It’s hard to actually fathom how quickly sponsors are leaving Gawker. Like I just said 15 minutes ago, this is the most amazing thing if ever seen in these types of protests. The speed with which companies are abandoning ship is astounding…not that I’m complaining.

On Twitter, someone just pointed me to a recent email from Hulu. In it, they say that they have ended their relationship not only with the Gawker site, but with all other Gawker Media properties. This goes further than most of the other emails, which tended to be vague about the status of advertising on the sister. This is a total victory.

I haven’t spoken to the person who received this email, like I have all the rest. So I will put apparently in the title, for all you who like to nag, even though this is the same way we always confirm shit (although I usually speak with the person, like I said). I’ll change the title later, if it’s shown to be true (like has happened every single time so far). And if it’s not shown to be true, I’ll update it to show that as well. I’ll also try to get in touch with Hulu.

Here is the email below:



UPDATE: Some are claiming this is a fake, which it could be. I didn’t think it to be, admittedly, but I did put apparently for that reason. We’ll see what happens. Either way, this has been a stellar week for GamerGate.

UPDATE 2: Some folks are pointing to this Reddit thread, and saying there’s proof that it was fake. I haven’t had time to go all the way through it, but there is some stuff that makes it look sketchy.

UPDATE 3: Someone in this thread allegedly received an email from Hulu saying they would pass their concerns along. While not totally invalidating the original, you would think that they would just say they pulled out lol.

UPDATE 4: Hulu looks a little sketchy, but here is some good news from GM…