I’m picking up Hyrule Warriors at midnight tonight on the Nintendo eShop, I’m gonna try to have a review up by Saturday evening, but we’ll see. I want it to be good, and that may take a day or two extra. I’m actually more nervous about writing a review than I am about anything else I’ve written here on the site.

I will rate based on either a 1-10 system, since that’s what most everyone else uses. The criteria will be, did I enjoy this game, and do I think it’s worth your money. I won’t be going down the bullshit Kotaku/Polygon path. If there is a political agenda in the game, that’s fine. But it’s not going to affect my enjoyment of it one way, or the other. I know this is a theory the hipsters in the gaming media love to shit on now, but to me, it’s all about the fun-factor.