I saw a tweet from a few hours ago that made me laugh my ass. So, I figured why not write it up? Yes, it’s another Twitter story. Get over it. I think you’ll find this one just as entertaining as I do, though. It involves two of of favorite subjects around here: Ian Miles Cheong and Arthur Chu. They used to be pretty tight, but that era is definitely over. That much is clear after today.

If you’ll recall, Ian Miles Cheong wasn’t one of our favorite people. He was right there with Chu, at one point. But he changed his ways, introduced an ethics policy, and apologized to the gamers he attacked. In short, he did everything I, and many others, asked him to do. Arthur Chu took the opposite approach. Now, he’s shitting all over his old friend Ian. That’s how SJWs roll. No loyalty to past allies, only ideology.


Kudos to Ian Miles Cheong, though. He didn’t let it slide. He called out the “greasy fuck” on Twitter after getting word of his comments:

As usual, he’s full of shit, Ian. Arthur Chu  is clearly bitter about life, for some reason. You would think that winning all that money on Jeopardy would have made him smile a little bit, but instead, he sits on Twitter and shits on his old friends while whining about “the patriarchy.” That’s not all he shits on, though. He also hates videos games themselves, now. Take a look at what the people who want to “fix” our hobby really think:

How anyone in the industry could ever think listening to haters like this is a good idea is beyond me. This little shit thinks he can tell us what to do with games? He fucking hates games, or at least the ones not made by his Queen of Sluts, Zoe Quinn. He can fuck right off back to Jeopardy, because his credibility is nil. Although, let’s be honest. He never had much of that anyway. Anyone who could help a rapist go free isn’t a person who carries much respect.

I’m off to go run a couple of errands. I should be back with another post around 5 or 6PM EST. I’ll also run a comic strip later today as well. So stay tuned for both of those. Catch you all later.