Good morning, readers. I had a fun July 4th, but it’s back to the grind today. I should have a lot of stuff for you this Sunday, starting with the evidence Ian Miles Cheong put out last night. You know that we’ve been calling out the anti-gamers for being bullies from day one here on the site. Hell, the attack by Leigh Alexander on her hard-working audience is what really kicked this whole GamerGate thing into overdrive. They have contempt for us, and it’s proven everyday. In fact, this whole operation is basically a response to the aggression against the consumer. But some people are just going to reject me out-of-hand, because of who I am. Cheong used to be part of the anti-gamers. When he highlights the harassment, it can have a stronger effect.

Here’s the graphic he released yesterday evening (link to pic here, or click Imgur graphic below):

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Followed by some powerful tweets:

Yes, Ian, that’s SJW Logic. They’re allowed to smear and lie about you at will, but when you have the temerity to stand up to this aggression, you’re the one who’s labeled an abuser. It’s sick to see them play this game time and time again, and even sicker to see the media fall for it. Still, the more people who come out and show what a phony narrative that is, the better. Good on you, Ian.

I can only wait to see the whining from the other side about how he “deserved it.” I’m going to go look for some of those kind of reactions now, and I’ll likely be back with an update. Either way, I’ll have another story up within an hour or so. There’s a lot to cover from this holiday weekend.