My website was under attack again today, and I was feeling kinda ill. Those two factors are to blame for the paucity of posts over the last 24 hours. I did do a short LIVE show earlier, as well as a guest spot on Bacon Man’s program. All that’s done now that I’m here at my keyboard, ready to shit all over Jihad Jonathan McIntosh. He put out a vid on the Feminist Frequency YouTube account earlier today. As I watched his video with my aforementioned partner, we were both struck by the unbridled hypocrisy. It’s nothing new from SJWs. They’re always hypocritical as fuck. But this looney fuck McIntosh always turns that shit up to 11.

The whole video is this beta loser giving goony beard men advice on how to ingratiate themselves to the radical feminist cult. Just take what he says here about men…

Challenge other men on sexism: The place where men can be most helpful in regards to feminism is first within ourselves, and then amongst other men…Let other men around you know that their sexist behavior is not ok. For example, when you stand up and say that a sexist joke is not funny the men telling the sexist joke can no longer be assured that they will go unchallenged the next time they tell it. In other words, those men can no longer count on other men to accept or go along with their sexism. Interrupting the sexist status quo is a simple yet powerful thing that all men can make a difference…

Then compare it to what he says about women…

So don’t get defensive if individual women don’t want to engage with you, and remember that it’s definitely not our job to police the ways women may choose to speak up about sexism or their experiences…

So, that means hateful and murderous language like #KillAllWhiteMen is cool for rad fems to use. They have their panties in a bunch over made-up, bullshit terms, after all. We’re supposed to sit back and let them spew whatever filth they want, all without saying a word. In fact, not only are we told to bow our heads and nod at our dear feminist overlords, we’re also meant to spread their propaganda among fellow men. What’s fair is fair, right? Feminism is all about equality, you gais!

Here’s the video, if you can stomach watching it…

It goes without saying that I don’t hold McIntosh in any high regard. He’s a fucking lunatic who has sauntered his way around the world on daddy’s dime, producing nothing but con-jobs and propaganda everywhere he goes. He hates the military and he’s curiously pro-Bin Laden. Not only that, he’s a fucking space cadet. Go look at his Twitter feed, the guy he is waaaay out there. Even anti-GamerGate people have called him out on his crazy dozens of times. Here’s some classic hits from FullMac before I head out to watch Creed

younevereverrgofullmcintos tumblr_netnc51Vai1u2ladwo1_1280B2TL7CqIIAARw9P

After I finish the movie, I’m gonna come here and review it. Then I’ll do a couple more posts as well. I think Jack Outis is also working on something, so be on the lookout for that. I’m going to try to get better about having content up for people to read in the mornings, so hopefully my efforts there are successful. Check out the short show we did earlier, other than that, I’m outta here. Oh, I will say one thing for McIntosh, though. At least he had the guts to put this video out himself instead of having his pet puppet Anita read it out from the teleprompter. Kudos.

    1. doubt it.. the “big” mac in tosh ( and since a lot of people don’t get the slang. tosh: A derisory term used in the same way as rubbish or crap or bollocks) is ok to look at and is loaded but mac tosh would need a personality transplant, if not a whole brain transplant cause his current personality has been corroded by the feminism prion (prion is an infectious agent, composed entirely of protein)

      1. You think he’s a looker? Personally, I think his appearance alone is capable of telling you he’s a complete scumbag, but then again, I might be biased, having known about what he was responsible for long before I ever saw a photo of him. On the other hand, I honestly think Sarkeesian CAN look halfway decent when she loses the fucking hoop earrings, puts her hair down, and doesn’t use SJW-identifying dye highlights when she does so.

  1. For fucks sake. You can’t sit there and not challenge a woman views just because you don’t wanna seem part of the patriarchy. Intersectional feminist are bat shit crazy and need to have their views challenged, hell everyone needs to have their views challenged. Goddamn Josh, don’t let women walk all over you.

    1. “Goddamn Josh, don’t let women walk all over you.”

      Too late, he’s carpeting incarnate.

      Unless he’s all talk and has an ulterior motive.

  2. Not going to watch this claptrap, especially if that excerpt is any indication. Policing other peoples’ behaviour, as a man, can result in violence on occasion but to learn that, McIntosh would need to venture out of his rich boy’s bubble.

