It’s been awhile since we talked about the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) here on People who have been reading my site since the beginning will probably remember them being one of my all-time favorite subjects. Why? Well, they’re probably the most corrupt group of disingenuous scumbags that I have ever seen. In fact, I would go so far as to say that out of all the groups I’ve written about, they are consistently the most terrible. Starting with the IGDA founder, Ernest W. Adams, who’s a notorious liar and propagandist, and moving all the way down to their current chief kooky Kate Edwards, their villainy is pretty much legendary.

Speaking of Edwards, the SJW activist is back at it again. This time, Kate is yet again using the IGDA perch in order to defend the indefensible: Alison Rapp.

From VentureBeat (archive)…

Today, International Game Developers Association executive director Kate Edwards issued a statement about Nintendo’s dismissal of Treehouse marketing employee Alison Rapp last week. She’s concerned that the company’s action sends a negative message to game developers and other employees that publishers won’t support them against Internet hate mobs. Edwards also fears this gives a victory to those who organize harassment campaigns against people in the industry.

“While Nintendo’s official statement on the matter of Alison Rapp’s firing strives to distance the company from anything related to the orchestrated online campaign of harassment and defamation that was raging against her, their timing in dealing with the issue is dubious at best. Unfortunately, the company seems oblivious to the consequences of their actions, not realizing the perceived victory it handed to the online hate groups who are now pursuing the dismissal of other women game developers by derision and defamation to their companies. By now, we would expect that all game development and publishing companies would be fully aware of negative social media dynamics and be more discerning of online feedback, as well as more protective of their employees — especially their employees of diverse backgrounds. Many have become proactive and aware but this industry obviously needs to make more progress.”

I was talking to someone about IGDA before I came here to write this and they pointed out the obvious. Where was IGDA when Brad Wardell was getting dragged through the mud by Kotaku and others? Why is it we only hear from these fuckers when radical feminists are getting wrecked? I realize you all already know the answer to those questions: It’s because they’re a hopelessly lost organization who’s much more concerned with progressive activism than they are with making the game industry a better place. Also, since when was Alison Rapp a game developer? This has absolutely nothing to do with IGDA whatsoever.

I got news for you, “Kate.” Nintendo doesn’t give one single shit about you or IGDA. Their failure or success will not be determined by the likes of you and your complicit cronies, no matter how much you whine. The only place you can even get the time of day is in the left-wing press. No one else takes you seriously at all. Not only that, you’re fast making IGDA itself a complete and utter joke. Keep crying about Alison Rapp. Please. This just lets people know how big of a victory her firing really was.

The funny thing is, I partially agree with you. I don’t think Ms. Rapp would have been dumped by Nintendo without people from GamerGate coming forward and highlighting her past advocacy of degeneracy. Nintendo found an out with her amazingly brazen behavior. But the fact is, she was caught red-handed doing partially nude modeling with Nintendo products. You can argue all you want. Cry about those mean gamers till the cows come home. It still won’t change that Rapp was hired to do public relations and she completely failed at that job. Nintendo was right to fire her, and they’re right to ignore you and your ilk now and forever.

  1. I missed the IGDA on the headlines.
    With the conspiracies they’re been presumably involved they’re the closest thing we have to a true evil organization like umbrella or omnicop for videogames.
    At least they deliver, their statement here is villainy enough. Nice words on the outside, but evil intents on the inside.

  2. I’m not surprised that the IGDA support CP, but I am shocked that they support those sexualised photos that surely (given the SJW line) “send out a bad signal to young girls about objectification…”

    1. It’s apparently OK if you’re feminist and (if Weev & his pals are correct), Jewish.

      1. I meant in terms of a resolution. Because this got uncovered and then it went absolutely nowhere.

  3. Tom Edwards defending a fellow SJW without looking at the facts – I’m shocked. As the article stated this should have nothing to do with IGDA since Rapp is not a developer, but “Kate” is just using his position of authority to try and strong arm Nintendo.

    Time and again it’s been proven that hiring SJWs is bad for business and companies like Nintendo are slowly realising that.

  4. No word from her on all the Puerto Rican devs of all genders she abandoned when the IGDA closed down that branch.

  5. I imagine IGDA survives on sponsorship dollars. I wonder how those companies might feel if they were to learn that they are associated with a group who has, very publicly, defended a child rape advocate. In the old GG days, there’d be an Op up and running within hours. I miss those days.

  6. Employees of diverse background? Why, because she’s a woman? Then again, I tend to forget that pedophiles (or a pedophile apologist in this case) also count as an “oppressed group” according to these people. At any rate, there’s yet another accusation that someone was targeted for being a woman. Really, when are these fuckers gonna learn that gender has nothing to do with it? People in the gaming and especially gaming journalist industry just do bullshit things that piss us off, male or female, cis or trans, white or their own generalizing umbrella term of “people of color”.

    I’m tempted to write Nintendo an encouraging letter stating that they were in the right, and that they should never give in to these unforgiving vocal minorities who currently condemn them for their actions. In fact, we should all write them. Let them know who their fans really are; it’s certainly not the SJW cult that weaseled its way into the Treehouse.

  7. Jesus, these fuckers really want this to be the hill to die on?

    Between her shitty behaviour towards Nintendo’s customers, spewing controversial views on pedophilia and child porn, and posting lewd pics with Nintendo’s products on the same Twitter she used to do PR for NOA, it’s amazing she wasn’t canned months sooner.

    But go right ahead, Kate and Ernest – flush your image and credibility down the toilet on behalf of Alison. I’m sure Nintendo will forget all of the previously mentioned fuck-ups and risk the ire of an anti-child exploitation charity like The Wayne Foundation. A child-friendly company like Nintendo would just LOVE that.

    1. They think they’re putting pressure on Nintendo but they’re really just burning more bridges. Nintendo is one of the historically least transparent and most stubborn entities in the industry. Once Nintendo decides they’re going down a particular road that’s it and they’re doing it period, I can’t ever remember them folding to external pressure.

  8. Some unknown group crying foul that their pedophile loving friend Ms Rapp got fired. |Cry me more tears, for they are delicious. (if I had a pic of Cartman doing that from the episode where he did after getting that bully to eat his parents as chili, I would do!)

  9. If the online behavior of SJWs is any indication of how they behave offline, she probably couldn’t keep her yap shut about her politics. I can easily see her annoying the hell out of everyone by bringing up “rape culture” and “microagressions” at meetings. They were probably looking for a reason to 86 her before people started digging.

  10. Who are these other women game developers they say the “online harassment movement” is going after?

    1. I would say the only person they could name is probably Zoe Quinn but calling her a game developer is an insult to real developers.

  11. I think she was already on the chopping block since they got rid of her so quickly. They were just waiting for an excuse so they didn’t get sued.

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