OK, I woke up “early” today, so let’s get down to it. As it so happens, there was another huge story breaking right when I arose. What is this, October? Anyway, there were some anti-Anita Sarkeesian posters spotted today at E3. The anti’s are losing their shit over all this, for reasons unknown. Public figures who insert themselves into a debate (and try to enforce their values on others) often find themselves the target of negative campaigning. Of course the other side is acting like this is a death threat, or some shit. The posters themselves have GamerGate stamped all over them, leading me to think it’s an obvious troll, possibly conducted by Jonathan McIntosh himself. People sometimes forget, this guy’s main skill is crafting propaganda JUST LIKE THIS. Just read back here on my own site if you don’t believe me. 

Anyway, let’s go ahead and look at the posters, for those who haven’t seen them yet (you can barely see it, but GamerGate is written in grey in the background):CHyrT5fWgAAfuil

There were some others as well:CHzLUpEUAAEN7iA CHzK9ClUwAALwU3Honestly, the last one was kinda hilarious. But we have to ask, who stands to benefit from an action like this? I don’t think any right-thinking GamerGate supporter would ever leave a poster like this. To me, it looks like McIntosh or one of his flunkies did this. They make hundreds of thousands off Feminist Frequency. It wouldn’t be too hard to pay some homeless guy to put them up, if FullMac didn’t wanna risk getting his hands dirty.

Either way, no matter who put them up, the reaction from the SJWs is ridicuously over-the-top. Here’s IGN editor Mitch Dyer going off. As a result, I’ve decided to take IGN off the page. Disgraces like this are not something I want to support:ziw0kCw

Polygon is wigging out as well:

The “Fem Freak” flyers stand in stark contrast to the typical advertising found around the convention center celebrating the upcoming release of anticipated video games.

The bottom of the flyer states “All Your Tropes Are Belong To Us Honey” and the background repeats the hashtag “GamerGate.”

This year’s E3 has seen a marked improvement in the representation of women in gaming, both in how they are treated in video games and how many have been involved in presenting games on stage, talking about them in interviews and playing them in demos.

GamePoltics chimes in with some good old fashioned hand-wringing:

Some are blaming GamerGate for the flyers (it’s hard to see in the pic but the poster’s background is made up of “GamerGate” hashtags), while people in GamerGate are calling it a “false flag operation” to drive sympathy for Sarkeesian in the gaming community (see this Tumblr). Sarkeesian is a popular target for her Tropes vs. Women in Vide Games series of videos talking about gender in video games and her regular commentary on social media about games, violence, and sexism in games.

You don’t have to agree with what Sarkeesian says or even acknowledge who is responsible for posting these flyers to roundly condemn the message and imagery they contain.

Honestly, I don’t have to condemn a fucking thing…except idiots like Mitch Dyer jumping to unfounded conclusions. Someone told me I was going too far in speculating about McIntosh. Well, I would say to them that turnabout is fair play. What about the usual SJW suspects, what are they saying?

(she writes for Destructoid, and just put out a piece on this herself)tmVT1k2

I’m still waiting for people like Wu and Randi to say some dumb shit, but they’re too busy talking about the Charleston shooting and “white privilege.” I’m sure they will get around to this before the day is up. Rest assured, I will be updating this story as more comes in.


UPDATE: More is coming in…



  1. I think the antis who made the posters kept them deliberately plain so as not to get the police involved. If police get involved they will check security camera footage, track down who printed and distributed the posters and it would be a PR disaster for them.

    Seriously, who would bother to go the expense of having these made and distributed, Anita is a comedy icon for GG, her and McIntosh scaring away all the sane people does more good for us than harm. The longer those two are the voice of the antis the better it is for us.

  2. Damn, and the flyer doesn’t even have any ad hominem in it….not even a single “Fuck you Sarkeesian” in it…..
    Talk about overreaction huh…..those anti-GG/SJW …tsc tsc tsc….

  3. I don’t really know what to say. Are these posters any more offensive than “teach men not to rape?”

    I have no idea if its a false flag. The only thing I see to make me suspicious is the word “honey” in the “all your base…” poster. Who talks like that except someone doing a bad impression of a misogynist.

    1. Honestly, the posters are pretty silly either way. If they decide to take THAT seriously, then it’s their choice to be hypersensitive pansies. There was nothing even remotely offensive on them.

