Good morning, readers. I had a fun July 4th, but it’s back to the grind today. I should have a lot of stuff for you this Sunday, starting with the evidence Ian Miles Cheong put out last night. You know that we’ve been calling out the anti-gamers for being bullies from day one here on the site. Hell, the attack by Leigh Alexander on her hard-working audience is what really kicked this whole GamerGate thing into overdrive. They have contempt for us, and it’s proven everyday. In fact, this whole operation is basically a response to the aggression against the consumer. But some people are just going to reject me out-of-hand, because of who I am. Cheong used to be part of the anti-gamers. When he highlights the harassment, it can have a stronger effect.

Here’s the graphic he released yesterday evening (link to pic here, or click Imgur graphic below):

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Followed by some powerful tweets:

Yes, Ian, that’s SJW Logic. They’re allowed to smear and lie about you at will, but when you have the temerity to stand up to this aggression, you’re the one who’s labeled an abuser. It’s sick to see them play this game time and time again, and even sicker to see the media fall for it. Still, the more people who come out and show what a phony narrative that is, the better. Good on you, Ian.

I can only wait to see the whining from the other side about how he “deserved it.” I’m going to go look for some of those kind of reactions now, and I’ll likely be back with an update. Either way, I’ll have another story up within an hour or so. There’s a lot to cover from this holiday weekend.

      1. “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender”

        Its what SJWs do. They deny that they’re harassing anyone, attack you for even implying that they are, thus reversing who’s the victim and who’s the offender. Its a nice vanilla mindfuck.

      2. Its a tactics of leftists extremist especially feminists. To Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.

        They deny you, then attack you, then pretend to be the victim of the attack/harassment.

        1. im kind of surprised no one has made more infographs showing SJW’s and these steps. like step 1. *show twitter screen cap* step 2., etc. and just label it “how to be an SJW using DARVO”

  1. The mentally ill SJW’s are not so far gone that they can’t formulate a strategy for self preservation.

    Understand this – they are NOT attacking Ian. That is not what this harassment is about.

    Rather it is sending a message to their own cult members.

    “You will toe the line. You will stay in the cult. Leaving is not an option. If you try to leave, this is what will happen to you”.

    As we know, most SJW’s don’t play games. They are fakes with no interest in the industry. However some do play and love games (like IMC did). As the SJW cult attacks more and more games, so more and more of the few remaining gaming-SJW’s starting questioning whether they want to be a part of the narrative.

    The SJW’s need to suppress any dissent before it happens. Using fear to pressurise wavering members to conform with the group.

    1. The SJW’s need to suppress any dissent before it happens. Using fear to pressurise wavering members to conform with the group.

      Of course, this “attack the dissidents” strategy only harms them in the long run, as it incentives anyone who steps out of line to permanently break from AntiGamer and drives them/neutrals directly into our hands.

  2. There’s a saying: “No zealot like a convert.” However, based on my own experience and ten months of this, I find the most zealous are also the most blatant hypocrites. Those with the capacity for change are the ones most likely to be driven with real passion, because they’re able to accept their previous beliefs were wrong and -if not completely reinvent themselves- at least acknowledge the need to grow as a person. True zealotry is born of self interest; and these Anti-Gamers are so hateful of those who leave their clique because the smaller it gets, the greater the number of defections, the clearer it is to outsiders they’re in the wrong. And many Anti-Gamers KNOW they’re in the wrong, they just can’t bring themselves to admit it and lose face (and be attacked themselves by the mob they currently support). They can’t grow, and they can’t accept the possibility of being at fault. Even those who genuinely believe that GG is bad and needs to end are more driven by the need to bolster or secure their own position than to actually help anybody “harassed” by us misogynists.

    Cheong didn’t suddenly turn into a full-throated GG supporter, he just got tired of siding with an increasingly hateful mob and attacking people who didn’t deserve to be attacked. He went neutral, not pro, but all he had to do was step out of line and he was condemned.

    Who is the zealot? The convert who was once cruel and thoughtless but willingly silenced himself and acceded to the demands of a majority? Or the ones who condemn him for not hating a bunch of people he’d rather not have hated in the first place?

    1. It’s also the calling card of the weak. The weak run with whoever is the strongest. It’s how they survive. If the pendulum ever swings back towards the SJWs in this fight, don’t expect to see Cheong at your side.

  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this but IMC is handling himself well. You’re doing good Ian, you’re doing good.

  4. It seems the new trick of the SJWs is to take statements made by people, who do not have English as their first language, out of context and then subject them to shaming tactics (see Mother Russia Bleeds).

    However since SJWs don’t buy games, and Gamers don’t give a shit what SJWs think, it seems to be a futile effort at best. Fire Emblem is not my type of game, but I’ll remember to but MRB on my Steam wishlist.

