Huma's Humiliating U-Turn: Hillary Hack Invites Weiner Back Home! Is She Just as Sick as He Is?

Huma’s Humiliating U-Turn: Hillary Hack Invites Weiner Back Home! Is She Just as Sick as He Is?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about Huma Abedin filing for divorce. She had finally chopped off Anthony Weiner, or so the story went. This, despite the fact that reports had recently stated that the relationship was on the mend. Of course, the day she filed for divorce was also the day Weiner pled guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor, so maybe it was all about public perception. If so, perhaps she should have been smart enough to stay the fuck away from the guy. After all, the paparazzi has him and her staked out 24/7, 365.

As it turns out, she’s not that smart. Or maybe she has some kind of sickness herself?

Just when you thought Huma Abedin finally had enough, the Hillary Clinton aide has invited her admitted sex offender hubby back home again, The Post has learned.

Anthony Weiner’s long-suffering wife filed for divorce earlier this month, the same day the disgraced ex-congressman pleaded guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl.

But Abedin has since renewed the lease on their pricey Union Square duplex — and invited back home the man who has repeatedly heaped humiliation upon her, sources told The Post…

The sext-crazed pol, who had been sleeping on his mother’s couch in Park Slope, was to move out Tuesday, a source said.

“He was supposed to move,” the building source explained. “But they just signed for another year.”

Another source said, “She still hasn’t served him with the divorce papers.”

Weiner, who will have to register as a sex offender as part the plea deal with the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office, was spotted Tuesday at about 9 a.m. strolling out of the building with his and Abedin’s 5-year-old son.

A pal of the couple said that Weiner has been the primary caretaker for the boy, especially while Abedin worked on Clinton’s failed presidential bid.

“Huma is worried about her son,” the pal said. “That’s her priority, and Anthony plays a very strong role in raising him.”

Ah, it’s all about the child, you see! I think a lot of people might think it a bad idea to let this man have continued access to children, even those who are his own. He did take one of his crotch shots while his kid was laid up in the bed next to him. I can’t think of too many things more disrespectful to a marriage than that. At least keep you kid of of your extramarital activities. Then again, Weiner has no shame and appears to be mentally ill.

Which makes Huma’s choice all the more baffling. We all know Hillary Clinton’s prospects are in the dump, so it’s not like Ms. Abedin is likely to return to frontline politics anytime soon. But she definitely won’t be returning so long as the Weiner albatross is hanging around her neck. I think she might be just as deranged as he is. If he is indeed sick, let him get help, serve his time, and perhaps he could see the kid someday down the road. Way down the road. What kind of maniac let’s this disturbed individual continue to cohabitate with their child?

Never mind. I think I answered my own question.


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  • comeLordJesus

    Maybe her Imam told her to take him back or she could be honor killed.

  • SeptemberSong

    Thanks for the article. Some good thoughts in the comments. From my point of view, I have really wished they could get back together, for a few reasons. One is, for the sanctity of marriage as an institution. Good marriage is good for the health of the society. The little boy needs both parents. That’s really important for him and them. If they could get beyond their disturbing problems and become healthy people, it would be good for their little boy and society. They probably once loved each other, and perhaps still do. And, last, just in my opinion, I think they make each other look more attractive. I mean that sincerely. They each are sort of tall and angular. They seem to have a good chemistry that shines through the photos. Don’t get me wrong, the things he has done would be very hard to overcome and accept. But if they could — and he has seemed to make a good start by going to rehab and pleading guilty (not making excuses, for example) — wow, what a testimony of redemption that would be. I actually do pray for them. I believe we all sin and are in need of redemption.