Here’s a follow-up to our recent post on IGDA, as tonight it’s been revealed that one of their directors was an early supporter of Anita Sarkeesian. Now the pieces are really starting to come together. You can understand why an organization like this wanted to censor us on Twitter, and help propagate a blockbot. Their founder threatening the livelihood of people like Jennifer D’awwthe theft of my article…their hatred toward GamerGate, and free speech. They hate us because their idols are being exposed daily thanks to our efforts. No wonder they want to shut us down.IGDA Director Sheri Rubin, who was featured in the update to our aforementioned post the other day, continues to get exposed on a daily basis. Take a look at this tweet from earlier tonight. I think you can guess the reveal from the headline and intro, so there’s not much suspense here lol ( I also added the Zoe screen from the last story):


But that’s not all. Sheri is a very dedicated shill. I can imagine that Zoe and Anita were glad to have all this free promo. Well, nothing is “free.” It probably more like, “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.” So when it came time to crack down on GamerGate, Sheri and her thugs at IGDA were there to crank up the heat.

So, we now have two IGDA directors who are confirmed to be totally biased against GamerGate (not to mention the Intel stuff). Their founder is a legendary scumbag. Their current Executive Director Kate Edwards has been exposed numerous times as an enemy of gamers. Now we have financial ties between them and many of our top critics? These are the same people who want to silence us, and IGDA has financially contributed, and promoted them, time and time again. Then they pull string to silence the main resistance to the Silverstring Agenda. There’s more out there, to be sure. These people are very sloppy. Keep digging.

  1. Now we see collusion and the corruption so the IGDA are they also connected to the IGF as well having financial ties?

  2. They are their own worst enemies. Their egos are so huge they tweet things that will bite them in the ass & they think they’re untouchable. Sooner or later, some government type is going to get an itchy nose & make it their goal to investigate the IGDA to the fullest extent.

  3. I expect to hear that the IGDA has ties to the Knights Templar and was formed with capital from Nazi gold at this rate.

    1. Actually the funding ties @ IGDA goes to the english company UBM who runs Gamasutra/GDC so in all regards UBM is the gaming equivalent of the Knights Templar / Guilders.

      Would you like to know more?

  4. Ralph! I think there needs to be a little polishing to your writing in regard to terms and phrases. You say IGDA is biased against GamerGate. That people like Shamu and Five Guys hate GamerGate. I think the number of people who would come out as supporters would boom if our people used GamerGate to reference historical points, like “GamerGate was this, or “GamerGate was that.”

    What should be said more is that these are attacks on gamers. Zoe Quinn doesn’t just hate GamerGate. She hates gamers. Look at her contributions to gaming and you’ll see she doesn’t want to make video games; she wants to make games for her ilk who, like her, have no interest in gaming. She wants to hijack the industry and give gaming to the Social Justice crowd, who are so self-righteous that a weak ass depression simulator is actually more fun to them than NBA2k.

    IGDA doesn’t hate GamerGate. They aren’t biased against GamerGate. They’re biased against gamers. Triple A titles will never deviate from free expression so their only hope is to co-opt gaming via the indie scene for people who think it’s a romping good time to walk around a virtual house for five hours just to confirm that your character’s sister is a lesbian (a fact you figure out after the first clue).

    I know you’re proud of GamerGate, but you should emphasize more often that it’s not a movement versus a censorship reich, but that it’s people who hate games trying to take them away from all gamers.

  5. It’s amazing how like organized crime this is: Get yourself a group, get them legitimacy in the space you want to take over, discredit all competition, get your friends infiltrated into all aspects of the industry, then apply pressure while no one can tie you all together so the opposition doesn’t realize it’s one force causing all their problems and band together to stop you. Fart is like the untouchables.

  6. Well can’t say i didn’t see ths coming. Not when FatOtaku and CameraLady had that findings to share to us which mysteriously disappeared because of one word “Lawsuit”

  7. The most sickening part of this is the fact that these assholes built their organization by feeding off of hopeful indie devs. Just as with the IndieCade and IGF scandals, this is despicable. These people have been literally stealing money, recognition, and credibility from the gaming community, all while taking a huge shit on it.

  8. Isn’t 40 Good just about 4$? That’s… not actually that significant from a financial point of view. Still, otherwise it’s shady.

  9. I knew this would go deep down the rabbit hole. But it’s scary how much damage these people have done and will do to the indie gaming world, because they have so much power and money at their finger tips. I begin to understand better now why they fear and hate GamerGate so much. But one must wonder for how long they can keep it up…?

    Anita use same BS like Jack Thompson did but with Feminism and naive “white knights” at their side instead. These greedy fucks can do so much more damage if can keep this crap party running the next 3 years.

    Gaming changed last year and is still doing so both good and BAD. I’m sure ain’t gonna stop giving that support I can give anytime soon to GamerGate and the fight for ethics in gaming. I will signal boost as much as I can. I have been gaming since I was 6 years old and it’s still a hobby I enjoy to this date. I don’t want to see it begin ruined because of some journalist that doesn’t do their job and don’t give a shit about if they lie to consumers that trust them to deliver honest information.

  10. There are still other major IGDA personnel that you guys haven’t noticed yet. Please keep digging. I can’t tell you exactly who and what they’ve been doing without possibly endangering myself and people I know. All I can say is, don’t focus only on the United States. The blatant corruption extends a lot further.

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