  5. From my experience talking to Ian, he’s been largerly misguided. He understands that GG is not the same people that harassed whatever and that there is no evidence against us.
    It takes balls to have the honesty to say “I was wrong, I apologize and I will stand with gamers”. I wish more people and journos came down from their pedestral of entitlement and started to stand up for GG.
    It should not be acceptable that in 2015 gamers are still being free target dummies for abusers, con artists, and moral panic fabricators.
    This is a 100b industry now, relatively young yet had to go through 3 waves of moral panic and abuse. It’s time to stop.
    The corrupts who endorsed this must go, and truly passionate gamers and devs must take charge and repel the fearmongers.

    1. The problem is that back when Quinnspiracy and Fiveguys started, it attracted trolls like rotten meat attracts flies. Then the movement shifted its name to GamerGate to distance itself from the trolls, but of course it’s opponents just continued to act like nothing had changed.

      The SJWs know perfectly well that most trolls have left GamerGate , that Zoe manufactured those 4chan screenshot herself, that Wu never left his home, and that Anita probably made that treat against Utah State University herself. But they have to protect the narrative.

  6. Looking at his latest pic, it’s like a total transformation took place. He has that “burden has been lifted” look about him.

  7. damn. feel bad for the guy.

    I don’t think he’d be willing to stand for GG at this point in the game, but irrespective we should probably back him since he’s taking heavy fire for just being honest about all this “manufactured outrage” business. Same as many of us.

  8. I take everything he says with a grain of salt still. But on the other hand, there is something beautiful about his change of heart being caused by The Witcher 3. O:

  9. Strange how that so-called “former GamerGater” tweeted by MovieBlob couldn’t so much as find ONE tweet to support her claims, yet IMC managed to find DOZENS to support his claims. That’s one of the differences between GG and the aGGros – we “Trust But Verify”, not “Listen And Believe”.

    1. I really liked this distinction – hoping it gets more airtime. ‘Trust But Verify’ – we’re willing to show anyone the compassion of common decency but we just won’t be bowled over by baseless assertions. Unlike the ‘Listen and Believe!’ crowd. I think it needs an exclamation mark just to really hammer home how much of a command to be obeyed it is. Don’t think there’s much freedom to do much else on that side but obey.

  10. I got the feeling Ian only hated Gamergate cause he thought he fought on the right side. With each passing month he saw what frauds these people are. The tweets he makes now are much more reasonable than the tweets from say january.

    1. i havent been around here long, but ive noticed this as well from at least reading the drama from here.

  11. I wonder for how man years the meltdown of sanity has been going on this planet… I better not think too much about it or else I will get a headache.

  12. I bet if even 1/10th of this was directed at any of the Literally Who’s, the whole damn national media would be covering going “OH NOEZ! WOMYN BEING ATTACKED! HARAASHLLLMINT! MUH SOGGY KNEES!!!”

  13. Holy Shit Cheong is actually doing the right thing. That’s both heartwarming and vaguely disturbing. I prefer my people to have firm convictions… granted SJWism about about delusions and insanity and utter bullshit, so there is a difference between conviction and going along with the “cool kids” group think. sheesh.

  14. LMAO BUT IT’S ONLY THE GOOBERGOBBERS THAT HARASS PEOPLE!!111!!!1! Oh, wait, not these are a bunch of flip-flopping fuck wit, self-righteous sociopaths on a self masturbatory tear on social media. Jesus tap dancing christ… The funny part is GamerGate supporters were ripping Cheong apart for the whole “asian white supremacist” thing MONTHS ago… yet somehow these idiots act like that faux pas is new information. Perhaps it’s just the autoblocker/echo chamber effect at work.

  15. lol sjw’s should have never trusted Ian. He was know to be a flip flopper in the past. They should have distanced from him when it was exposed that he was a former nazi

  16. I’ve actually come to feel sorry for Ian since he revealed that he had been having second thoughts about social justice. He still gets shit from some prominent anti-SJW voices, and he clearly has found himself in the crosshairs of those who might have once imitated something like friendship with him for repeating their slogans. I think that he does a lot of the things he does because he wants to belong, and that’s a human impulse we all have, whether we’ll admit it or not. I know I spoke poorly of him along with a lot of other people here, but he’s shown himself to be a real human being that is capable of reconsidering his words and stances. I regret being so caustic, I’ll admit.

  17. Ian’s return to the fold has been fucking excellent. The only thing better has been our – from what I’ve seen – unconditional acceptance. As if our superior morality needed any further confirmation…

    1. Edit: Right post.

      It wasn’t unconditional.

      We demanded he apologize for his insults and stop his corruption, and he did.

      That’s all there is to it.

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