I’ve been a bit slow the last couple days,  but thankfully Mr. Outis have been going strong. I encourage you all to check out his articles when you get a chance. I’ll be here throughout the day to offer my own analysis, though, so let’s begin with a short story about our old friend Leigh Alexander. When last we checked on dear Leigh, she was passed out in an alley, drenched in 2-hour-old piss of indeterminable origin. OK, that’s not a verified report, but I’m sure it’s not too far off. We know how Ms. Alexander likes to get down.

What has the former Megaphone, who once said “I am games journalism,” been up to? Now that her site (much like her person) is in the gutter, she’s taken to making fun of disabled people on Twitter. I shit you not. That’s how low this piece of garbage has sunk. In between slamming vodka shots and shotgunning Budweisers she found the time to alert Graham Linehan (another scumbag human being) to a picture of Cyborgwolf, a disabled Frenchman who has actually written for this site in the past. I wonder what pissed off Liquored Up Leigh enough to attack a man like this? Oh, I see…


Ah, that’s what pissed off our the star of our first big exposé. I can see why she was upset, given the hurt Cyborg put on her fat ass. But, mocking a disabled individual is taking it a bit too far. I mean, if you want to mock him over his beliefs, that’s fine. I mock SJW shitbirds here every single day. But mocking disabled people? I try not to go that route, no matter what. Even if I did, I’m just a shitposting blogger. She’s supposed to be a respectable journalist. Then again, she gave up any semblance of respectability long ago.


Stay trashy, Leigh.

    1. Same here. I see her usual shit talk towards gamers and her belittling the DOA controversy, but nothing where she outright makes fun of the guy’s disability. Was there supposed to be an image that isn’t loading or something?

      Speaking of the DOA controversy, I recently saw a YouTube link to a new Game Overthinker episode titled “NOBODY CARES About DOA Extreme” (wow, denial much? It’s only one of the biggest issues in the gaming community right now, and “nobody cares”? ‘Course, he’s gotta make some shit up in a desperate attempt to stay relevant). I didn’t click on it so as not to give it the traffic it doesn’t deserve, but for anyone that did, I’m curious to know what the like/dislike bar on it looks like. I imagine the content’s just more of Bob talking out of his fat ass as he tries to justify previous remarks about how feminists “aren’t taking our games away”.

    2. I think the barb towards whoever designed the GG logo having to deal with the shame of it being worn by the unattractive disabled guy in the pic is what Ethan was getting at, seems like that’s what she meant anyway.

        1. That makes no sense. The logo has been around for ages. There’s been ample opportunity to ‘PC Shame’ the designer. She posted that to ridicule the wearer, which is the only thing in the shot that’s relevant to the conversation, not the logo or its designer…

          …because she’s a despicable cow.

  1. Jenn Frank falling over herself to apologize after she learned C-wolf was disabled was pure South Park PC Principal. Glinner, cunt that he is, apologized whilst insulting again where then C-wold told him to stick it up his bulbous ass.

    Liquor Leigh kept on liquoring

    1. Remember when engaging Leigh that she is probably liquored up and highly irritable. Then again, we probably shouldn’t make fun of her crippled character and her strictly poor judgement.

      After all, we’re all just rabble, kids and idiots to her. I guess it makes life more bearable for her.

  2. They ARE deplorable people, but it appears shes making more fun of the logo than the guy wearing it. Linehan and Frank comes off as bigger dicks here though.

  3. Since you’ve been branching out there’s no reason to have a slow day as long as the Twitter mental cases of the science fiction community are around. Before Sarkeesian, before Shanley Kane, there were termites like N. K. Jemisin, K. Tempest Bradford, Saladin Ahmed, John Scalzi, Jim Hines, Elizabeth Bear, RequiresHate, etc. There’s about 125 Brianna Wu’s and Arthur Chu’s over there. Visiting any one of their Twitter feeds eventually brings you to them all by looking at the “You may also like…” Check out Daniel Jose Older, Star Wars author Chuck (moar gays, Disney!) Wendig, Tauriq Moosa clone Sunil Patel, who is a guy who won’t review white men and many more. These people are sickeningly, obsessively and fanatically anti-white, anti-male and consider heterosexuality an outmoded invention, kinda like the horse and buggy.

  4. what else can we expect from someone who belongs to movements whose bread and butter is to belittle and bully to submission others ?

  5. leigh clawing for the long faded light… i wonder when we’ll get the goodbye internet offworld bombed hard and now the debt collectors are taking everything tweet from leigh

  6. Linehan’s screeching descent into Social Justice Terrorism is such a bummer for me. I’ve always held his show FATHER TED as the single funniest series I’ve ever seen.

    Oh well, I guess now I can give all the credit for it to his co-writer Arthur Matthews, who also created the brilliant TOAST OF LONDON.

    Graham Linehan can go suck AIDS cock.

    1. I still love Father Ted and maybe the first two series of IT Crowd.

      That a writer can get so blinded by ideology is a bit of a bummer, indeed. Well, at least no one forces me to buy whatever crap he comes up with next.

  7. ” But mocking disabled people? I try not to go that route, no matter what.” that line is completely wrong, Ralph… I mean you mock Leigh and Anita all the time. *Cough* *Cough*

  8. Funny thing is, since this shit my post gained 200 favorites. Congrats on making sure nobody see that I shit on your website.

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