We’ve been having a lot of arguments within GamerGate lately about leaving Reddit and moving to a site called Voat. I think most of you know that I’ve had a shitload of problems with KotkauInAction over these past six months. But even though I had some tough times over there, the good has outweighed the bad. I get a lot of traffic from the board, and I feel like GamerGate is well-served to be on Reddit at this time. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared, though.As for the style we take while on Reddit, I do favor an approach that has less moderation. So, instead of complaining about things, I just decided to start my own subreddit. It’s called r/SJWsAtWork. Here’s the very short guidelines I created for the board:

This is a place to post news and opinion critical of SJWs, and discuss GamerGate. Moderation is intended to be very light.

No rules except:

  1. Don’t post anything illegal.
  2. Don’t post anything against Reddit rules.

I’m not trying to compete with KotakuInAction. I want to just build a small operation on the side, if people decide to come be a part of it. If not, at least I’ll learn a few things. We have 24 subscribers as of 10:25PM EST. That’s not too bad for the first evening. Also, I have disabled downvoting until we hit 50 members or so. I will turn it back on after. I was informed by someone that it makes no difference anyway, because you can change the custom CSS as a user and turn downvoting back on if you want. But whatever. Shit was getting brigaded at the very beginning, and this helped. I will turn it off though after 50.

So, check it out, subscribe if you have a Reddit account, and start posting about SJW nutcases and anything from GamerGate you want to discuss. I hope you enjoy (clicking pic takes you to Reddit).


Also, I made a Voat with the same name, but I haven’t messed with it as much yet. If you would like to join up there, please do. I’ll get it going after we get this off the ground. I’m looking for mods or anyone that would like to help. I have to spend a lot of time with things here, so I can’t always be working on this. Anyway, thanks, and I hope you will give the new subreddit a chance.