Just in case you didn’t think today could be filled with anymore news, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. On Twitter just now, the founder of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), threatened the career of any developer who openly supports GamerGate. This is EXACTLY the sort of thing we’ve been talking about. People like RogueStarGamez have warned us about this sort of thing from the very beginning of GamerGate.

Here’s his threat. It’s funny, because in another tweet, he likens us to the Mafia, but it’s him that’s issuing Mafioso style threats:



Every day, I keep thinking that these people will get smarter, but they never do. That’s a good thing for us. We would still be winning without it, in my opinion. But the errors are bringing us the victory much sooner than would normally be the case. So please, continue to think that you can say this shit in public without it being called out. Leigh, fire up that racist mouth of yours. Keep the hits coming.


UPDATE: IGDA has since come out and distanced themselves from Mr. Adams’ comments, noting that he hasn’t been involved with the organization for some time.




    1. I’m no legal expert, but I’m not sure it does. It’s an implication more than outright declaration, so it’d be easier to get out of I’m sure.
      That the implication also isn’t targeting anything that would be specifically protected, to my knowledge, also leaves me thinking it’s a legally safe thing being done there.

      I could be wrong, but that’s my general understanding of things.

      1. Yep, it’s the difference between “I can’t hire you because” and “I won’t hire you because” so long as the situation doesn’t come up. Once the situation does arise, though, you’ll have probable cause.

    2. Since he is specifically warning only people on the Gamergate side, then yes, he is saying that ONLY Gamergate members may be endangering their careers, in his opinion. That’s not lawbreaking — until comes the day that he refuses to hire someone on that basis, at which point his tweet becomes admissible evidence. One of the reasons you cannot deny someone a hire, under federal law, is for their “creed”.

      1. The question is, does simply using a tag count as a creed?
        If it is, how does one define the creed? Is it the trolls? (Obviously not, but the point would still need to be addressed.) The fixation specifically on the journalists? The fixation on the wider spread issues that helped contribute to the issues?

        I feel it would be very difficult to pin it on creed discrimination.

        1. It would be difficult to prove, but it would also be a massive pain in the arse for him.
          I’m fairly sure some lawyers would delight in this kind of case (maybe for the wrong reasons) and even without firm precedent make Mr Adam’s position awkward.
          I believe the company itself has already distanced themselves from his tweet, so they think its serious enough to warrant that.

        2. If the use of the tag is considered by the hiring party to be a creed, then yes, it does indeed count, regardless of whether the person using the tag believed it to be one.

          When a person is denied employment on basis of their political, moral, or social affiliations, that is illegal.

        1. I’m not so sure on the cocky thing, not when we’re still going out of our way to find everything we can to prove our point. We’re not resting on what successes we’ve had.
          And frankly, if any of them wise up and just stop with the bullshit, that’s what we’ve been after; That they stop acting insane, that they start doing their jobs, their actual jobs not what they think their jobs are.

          1. I fear they will just stop being so obvious and going behind close doors to keep doing the same they have been doing for so long.
            But you are right Hubris was a strong word.

      1. Yeah, they think they’re invulnerable and their arrogance takes care of the rest. Besides, they’ve never listened to a thing we’ve said so far. I don’t see that changing.

  1. It wont be a win until some general media source starts reporting stuff like this. As is, if a #GG were to be murdered by a SJW who said that’s why they killed them, it likely wouldn’t be considered a major story. Might even be mocked and cheered on by sites like Gawker.

    1. I want to disagree with you, but after seeing shit like this (comments taken from Kotaku’s article on Felicia Day’s blogpost):


      “I would have zero sympathy for any of these assholes that are threatening and doxxing people if they wound up with a bullet in the head. Literally zero sympathy. That might put the brakes on other people trying this shit.”

      “As much as I loathe actual real life violence, I kind of have to agree with this. Not saying I wish that fate on ANYONE, but if it were to happen, I have to agree that others might not be so quick to launch into attack mode.”

      …you may not be too far from the truth.

    2. what we are facing is the diet version of the media that covered up jfk

      the old media obviously have their back… did you see a dissenting point of view in any of the major publications?

      nope we are all basement dwelling neckbeard women hating cis white males

      major media will never side with us

  2. Hah the fun. I would call that abuse of “power” but hey, not the first time some people show what they truly think… and are as persons. This so called war has brought so many dirty thoughts to light usualy no one would say in public. It´s a sad time for gaming imo and we were right. Day after day we witness how many of those people think in real live. It´s a gift somehow. Heh, once we have promoted the gamer friendly sites more and more we just need to make sure that “blackmailed” devs gets mentioned on there. It´s on us then to support these indy devs!

  3. IGDA? whats that? is it any thing of important? Nope.What do indi devs need to look out for? Insults??? IGDA,you have no power.

  4. ‘The web makes a lie of the old cliché that today’s newspaper pages are
    tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping. Nowadays, as I’ve said before, the
    things you say about yourself in a newspaper are more like tattoos –
    they can be extremely difficult to get rid of.’ -Siohain Butterworth

  5. Wow, ya can’t get much more brazen than these people. This reminds me of how China is basically making all the same mistakes America did the late 1800s because their heavy industry is quite ‘new.’ The journos don’t have the damn sense to see what happened before.

  6. LOL. I told him my name and told him to fuck off with his threats.
    So much for being afraid of their judgement.

  7. Guys and gals, please! Wise up! This is *not* a bad thing, it is a very very good thing indeed. As this bozo points out, the internet is forever, so repost his own words often and everywhere. This sort of blatant idiocy, actually threatening people’s careers, is a *spectacular* mistake.

    And there is a well known military adage:

    Never interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake,

  8. What the fuck… TWO SIDES FALLACY? News Flash DOUCHE BAG, It’s the FUCKING “FALLACY OF THE FALSE DILEMMA” and it COMPLETELY INAPPLICABLE! Someone get me a curling iron and his testicles – just lost the right to one of them.

  9. “It’s not politics, it’s the mafia”
    Exactly. But for some reason, so many people buy into the mafias PR campaigns and rush to defend it.

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