LIVE FROM HIS NEET CAVE: Stuttering and Stammering Ian Miles Cheong Completely Humiliates Himself on National Television

LIVE FROM HIS NEET CAVE: Stuttering and Stammering Ian Miles Cheong Completely Humiliates Himself on National Television

(Guest Article by The Gator Gamer )

Here at The Ralph Retort dot com, we love any and every opportunity to poke fun at dying Heat Street’s (now former) diversity hire, Ian Miles Cheong, so when the aforementioned “Lil Hitler” decided to broadcast directly from his NEET cave on live national television, we couldn’t help but watch as the Cheong train derailed.


What should have been an easy, softball segment about ANITFA nutters going off the hinge as usual and declaring violence against anyone and everyone they don’t like, rapidly devolved into a smattering of stuttering as Cheong, dressed in his best homeless chic, rapidly cracked under the limelight. I have opted to include these moments in the following transcript:


TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Ian, thanks a lot for coming on.




CARLSON: So, how real is this?


CHEONG: Uh… Hundred percent real. You know, we’ve seen this with.. Uh.. umm.. At the demonstrations against Milo Yiannopolous at UC Berkeley and uh.. we’ve seen it more recently at Evergreen, we’ve seen it at Seattle, umm.. We’ve seen it in a variety of places across the United States, you know, Baltimore, uhh.. Mississippi, everywhere uhh… where antifa or uh, cells thereof are uhh.. Blooming, you know, they are sprouting, blooming like…. Plants, you know. So, it’s very much real, you know, if-and.. Not enough people I think are paying attention to it… unfortunately.


Yikes. The segment continues:


CARLSON: So are these protests, these demonstrations, and in a lot of cases, these riots, organized – I suppose this is a dumb question – but, on sites like this?


CHEONG: Absolutely, I mean, this site is what I would call a.. A uhh… highly trafficked platform for recruiting, radicalized and mobilizing extremists, uhh.. This is one of the main sites.. to do it, like they will.. you know, do something in private and then they’ll brag about it on ItsGoingDown and that encourages other cells to d-d… to do the same because, they kind of get credit from doing it, you know.


We certainly do know, Ian. When asked by Tucker about the ideology and origins of the antifa group, Cheong continued stammering through what should have been a very simple exchange and finished with a “So, yeah!”


Luckily for hapless Ian Miles Cheong, the segment was over almost as soon as it began, but not without one last faux paux. As Carlson closed the segment and Cheong’s mic audio was cut for the viewers, Cheong embarrassingly continued speaking right into the break. While this disastrous segment was not quite up to the level of professing your love for wanking live on stream and saying the n-word around your office colleagues, we don’t believe that Mr. Cheong will be invited back on Fox News anytime soon.


I would tell Ian not to quit his day job, but considering his track record, it’s highly likely his tenure at the Daily Caller will be shorter than “Charlamagne tha God.”

Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.

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    I’m sure Cucktaku has job openings and he offers them the skillset they desire.

  • Herman Gunt

    He’s a nodule.

  • William Gooch

    His performance here is unpolished, but anyone who actually listens to this audio will recognize that it’s obviously not terrible. Especially in the paragraph which you conveniently omitted.