Here’s a follow-up to our recent post on IGDA, as tonight it’s been revealed that one of their directors was an early supporter of Anita Sarkeesian. Now the pieces are really starting to come together. You can understand why an organization like this wanted to censor us on Twitter, and help propagate a blockbot. Their founder threatening the livelihood of people like Jennifer D’awwthe theft of my article…their hatred toward GamerGate, and free speech. They hate us because their idols are being exposed daily thanks to our efforts. No wonder they want to shut us down.IGDA Director Sheri Rubin, who was featured in the update to our aforementioned post the other day, continues to get exposed on a daily basis. Take a look at this tweet from earlier tonight. I think you can guess the reveal from the headline and intro, so there’s not much suspense here lol ( I also added the Zoe screen from the last story):


But that’s not all. Sheri is a very dedicated shill. I can imagine that Zoe and Anita were glad to have all this free promo. Well, nothing is “free.” It probably more like, “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine.” So when it came time to crack down on GamerGate, Sheri and her thugs at IGDA were there to crank up the heat.

So, we now have two IGDA directors who are confirmed to be totally biased against GamerGate (not to mention the Intel stuff). Their founder is a legendary scumbag. Their current Executive Director Kate Edwards has been exposed numerous times as an enemy of gamers. Now we have financial ties between them and many of our top critics? These are the same people who want to silence us, and IGDA has financially contributed, and promoted them, time and time again. Then they pull string to silence the main resistance to the Silverstring Agenda. There’s more out there, to be sure. These people are very sloppy. Keep digging.