s more clickbait-y and won’t piss off their preferred audience (rad fems) then they’ll post. You know they’d absolutely share the fappening pics if there wouldn’t be backlash.

  2. Never really been a fan of wrestling or anything related to it really but even then there was something there that, even as a kid, made me feel like he was pretty cool. And now I have a clear reason to like the man, that even if for different reasons we share a common enemy in the sorts of assholes who always tried to ruin one of the only good constants in my life.

    1. I know a few people who’ve met him, he’s a stand up guy, and really down to earth for a dude as insanely rich as he is, from all I’ve heard.

      Time for a legal piledriver, courtesy of the Hulkster himself. 🙂

      Nothing could be more delicious than this being Denton’s undoing.

    2. Same. I’m no wrestling fan either, but I’m at least fairly familiar with Hulk Hogan. He’s just one of those things where, regardless of whether or not you’re interested in whatever subject he’s involved in, he manages to do a fine job of showing up pretty much everywhere and leaving a damn good impression on everyone..

  3. THIS.

    This shit right here.

    This is what proves what a bunch of hypocritical asshats Gawker and Denton are. When Hulk Hogan has consensual sex while secretly being taped, then the tape is leaked without his consent, Gawker is all “HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS! NOT EVEN A LAWSUIT BY HOGAN WILL MAKE US TAKE IT DOWN!”. But when Jennifer Lawrence and various other celebrities had their private nude photos leaked online, Gawker is suddenly, “OMG IF YOU SO MUCH AS EVEN THINK ABOUT LOOKING AT THOSE PHOTOS, THEN YOU ARE A RAPIST!”

    The idea of Gawker trying to take any sort of moral high ground is laughable. If those nude photos were given/sold to Gawker instead of leaked via 4chan, Gawker would have put them up without a second thought and shamelessly bragged about it. Their whole “The Fappening is bad!” schtick wasn’t about consent or privacy – it was sour grapes, and a way for them look like saints while still racking up lots of pageviews and ad revenue. If Gawker actually gave two shits about consent and privacy, they never would have put up the Hogan video in the first place.

    This going to be the nail in their coffin. Even if somehow Denton isn’t sucked dry after losing this lawsuit (most likely by hiding his assets in Caribbean bank accounts), this case will publicly expose Gawker for the shameless, greedy hypocrites they are, “tsk-tsking” and wagging their fingers like an upset school teacher at a naughty student, while slipping the student a piece of paper that says, “Shame on you for wanting to see J.Law’s tits! Go check out Hulk Hogan’s cock instead!”.

    1. Journalism is covered by the first amendment, other news outlets covered the story without broadcasting the sex-tape is the reason Gawker will lose.

      Gawker can argue that the story was in the public interest ‘someone powerful had a secret they didn’t one anyone to know about’ and win but they can’t justify publishing the sex-tape because the story wasn’t denied by Hogan.

      Gawker will lose, appeal, then be asked to post a $100M bond next month pending the outcome of the appeal and he doesn’t have it.

  4. I just imagine it.
    Judge: “The court finds Gawker guilty, as punishment, ATOMIC LEG DROP TO ALL EMPLOYEES UNTIL THE ENDS OF THEIR MISERABLE LIVES!!!”
    If this was in kayfabe, this totally would’ve happen.

  5. Imagine if after the lawsuit Hulk Hogan rips up his shirt somewhere only to reveal a #Gamergate shirt!
    It be fucking hilarious!

    1. I don’t know, I could imagine if he did even a tiny bit of research he might have found out some info about GG and why we’re against Gawker. Hell, imagine if he finds that image that compares Gawker standing their ground with his sextape while Jezebel shames the entire internet for leaking Jenifer Lawence’s nudes?

      He’s been to FanExpo in Canada at least twice that I know of and that’s mainly a comic/gaming/anime/horror convention, but they do have a small sports section as well and well that doesn’t necessarily say he’s a gamer or anything, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to find out he might play a game or two.

      Either way, it looks like Gawkers days are numbered.

  6. I hope Hogan wins. If he does, it’ll wipe out all of Gawker’s yearly profit (about $4 to $7 million) and destroy that entire trash empire.

