I just listened to Ice-T give his thoughts on the events from last week. He was eloquent and very forthright, as he usually is. T said he knew nothing about GamerGate before the episode, and went on to lay out just how they do things with the show. Ice-T claims that SVU doesn’t have a set agenda, and that they just sensationalize whatever story that comes down the pike. Admittedly, this does ring true. The example he used was that a story could be about a football coach killing his wife, but by the time the writers get it out on the program, they’ll have him touching his kids.

He offers an apology to gamers. This is what being a valued member of the gaming community looks like. He was under no obligation to say all this, given the fact that he’s just an actor playing a role. Also, Ice notes that he isn’t one to read all the gaming sites and magazines. He’s not alone. I would wager to guess that the majority of enthusiasts are like him. I know a ton of people who are the exact same way. They just see an ad on TV, or hear about whatever cool game their friends are playing, and then make their purchasing choices accordingly. Now, with YouTube, you can get by just fine without ever visiting the SJW shitrags.

OK, I guess that’s enough from me. If you haven’t listened to the audio yet, here’s your chance. Also, if you have any thoughts on SVU, or Ice-T’s recording, leave them down below. I have a lot more coming this evening, including a testimonial by the organizer of the GG meetup that suffered a bomb threat this past weekend. So check back throughout the evening.

(The GamerGate part starts at 19:40)