Just a short note on a couple things, since I guess this is kinda news. Earlier this evening, I found out that I had been shadowbanned from Reddit. Now, this is just my personal account. The site is still allowed to be linked there (although the same bastard also tried to get the site banned lol). Still, they made a post about it over there, and people are talking about it on Twitter, so I figured I would address it.

Honestly, I’m not too broken up about this turn of events. For some reason, I’ve never really liked commenting on Reddit. Coming there and looking through the news is great, but I can’t get into the flow of debate. Part of the reason, is that I don’t spend much time there. My activities are strongly Twitter-based, as many of you may have noticed (lol). So, I just don’t have the time to build up a rapport with the Reddit users. It’s not that I have anything against the service, although the brigading of my articles does get on my nerves sometimes. But, these things happen.

Now, had they banned my site, I would have been pissed. That’s not to say they won’t try again, because I’m sure they will. But, as of now, my site has not be banned at the domain level. They just banned my account. I wasn’t given a reason. But, as I mentioned in the open, I think it’s because of complaints about how some people had been posting my links (on burners), and how I had originally posted my own stuff (being ignorant of how Reddit worked). I stopped that way back in like October, but the complainant still pointed to it. I also told someone to “Fuck off and die,” the other day, so that could also be it haha.


(Yea, I love Twitter, but Reddit is #2 on the list) 

Either way, maybe I’ll come back in the future, but for now it’s goodbye to Reddit as an active poster. I’m not quite sure how I’ll make it through, but I will somehow try (sarcasm, for any who missed it). Maybe I’ll start another official account up in a couple months, but I don’t want to antagonize anyone, and get the site banned. I’ll look into it. For now, you’ll just have to catch my rantings here, and on Twitter.