Ernest W. Adams has talked a lot of trash about GamerGate before. But, that was on Twitter. What we usually can’t see, is the groundwork propaganda that is pumped out on less public networks. Luckily, TheRalphRetort has spies in many places. Our budget is almost non-existent, so I can’t afford to pay for dox like Adrian Chen (lol). Instead, I rely on a friendly network of sources, and unknown anons who volunteer information. Stuff like Facebook posts often come into my possession, but I don’t always share them.

But when you have the founder of the International Game Developer’s Association outright calling us all criminals, we have a problem. Even though Mr. Adams is no longer involved in the operations of IGDA, this is still an influential person.  Despite his prominence, he acts like a petulant child.  Ernest runs us down behind our backs, all the while refusing to come out and discuss the issues at hand. He’s explicitly stated that he wants nothing to do with reasoned debate (a frequent refrain of our opponents).

If you go to Gamasutra today, there’s a bullshit article about E3 booth babes (but also about us, really), and the first comment is from none other than Mr. Young. Let’s see what he has to say:

A company is not a political system in which a plurality of views must be tolerated; it is a business whose function is to make money. If an employee doesn’t support the core values of the company, he or she needs to find another one more suited to them.

Surprise, Surprise! Ernest wants companies to start stamping out dissent from the SJW/Silverstring Agenda. They know that they can’t compete if it’s a fair fight. They’ve always known it. So, now they want to start an inquisition against GamerGate at the major publishing companies. You’ve got to hand it to Ernest, though. At least he’s a true believer. He talks this crazy shit in more private settings, as well.


How can these monsters reconcile their charges, with the actual facts on the ground? GamerGate has been harassed MORE that the SJWs, if we’re being honest here. Just because the media never talks about it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’ve been doxed, along with several high profile supporters. KingofPol has been swatted and received a knife in the mail. Milo Yionoppolous had a dirty liquid (urine, or something like it) syringe sent to his address. What are these people talking about? We’re harassed daily. GamerGate aren’t the ones acting like criminals. These lying devs and journos are the ones knee-deep in felonious-type behavior.

This raving SJW ideologue also refuses to listen to his well-meaning friends. He again rejects any facts that don’t coincide with his warped vision.


There’s not much use in talking to folks like this. Sitdowns with people like Stephen Totilo are fine to have, but he’s not addressing the real issues. I doubt he ever will. Firing Nathan Grayson would mean he’s been wrong this whole time. Similarly, Ernest W. Adams can’t admit to one sliver of the GamerGate argument, or else his whole radical show goes up in smoke. That’s why he has so much invested in shooting down even the mildest rebukes.

Thankfully, we don’t have to be concerned with the people like Ernest and Totilo. We’re talking to gamers, and to society at large. We’ve grown our size and scope by the hundreds of thousands in just 8 weeks. The fact of the matter is, we’re just getting started. It’s not criminality, you radical feminist nutters.

It’s a consumer protest.

  1. He’s written to government officials now? Isn’t that like extreme censoring he’s requesting once he wants the government to step in?

    1. Those government officials might be interested to learn about the collusion evidenced by the GameJournoPros activity.

    2. I doubt these people even realize what they’re saying. He has the nerve of saying that this is not a politicized media conspiracy while at the same time admitting he has contacted politicians to lend a hand in their agenda.

      In other words, even though this situation is a consumer revolt, he and people like him actively seek to make this politicized. This is just confirmation for the very obvious truth. For them, this was about politics from the very beginning.

      They really are digging their own grave, and it appears they can’t stop doing it.

  2. So it’s okay to silence people when you don’t agree with them… : Have they no clue what the 1st amendment even is in the U.S.? If anything a bunch of sites (based in the U.S.) already breached U.S. citizens’ freedom of speech by shutting them up. People aren’t going to be happy if the government gets involved and is okay with breaching U.S. citizen 1st amendment rights. Heck or any government that says it’s citizens have a right to free speech. And I really really hate to say this, but in the U.S. even hate speech is protected. That’s just how much free speech is valued in the U.S.

    1. While I agree with everything else you’ve said, the first amendment only protects you from the government coming down on your head over what you say. You really can’t expect to have that respected by some webmaster.

      The other side of that coin is that you don’t have to visit a webmaster’s site and view their ads if you don’t like how they remove your voice. We’ve pretty much already done that, and can continue doing that for far longer than they can go without ad revenue.

    2. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
      prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
      speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
      assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      You can’t run inside a church, start attacking their religion and then shout free speech when they throw you out.

      I have seen a lot of people use freedom of speech whenever there is a comments section closed on news sites, and similar. This does not apply here. You are absolutely free to make your own website and say whatever you want there. You are not entitled however to have your opinion be more visible or validated through their own “fame”. It is their place and they are free to do with it as they please.

  3. Yes, let’s bring the government in. Watch all the gun nuts lose their mind even if they have nothing to do with GG. America loves both the 1st and 2nd Amendment except when their feelings are hurt or they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions.

    These loonies I tell you. I keep asking for an asylum to put them in.

  4. “Women who speak thier minds about videogames.” I guess such women don’t exist unless they are victims.

      1. It did seem strange when I read that. I wasn’t aware that Mr. Gjoni said that what he did was part of some kind of “grand scheme”.

        I doubt anyone asked him for proof on that either.

    1. If the guy is telling lies to harm Eron’s reputation can’t he bring a civil suit against Adams? Although I know he has enough legal stuff going on already. 🙁

      1. Defamation lawsuits are kinda iffy. They could argue that by publicizing his feud with Quinn, Gjoni made himself a public figure.

        Honestly, as ugly as it’s been, I don’t think either side would enjoy winding up in a courtroom much. Too much can go spectacularly wrong.

    2. Never happened. Eron said he carefully considered the possible ramifications of his blog post, and while he did mention that he thought of some major blowout occurring as a result, he also said he rated that possibility EXTREMELY low on the scale. Hardly the behavior of a conspiratorial nutcase.

  5. I keep hearing that people have been “driven from their homes” and
    “driven from the industry” but that simply has not occurred. Valkenburg
    for example, has as much to do with the industry as the groupies who
    sleep with bands who perform at your local bar. She made a PowerPoint
    with sad music over top of it. She still hasn’t been “driven” anywhere,
    she has used her donation money to party and go on trips.

    It is very telling these people have to resort to such blatant lies and
    melodrama. Just look what’s going on with David Pakman. They do not want
    an open forum.

  6. A company is not a political system in which a plurality of views must be tolerated; it is a business whose function is to make money. If an employee doesn’t support the core values of the company, he or she needs to find another one more suited to them.

    I actually agree with this. They(in the general sense) are a business, and if an employee doesn’t feel like that place of employment is for them, well… There’s always another place. Other than that though, the guy(Adams) is a fucking nutter. He really should stop talking, even if it is entertaining to make fun of him.

  7. The real irony here is that liberal sites like Polygon are actually hurting developers. If they continue to mark down good games because of their politically progressive viewpoint then good devs will miss out on bonuses. This is the kind of stuff that #GamerGate should be against because it is actually detrimental to developers and could have an effect on future releases.

  8. I wanna see “”””””evidence”””””” of our “””””criminal behavior”””””
    yes i need that many quotation marks

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