Ian Miles Cheong

Longtime readers of this site will be quite familiar with Ian Miles Cheong. I called him out as the snake he is over four years ago, and rightfully so. He was a self-described “turbo-feminist” who derived glee from shitting on gamers and trying to destroy lives with false rape allegations. Eventually, he switched sides and tried to make his career as an “anti-SJW” commentator. He did this not because of moral or ethical concerns. Ian simply wanted what he has always wanted, fame and money.

Early-on, I actually urged people to give the guy a chance, like most folks did. But as the days passed, it became clearer and clearer that the man has no principles. Mr. Cheong repeatedly tried to slime yours truly on the pages of the now-defunct Heat Street, which I obviously wasn’t too fond of. But that’s not what snapped me out of the delusional thinking that had me co-signing his conversion.

You see, you can tell a lot about a man from the way he treats his friends…especially former ones. I’ve probably written more negative articles about Zoe Quinn than any other person on the planet. I doubt we will be on each other’s Christmas card list anytime soon. However, Ian Miles Cheong used to be big buddies with her. After his for-profit turn against feminism, he leaked a bunch of private messages that she and him had shared in an IRC server. He trashed all his former comrades, by the way, not just Ms. Quinn. I understand that this was fun for most, and helped Cheong cement his new status. But you can never fully trust someone who would throw their old friends so completely under the bus. Always keep that in mind.

I could go on and on, talk about his failed run at the Daily Caller, his failed run at shuttered Heat Street, his failed run at Milo Yiannopoulos’s Dangerous, how he just recently got fired from Jeremy “TheQuartering” Hambly’s Exclusively Games outfit. All this is hilarious, and points to how he inevitably turns all his colleagues against him. But that would be superfluous on a day like today. Why, you ask? Well, today is the day that it was revealed that Ian Miles Cheong tried to get his former business partner, Andy Warski, killed over internet beef.

And no, that is not me being dramatic.

The first leak…

But it’s the second one that is truly damning…

“And uh, hopefully soon, the uh, uh the Mississauga police will be paying [Andy Warski] a nice little visit. I told him that, I told them that he was armed and dangerous, because he is, he’s got guns. Uh, and that he’s uh, prone to bouts of uh, schizophrenia, and uh, bouts of violence. So, he might be in for a treat. It’s all true, by the way. He is prone to all these things, so. That’s not just me trying to get him killed. That’s actually true. They need to be careful.” – Ian Miles Cheong admitting to attempted swatting of Andy Warski

It really doesn’t get more despicable than this, ladies and gentlemen. Ian Miles Cheong tried to get his former friend, Andy Warski, killed over a dispute about ownership of a YouTube channel. I’m tempted to chalk this up to him being crazy, but I think that actually lets Ian off the hook. He’s not crazy. He’s malicious. Cheong clearly would have had no problem seeing Andy die as a result of his actions. All over some internet slapfight.

Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong trying to lie, before being outed earlier today

He needs to be in jail. It’s as simple as that. I spoke to Mr. Warski right after the police came to his house the other night. They found nothing, of course, because Cheong is a liar. But he was understandably shaken up. Not only that, think about what could have happened if Andy lived in the United States. People have been killed in scenarios just like this one, and all available evidence points to Ian Miles Cheong wishing for that exact outcome.

This is one occasion where it pays to be a Leaf…

Never let Ian Miles Cheong run from this story. Let it haunt him until the end of his days. If, by some miracle, he avoids jail time from this sordid episode, his online career has to be over from this moment forward.