      1. They needed to feed the outrage machine but for the “right” reasons. So of course they gonna whip up the “wymen poor victims” and “anons = BAD” narrative, especially after how their outrage over Doom 4 and the mechanical apartheid made them look like crybabies in front of everyone. I couldnt help but notice how CONVENIENT the timing have been. After Josh and Anita ridiculed themselves, and that article about The Evil Shadow of Gamergate Looming Over E3 And Nobody But the Righteous Crusaders Gave A Shit was posted. Behold! Gamergate vandalize the E3 area with posters!

        Journos and SJWs just didnt care if it was a false flag, they needed to fire up an emotional response over Yet Another Horrible Crime By Gamergate.

  4. “All your tropes are belong to us”

    Now I can’t get that damn song out of my head…

    …who cares though – it’s an Internet classic. 😉

  5. If anyone who was pro-GG planned this it would have been mentioned on KiA and we would have quashed it (don’t give her the attention or victim sympathy.)

    Probably baphtrolls, JoshinTosh seems far-fetched (I don’t think he is this crafty).

  6. It sure is terrible when people disagree with an opinion. It’s just absolutely fucking horrifying when it breaks that narrative isn’t it…

  7. These posters are too lame to have been GamerGater’s.
    No – GG logo, wrong colour, crap art work, no deepfreeze.it.
    PWN c’mon lol.

  8. Is it just me or are these posters relatively soft? I mean if was a McIntosh agitprop job he’s done a rather poor poster. I mean if it were something like “sarkeesian is a feminist cunt” would have been more effective than ‘honey’ at smearing gamergate; if that was the point at all.

    Sounds to me it’s either a false flag or someone legitimately leveraging criticism against fem freq and feminism as a whole. Much ado over nothing imo.

      1. Thank the good Lord that they didn’t use the word “humbug,” that would be entirely too viscous and well over the line.

  9. Pretty funny how this is only seen right after Anita and Johnny Mac make a fool of themselves during the Bethesda conference.

    And isn’t that IGN guy the same one who made numerous research errors and flipped out when called on it?

    1. Ain’t that the truth!

      Anita can insinuate that gamers are necrophilist, but these posters are horrible?

      Talk about a fucked-up sense of right/wrong….

  10. while I don’t agree with such posters on principle, are they any worse than the outrageous shit SJWs put out?
    Except that somehow when a woman say all men are evil no one care.

  11. *yawn*

    The only thing “offensive” about these posters are how lame they are.

    It’s hilarious seeing the SJWs lose their shit over this and accuse GamerGate of wasting time and money on something so stupid. If GG was going to do something like this, the posters would have addressed how she cherrypicks and distorts data to fit her narrative, how she didn’t deliver on her promise to have her series done years ago, or how GG caught the guy sending her death threats, but she refused to report him to the authorities.

    1. I could do better in MS Paint. Also, I’d put in a message.

      Not something weak like “reject feminist poppycock” – seriously, who talks like that?

      1. Republicans. Also, Democrats imitating Republicans. So essentially, political scumbags or people hired by political scumbags.

      1. If you look at most GG related artistic content, it’s always GG-positive stuff supporting gaming and women and so on. It’s rarely, if ever, negative hateful content attacking aGG.

    2. This hamfisted schlock is the kind of material that I’d expect to see on a sequel to that NCIS GamerGate episode. Posters created by GG would have been much funnier than this, but sadly, as a propaganda robot, humour is the one thing which utterly escapes McIntosh!

    3. Yeah they’d be more logical, not just ad hominem attacks that use nothing but memes (unless of course said memes were used against gg first, then gg would turn it back against them like gg did to Wu).

  12. I’m willing to give LaurakBuzz the benefit of the doubt, seems to just be a witness to it and stays away from discussing #GG, at the very least she noted in a tweet and her dtoid blurb that the creator of these posters is unknown. So she isn’t calling for our blood yet.

    But who is surprised Kirtaner is being a little bitch.

  13. lol, what a bunch of crybabies. Even if gamergate did it, go through her and josh’s feed, I’ll bet it takes less time to find something more offensive than to read this article.

  14. Saw the posters… and…

    …is that it?

    Seriously? Anita’s a strong, independent woman, who can’t handle a few mildly critical pieces of paper?

