I just listened to Ice-T give his thoughts on the events from last week. He was eloquent and very forthright, as he usually is. T said he knew nothing about GamerGate before the episode, and went on to lay out just how they do things with the show. Ice-T claims that SVU doesn’t have a set agenda, and that they just sensationalize whatever story that comes down the pike. Admittedly, this does ring true. The example he used was that a story could be about a football coach killing his wife, but by the time the writers get it out on the program, they’ll have him touching his kids.

He offers an apology to gamers. This is what being a valued member of the gaming community looks like. He was under no obligation to say all this, given the fact that he’s just an actor playing a role. Also, Ice notes that he isn’t one to read all the gaming sites and magazines. He’s not alone. I would wager to guess that the majority of enthusiasts are like him. I know a ton of people who are the exact same way. They just see an ad on TV, or hear about whatever cool game their friends are playing, and then make their purchasing choices accordingly. Now, with YouTube, you can get by just fine without ever visiting the SJW shitrags.

OK, I guess that’s enough from me. If you haven’t listened to the audio yet, here’s your chance. Also, if you have any thoughts on SVU, or Ice-T’s recording, leave them down below. I have a lot more coming this evening, including a testimonial by the organizer of the GG meetup that suffered a bomb threat this past weekend. So check back throughout the evening.

(The GamerGate part starts at 19:40)

    1. Hmm how about like this:

      Ice-T forced to “apologize” and lick the boot of the online social mob known as GamerGate.

      You may remember GG as the misogynist hate group of 100-300 young men upset about women and other LGBTQIA members bringing much needed diversity into their “toys” in an attempt to finally help the “struggling” medium to grow up. While the group died out early last year, echoes of it’s hatred still ring throughout the internet…

      1. “Early last year” Started mid-late. Nice subtle touch including them blaming shit on the tag before it was ever a thing.

        1. I’m actually a bit happy you shitlords noticed that one lol. I tried to be as accurate to them as possible 😉

      2. you forgot the “+” at the end of that alphabet soup mockery. It is, and always will be “LGBT” (or or GLBT, I prefer that one). Actually, I just prefer gay right’s. Bisexuals can always go hide in the closet when it suits them and trans… people… well, that’s not a sexual orientation issue, now is it?

          1. Nah, I just prefer gay at the front of the list because gays have always had it worse. Lesbians get along fairly well because straight guys think it’s hot. But feminism and “muh-soggy-knees” think by virtue of vagina they should be mentioned first.

          2. This is from so long ago but part of this pissed me off. Bisexuals can’t just go “hide in the closet when it suits them” If you’re bisexual in a same sex relationship how you gonna go hide in the closet? What if you are married in a same sex relationship ?? Plus isn’t the point so no one has to hide in the closet?? Also the QIA is for questioning , intersex and asexual. I personally only ever say LGBT the rest can be implied but Asexual is part of sexuality and LGBT is not just for sexual orientations cause trans people are discriminated against too. where did you ever get that LGBT was just for sexual orientations? And not ALL dudes think lesbians are hot this is just the dumbest fucking comment I have ever seen you are a moron.

            But back to the point of the original comment they actual did publish something saying ” Ice tells schools gamergate punks tells them to eat a dick” cause he said that to ONE person who was being a dick not all gamergaters

          3. If you’re married/in a same sex relationship you can claim you’re bisexual til your blue in the face, but people are still going to think you’re gay, and at the end of the day that outward appearance/judgement is what matters. There’s this delusion among Left wing people that they can impose their beliefs on others. People can impose punishments on others for not conforming to their world view, but you can never truly alter the fact that your reach extends only to your own life and not to the thoughts or actions of others.

            And by “hide in the closet” that means a bisexual can choose to pick from the heterosexual dating pool and find a relationship in a way that a homosexual simply cannot (well, they can, but they won’t be satisfied by it). I never stated that all dudes think lesbians are hot, but statistics have demonstrated that heterosexual males, on average, find female/female sexual displays arousing, Sorry that sticks in your craw for whatever bizarre reason you might have, but that’s just how it is.

            “Where did I ever get that LGBT was just for sexual orientation?” Honey, it’s in the title. The only people who aren’t inherently connected to sexual orientation are the trannies, and they were only added onto the acronym in the last 20 years and a LOT of the gay community doesn’t want a damn thing to do with someone who identifies as straight since that’s kind of besides the entire point.

            Lastly, it’s been a while now, but please stop using the word “gamergaters” – that’s not actually a thing and it makes you sound like a tool.

          4. That’s cool that people will believe that you’re gay but being in a same sex relationship doesn’t stop you from being bisexual ? Just like a bisexual in a opposite sex relationship doesn’t make them straight?

            No at the end of the day your outward appearance is not what matters. I’m disabled but I look perfectly healthy. If I’m sitting outside my house without my cane I look able-bodied. Just because I look healthy and able-bodied does not mean I am.

            Holy shit you do not get to “pick” who you end up dating. You cannot control who you are attracted to or end up dating if that’s who you are attracted to and you both are into the relationship.

            “Lesbians get along fairly well because straight guys think it’s hot.” You didn’t specific that statement so it reads as “Straight guys (all straight guys) are into it. I would love to see the studies you are referring to. And not just that no all straight men are into lesbian women but 50% of the world population are females.

            “It’s in the title” Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. No it isn’t. Did you really just say trannies trying to be edgy ? Wow. So would a transgender woman who is gay be okay to you?

            “a LOT of the gay community doesn’t want a damn thing to do with someone who identifies as straight” Where exactly are you getting this from buttercup? You wanna link we to the study were you got that too? As a member of the LGBT I definitely do not feel that way

            Okay my bad? ” Not all people who are/we part of gamergate” is that better princess?