    God fucking speed, Hulk and GamerGate.

  7. I’ll just repost what I said to the fuckhead Denton directly on his own damn site…

    Says it all:


    I am trying not to DIE laughing here.

    Denton, you fucker, you’re finally getting what’s coming to you.

    You *DARE* invoke Journalism? You are ‘journalistic’, but your color is yellow, bright yellow.

    Your company has ceaselessly pandered slanted “journalism” while making fun of FOX, called your primary audiences ‘dead’, been the center of numerous controversies surrounding ethics, and your undoing will be the one person you pissed off who has the cojones to fight back other than gamers – the Hulkster himself.

    You claim you seek ‘truth’ – if that’s the case, there would be no need, you fucking egomaniac, to censor any comment you don’t agree with, to try to use sleight of hand with the Kinja platform to create echo chambers, and to ceaselessly post clickbait.

    If you sought ‘truth’, 90% of your staff would be fucking FIRED right now, starting with Kotaku and Jezebel.

    You are not Larry Flynt. You are Senator McCarthy for the New Left.

    I hope you tap out now, and if not, let the Hulkamania begin.”



      1. Years ago, I was a semi-loyal reader. Back when they didn’t have the word ‘otaku’ in their name ironically.

        Numerous times, I warned Totilo and his predecessor of where they were headed. Of their breaches. Of their practices.

        Numerous times, I called out articles – specifically from Patricia Hernandez, but soon many others – that were slanted nearly 90*.

        Every time, I was talked down to, ignored, called names, and I was eventually perma-grayed because of well-known tricks on the back end of Kinja that made their comments section into a mini-tumblr echo chamber.

        Now, nearly 10 years after I discovered the site, and 5 after I stopped really taking them seriously, I can’t wait to see them get their comeuppance.

        I don’t pull punches anymore. It’s not even Libel, it’s true.

        “Give a man a mask, and he’ll tell you the truth.” – Oscar Wilde


        Sing it with me, everyone…


        1. I’m with you right there. I was a reader up until around 2-3 years ago, then I sorta stopped reading. I had a feeling something was up when I heard about Kotaku doing stupid shit, but when they went full reverse gear and declared me and many others dead, I was ready to fly a Su-27 right into their offices.
          Now I want to fly one by their offices as their shit burns from Hulk’s asskicking of each and everyone of them and eat popcorn while trying not to pull a Bane. But then again, with this song, it’d be fitting for the occasion.

          1. They are only one shitty dinkleberry of one ass from one head of the hydra, but it’s a hydra I’ve been fighting most of my life, for the sake of Liberty.

            Basically I’m like the Old Snake of #GamerGate.

            We should mass mail him copies of basic Journalism texts and copies of John Stuart Mill’s work.

            My tweet was short, but what I mean to say is that for a grizzled old warrior in the SJW war, a war that existed long before that term, I had started to lose hope –

            I owe ZQ one thing – #GamerGate gave me hope, and showed me that the Millenials are waking up. As the guy who’s been running around the nursery with the brass band and bags full of ringing alarm clocks for nearly a decade….. it’s about damned time.

            Now let’s get shit done. Naptime’s over.


            *puts Bane mask back on*

  8. I’m trying to be optimistic here but Hulk has a really big flaw under the law, and that flaw being that he has a penis. So unless he goes all Caitlyn on us and cries in court I doubt he will have much success because we all know how courts “sympathize” with men.
    In my eyes it’s extremely vile and to an extent sexually abusive (when it comes to shame and stress experienced because of it) to spread any persons nudes or sex tapes without their consent, it’s taking something intimate and private and meant to be enjoyed by only certain people to the public eye. It really is voyeurism. Sadly the world doesn’t see it that way, especially when a man is involved.

    1. Except that Florida isn’t too, let’s say, keen, on people like Denton, plus Hogan’s from Florida.

      1. Yeah I don’t really know how stuff works state to state, but of course I hope you are right.

        1. Florida has a strong recording law. Hell, recording a conversation with someone without their knowledge is a felony here. Sex tape without his knowledge? Hell, Bubba the Love Sponge could be in some deep shit for making the tape.

