I’ve been a bit slow the last couple days,  but thankfully Mr. Outis have been going strong. I encourage you all to check out his articles when you get a chance. I’ll be here throughout the day to offer my own analysis, though, so let’s begin with a short story about our old friend Leigh Alexander. When last we checked on dear Leigh, she was passed out in an alley, drenched in 2-hour-old piss of indeterminable origin. OK, that’s not a verified report, but I’m sure it’s not too far off. We know how Ms. Alexander likes to get down.

What has the former Megaphone, who once said “I am games journalism,” been up to? Now that her site (much like her person) is in the gutter, she’s taken to making fun of disabled people on Twitter. I shit you not. That’s how low this piece of garbage has sunk. In between slamming vodka shots and shotgunning Budweisers she found the time to alert Graham Linehan (another scumbag human being) to a picture of Cyborgwolf, a disabled Frenchman who has actually written for this site in the past. I wonder what pissed off Liquored Up Leigh enough to attack a man like this? Oh, I see…


Ah, that’s what pissed off our the star of our first big exposé. I can see why she was upset, given the hurt Cyborg put on her fat ass. But, mocking a disabled individual is taking it a bit too far. I mean, if you want to mock him over his beliefs, that’s fine. I mock SJW shitbirds here every single day. But mocking disabled people? I try not to go that route, no matter what. Even if I did, I’m just a shitposting blogger. She’s supposed to be a respectable journalist. Then again, she gave up any semblance of respectability long ago.


Stay trashy, Leigh.