          5. Okay that’s cool that’s what people will think but it doesn’t stop them from being bisexual? Just like a bisexual being an opposite relationship make them straight?

            No outward appearance is not what matters example: I am disabled and chronically ill. If I am sitting outside my house without my cane or braces I look perfectly fine and able-bodied. But that does not make me able-bodied or healthy just because I look it.

            You don’t just get to pick who you end up in a relationship in? You can’t choose who you are attracted to and what their feelings are back to you?No bisexual goes ” You know what I’m tired of being discriminated against based on my sexuality by not only straight people but the LBGT too so I’m just gonna only date opposite sex now and suppress half my sexuality!” Have you ever met a bisexual ? You aren’t very bright are you?

            “Demonstrated that heterosexual males, on average, find female/female sexual displays arousing” What survey did you get that from? I’d like a link please.Sounds super interesting. Additionally not just the fact that not all men are into lesbians but half the population is female. Did you just forget about that or…

            “it’s in the title” No it’s literally not. Lesbian Gay Bisexual *transgender*
            “a LOT of the gay community doesn’t want a damn thing to do with someone who identifies as straight” Now what survey did you get THAT from. Because as a member of the LGBT I definitely do not feel that way. Did you really just say trannies like that? Be careful you don’t cut yourself on all that edge honey bun.

            Oh my bad ” people who we/are a part of gamergate” Is that better for you princess?

          6. So…. It’s a fitting description of the sorts more noticeable dragging the label around.
            Sucking the life out of everything else until it’s too fat to do a fucking thing. Am I talking about Golbat or modern feminists?

    2. Headline : “Ice T apologizes for the show not truly showing Gamergaters as the bloodthirsty terrorists and rapists that they are.”

    1. My thoughts exactly. And best part I don’t recall anyone being mad at him when the show aired. As I remember folks just laughed.

    2. It wasn’t him really it was Olivia Benson and Raina Punjabi that pushed the narrative home along with the writers’ rendition of the antagonistic KOBS addicts. Ice-T’s cringe worthy line is quite a nice meme… I know because I read on…

    3. I never blamed him because the entire script was too hilarious to be mad at. That episode was better than Civ V with the Brave New Earth expansion. 11/10 jab at Kotaku, accidental or otherwise.

      Also, it still triggered the shit out of that Brianna Wu guy… so bonus.

  1. I can just picture Ice-T reading the script for the first time and asking “What the fuck is a Kotaku”?

    Seeing/hearing that would have been more entertaining than watching the episode.

    1. I can’t.

      What I picture is “I read on Kotaku… Oh god, please no! Oh, what I have to do for the show to go on [starts drinking]”.

  2. So I guess the narrative of Ice T being anti GG is down the tubes.

    Pity, I hate that son of a bitch for his hot wife and nice house and cool voice. Hate Hate Hate.

    1. Nah he’s a fan favorite (elliot stabler was too, but he got off that crazy train) AND he’s black. The shitstorm if they axed him would be epic.

  3. I actually have never even heard of any gaming news sites,like kotaku, polygon, RPS, joystiq, etc before I heard about GG… Just never cared about others opinions on games

      1. I am old enough that I can say with all honesty that the last game journalism I read was EGM, and it was the Donkey Kong Country preview issue.

        Have SJWs fucked with DKC yet?

    1. I have. I do regret it. Heck, I’ve heard from someone OTI for the 1st time of Anita’s little project, and from what they’ve said it sounded pretty cool and harmless.

      Boy was I fucking wrong. Remember, trust but verify.

      1. I stopped caring after EGM died (the first time) and Game Informer started injecting crap into their previews/ reviews, though the multiple opinions were a nice touch but still. I also miss Computer Gaming World and PCGamer v1 for the PC side of things.

  4. Now I wonder if that cunt at the Daily Beast will have to issue a retraction/apology. Likely she’ll just stick her fingers in her ears and scream at the top of her lungs until people stop bringing it up.

    1. You forgot the part where she reports all her colleagues for sexual harassment if they try and complain about her behavior.

  5. I remember seeing him live on his “Cop Killer” tour with Body Count. I could tell all his stuff about killing cops was just show, even though it annoyed me a bit (I have friends and family who are cops) but he was fearless what anyone thought then, and he’s obviously fearless about what anyone thinks now. I admire that.

  6. Asking or expecting him to apologize idiotic he was a actor in a tv show. He did not write it nor choose to run it. And as important as it is too us its complicated and we arent the all saints army. Kneed jerk the closest target is always a bad target.

    Sometimes the worse we can do is being another flavor of outrage mob. Its what they are. If you look at the abyss …

  7. Oh, this is delicious. This kind of thing needs to be embedded in the comments of every spin article put out, keep beating their false narratives down.

  8. They didn’t have to “sensationalize” anything. The aGGros had already done that for them. All they had to do was find some whiny fanfic bouncing around tumblr and turn it into a script.

    Frankly, I’m shocked no sjw’s have tried to sue for infringement.

  9. I kinda liked SVU until Stabler left and the woman that plays Olivia took the reigns on the show both as lead and in production. Her infomercials about SJW related stuff just favors one side.

  10. On the show T, as one of the “hero cops,” also threatens citizens who have potentially useful information with jailhouse gang rape if they don’t cooperate.

    I’d be a hell of a lot more interested in THAT apology.

  11. I’m surprised. I learned about this story from A Voice For Men before I learn about it by watching a video from Mundane Matt.

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