    2. This would be relevant only if Denton was a woman. He’s not, so this is a dick on dick lawsuit, which usually comes down to the sword fight and regional favoritism because gender isn’t a factor.

      I’m pretty sure that Denton is about as fucked as a greasy white bay area bitch can be.

    3. What worries me is whether or not the Hulkster is aware of the scummy things Gawker has done outside of this. If he only heard about GamerGate through the shit mentioned on The Colbert Report or that ABC hit piece, Gawker might use their usual crocodile tears to whine about how a group of evil misogynistic terrorists have taken away all of their income in some bid to convince Hogan that they have no money left to give him. Even if that is what happens, though, I just hope he doesn’t give in to their bullshit.

      1. have taken away all of their income in some bid to convince Hogan that they have no money left to give him. Even if that is what happens, though, I just hope he doesn’t give in to their bullshit.

        He’s already turned down a settlement, he isn’t in this for money, he’s in it for justice.

  9. You know, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Hulk Hogan. But just this once, I have absolutely no problem with the guy going over!

    Whatcha gonna do, Gawker?

  10. If Hulk Hogan pulls this off I will re-pledge my life to being a true Hulkamaniac. I’m not even kidding. This man will be my new god.

  11. I’ve never been a fan of wrestling, but god damn, I hope Hogan destroys Gawker and leaves nothing left but a bad memory. Though I would find the destruction of Kotaku more satisfying if it was done by GG, I would also very much enjoy if Gawker finally sinks due to Hulk’s lawsuit.

  12. Wasn’t that the incident that ruined his marriage and pretty much his life or am i confusing it with something else? If it is, i hope he destroys them. I may not agree with what he did, but that didn’t give Gawker the right to post a video that ruined him to get some ad revenue.

  13. We aren’t the only ones cheering for Hogan here. Hollywood HATES gawker media and will likely throw a parade of Hogan wins big enough to shut them down.

    1. Though I am loathe to be on the same side as the MPAA and its thugs…. the enemy of my enemy….

  14. All we need to make the comment’s section complete is to have Booker T come out of nowhere and say:

    “Gawker, Hulk Hogan is coming for you n***a!”

  15. hey guys, need some help here. What kind of boss monster do you think gawker best represents? doing a comic and would like some opinions.

    1. Midboss (Disgaea), maybe? Confident, yet vain. Capable of putting up a decent fight in battle, but whom the storyline suggests is actually a fucking joke (thus the name).

    2. A smug snake that overestimates its own importance as a boss, that runs its mouth about its abilities, but never engages in an honest fight and can usually be caught running or trying to come up with an escape plan because behind closed doors, its well aware of how very bad things are going for it, and how very bad things are yet to be because it’s never actually had a meaningful engagement.

      Basically, the fat, bald, cowardly nobleman in GoT that gets banished to the Wall. All talk, no spine, no meat, no substance, no nothing but a boisterous face that falls to pieces the moment real trouble shows up at its doorstep.

  16. Maybe next time when a man like the one in the red box says “Take the fucking video down!”, a “news” site like gawker should in fact take the fucking video down.

    1. Yeah. This right here is why this thing is going to go down in Hogan’s favor without so much as a hitch. These people were told by a /ranking member of the judicial branch of the legal system/ to cease and desist with the publication and access of that video content, and they thumbed their noses at that member, loudly and publicly.

      Judges really don’t like it when people piss on their own, especially in a situation like this. Even if Hogan didn’t have much of a case, the spite play by the court itself would be pretty likely.

  17. This IS a big hit for Gawker but I don’t think it will wipe them out. They will rebound. We need Tarantino to refine his suit and the interns to hit hard

    1. No, because that would be prejudicial to the trial, blatantly unethical, and give Gawker an easy appeal.

      1. As far as I know, there’s a selection process for the jury, and candidates can be rejected by the parties. That should make it alright.

  18. Although I’m not a wrestling fan (sorry Ralph) I’ve always had respect for both Hulk Hogan and Dee Snyder.
    I don’t exactly why – maybe it’s because they both seem like normal, intelligent people outside their media personalities?

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