    How rich people can end inequality:
    1) stop nepotism
    2) donate most of their inherited wealth
    3) stop telling the poor that the inequality is their problem and pretending to be all-enlightened

  3. To be honest I’m kind of looking forward to videos released by Josh and Anita. The great number of responses from awesome people that deconstruct them afterwards provide hours of entertainment.

  4. I am calling it now. 5-7 years, a headline news report will be printed about some wicked perversion and will mention the perpetrator as Jonathon McIntosh. They will be VERY vague about his associates.

  5. That special irony when a wealthy white male keeps talking about DIVERISTY and OPPRESSION and so makes it all about how he’s *~helping*~. Creepy as balls.

    1. Like srsly McIntosh is that creepy overly-paternalistic kind of guy that follows you around to make sure you have your promise ring and not to talk to strangers and probably wants to keep you in Sunday dresses to protect your maidenly virtue.

      1. At least with the overly paternalistic guy, he MIGHT be honestly trying to keep you from getting knocked up. Mac-And-Cheese boy, well, he’s still trying to sneak into women’s panties.

        1. Oh no. I think he has very little sexual interest in women for whatever reason. Nor is he trying to impress them – I genuinely think he’s trying to flog himself for being a rich white dude… while still not doing anything to -not- be a rich white dude who can go running to daddy for $$. It’s the ultimate circle-jerk to talk about MISOGYNY and OPPRESSION while still having all the money and perks in the world.

    1. Dr. Pepper isn’t a cola? I didn’t know that. Personally, I can’t stand any of these brown-colored sodas (sans root beer), and I figured “cola” was a catch-all term for them.

  6. As far as i care, McIntosh can piss off. What do I care about his little views? He’s beyond contempt and that witch Anita can trot off cause i won’t listen. I’ll live my life how I want and I’ll respect women regardless.

  7. This guy has got to be the biggest mammas boy the world has ever seen. “Let the wymonz talk and shut up men. You know I’m a man and I know to shut up when wyomenz speak!”

    Josh you are NOT A MAN!!! You are not a man, not a woman, not even a human being!!! You are a pathetic waste of air. Men hate you, women hate you, white people hate you, black people hate you christians hate you, muslims hate you, and so on!
    I know its harsh but its true. NOBODY likes you! If you wouldn’t always suck on anita’s ass like the parasite you are you wouldn’t even have 1 follower on twitter.

    Remember when you called Osama Bin Laden a hero? Guess what: he would have hated you too!
    I think I speak for everyone when I say: Your father should have pulled out!
    If you were my son I would have kicked you out of my house and out of my life already. So your father (who is an army man) doesn’t know or doesn’t care about your anti USA stand. I am not even an american and I’m more american than you ever will be. So go fuck yourself Fullmcintosh!

    Guess what, I get bad comments too when I say something people don’t want to hear! I don’t block them. It’s their opinion! If someone calls me a fag I don’t care. Wanna know why? Because ITS NOT TRUE!!! I don’t need to go to the UN and cry like a bitch. It’s called IGNORING!!!

    1. I bet that dumbass thought people will always provide her with money and attention. I think begging the UN for internet censorship wasn’t the best idea considering the fact she was criticised by her minions too.

  8. I would kill myself if I was such a pussy. What a pathetic worm. This is the problem with a polite and cultured society, not calling these people out as complete assholes in order to not be rude or offend someone has given them the mistaken impression they’re right.

  9. Fuck this guy. So my suspicion WAS right that he hates the military when he mentioned it. Great, at least my response touched down on his shit.

  10. Oh, #FullMcIntosh. You poor cuck bastard. Just because you hate yourself for being a (beta) male, doesn’t mean other men do. And letting women use you as a welcome mat isn’t gonna get you laid. Ever.

  11. listening to the video now, he has the vocalisation of a stepford wife, lots of calm, almost reasonable sounding intros leading to emotionless arguments with no substance.

    1. “You must confront friends who say a sexist joke” fails to clarify what classifies as sexist, how to approach such a confrontation or how to diffuse the inevitable and well deserved weird looks you would get for having a feminist hand wedged up your ass and in control of your vocal chords.

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