I’m not sure if you guys saw this column from The National Review’s Kat Timpf from the other day. I’d missed it myself, but since it’s so outrageous, I figured it was worth highlighting before I go pick up dinner. Some whackjob Ph.D. candidate named Victoria Cooper wrote about medieval games somehow legitimizing white supremacy. Who sits around and think of such things? A worthless SJW academic, of course. It’s a fucking video game style that’s enjoyed by all kinds of races. As Timpf herself said:

Now, I don’t play video games. I don’t like any of them, so I don’t know exactly how the people who do like them decide which ones they like. Still, I highly doubt that the people who like medieval games like them because they hate minorities and diversity and the games allow them to escape to a white-power fantasy land “free of multiculturalism.”

I’m also having a hard time imagining how anyone could possibly develop a videogame that met the standards of political correctness. Maybe a game where the character who apologizes the most wins? Then again, any kind of competition just perpetuates the capitalist ideals that we all know are inherently evil.

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Just for laughs, let’s take a look at a section from the original story, which treats this whole thing as a legitimate exercise:

Cooper recalled the infamous “#GamerGate” – the 2014 scandal that erupted in the gaming world when several prominent women challenged the status quo of the community. The women received rape, violence and death threats. They (and their supporters) were also “doxed”; a tactic whereby private information, like a home address, phone number, place of work and personal details are made public in an effort to silence and publicly shame the person…

According to Cooper, they subscribe to the popular idea of the Middle Ages as ‘gritty, white, male, and powerful’. They cling to the notion that women didn’t fight in the Middle Ages, fiercely stating this as ‘as fact’, and steadfastly refusing to allow women agency in warrior roles.

Unfortunately for gamers, the tide is turning and the inspection of their identities is happening whether they like it or not, and will continue to gain momentum. Games like Skyrim, and The Elder Scrolls are only the tip of the iceberg. What Gamergate tried to shut down, instead, opened a Pandora’s Box that can never be closed. Academics, like Cooper, will continue to challenge, examine and illustrate the ways these groups misappropriate medieval history.

Lol, that last line is just fucking golden. Please keep examining, you numbskulls. I just don’t understand how someone could actually make enough money to support themselves off frivolous bullshit like this. I guess it helps to have a network of feminist academics ready to co-sign whatever airheaded theory comes down the pike, so long as there’s some way to milk it financially. I look forward to reading more about how gamers are “misappropriating” history. Good comedy is hard to come by, after all.