    Also, I’m pretty sure she, or her business manager,paid for them. It’s cheap viral marketing to keep the victimbux rolling in from suckers.

    “All Your Tropes Are Belong To Us” – what is this, 2001? Is Shaggy ft Rik Rok still in the charts?

  15. Who cares some anti brings up the stupid posters don’t even mention a troll just say “So and What” Wasn’t me couldn’t give two shits about them means nothing.

  16. Behold the rage in waiting.

    Has Anita ever gone after the Persona series? I don’t watch crap, so I wouldn’t watch her stuff.

    1. A non-violent game about a normal woman going out dancing for fun, wearing an entirely normal miniskirt. How dare they …

    2. To my knowledge, she has not. And she thankfully never will since it isn’t a mainstream series anyway, even with the surge in popularity Persona 3 apparently brought forth.

      1. Technically, it has become a mainstream industry thanks to 4. Weird how after the two games, the two anime and a lot more materials, that’s rather surprising… Especially considering what happens in the game…

        Then again, it was praised by Extra Credits, so maybe its not being touched by that.

    3. Hmmmm, there’s a word for this…I believe Feminist like to throw it around to make men feel bad, what is that word again?|

      I believe its like Shaming…hell, Body Shaming even, maybe even “Slut Shaming”

      Oh what’s this? Anita, are you shaming a woman for the clothing she wears?

      Cause it sure seems like you’re doing just that.

      Tell me again Anita, how are you not Anti-Sex? How are you not Jack Thompson 2.0?

      And people wonder why I look at this woman and laugh my ass off at every dumb thing she says.

  17. …it is in a style that either belongs to street artist Dourone aka Fabio Lopez or one of his L.A. Fanboys. This photo on th brand new twitter of @femfreqE3 (set up for this stunt no doubt), shows one in front of one of his murals and when you look at a closeup of those faces, th’ style is obvious. You can find his work here. Also wouldnt doubt th’ backpacker in th’ pic might be him or an accomplice ego surfing their “great work”


  18. Just waiting for the video of Anita or Mcintosh hanging those posters, surely it will surface at some point.

  19. I fail to understand how this is “offensive”. Someone is publicly calling her bluff with posters and apparently it’s the attitude that’s “not welcomed” in the industry. I got an idea IGN, how about you go interview all the developers that have called out her bullshit? How about you go ask the people that give your existence meaning what they think of her rather than bitch and moan about the industry standards that YOU don’t want? For God’s sake, she was trashing a game that MILLIONS OVER THE GLOBE have been waiting for because of the same bullshit that Jack Thompson bitched about, and you all call him a nutjob. If the fact that she has a vagina is the only reason you’re giving her an audience, then YOU’RE THE ONE THAT SHOULDN’T BE WELCOMED IN THE INDUSTRY. It’s been nearly a year, and everybody’s fucking tired of the forced identity narrative!

  20. Posters are obvious plants, the wording and copy cat style is a dead give away. This is all for their narrative and the click bait revenue.

    1. ‘All your posters are belong to us, honey.’ was the most obvious. It’s funny how they’re like 14 years behind with trends in gaming. Just goes to show how much they’re not really into gaming.

  21. Awww and they thought that shit would actually fly? How cute! Dare I say it’s even ADORABLE! But seriously, I remember when people were BAYING for Jack Thompson’s blood, yet with Anita she’s like a sacred fucking cow (yes, that was intentional). I suppose that does kind of prove sexism, in the typical radfem hypocritical fashion.

  22. This whole thing gets stranger and stranger. I can remember as a child, spending my hobby time playing D&D, going to arcades, and listening to heavy metal music. All of us into that sort of thing were constantly bashed by the politically right religious nuts. Now as an adult, when I have time to enjoy my hobbies, I read all this garbage online from the politically left atheists.

    Back in the 80’s and 90’s, just as now, all the people who are for and against these supposed bad activities did not actually participate in them. All I will say is the progressives who engage in public shaming and spreading misinformation should take a good look at themselves, they are exactly like the televangelists from back then. Public outrage and moral panic in public, but snorting lines of coke off the bellies of naked gay prostitutes indoors.

  23. Poster should say “FEM FRAUD” not “FEM FREAK”. I get “freak” sounds better because if you stop halfway through saying “frequency” it sounds a lot like “freak” but putting up anti-anita posters at E3 would be more productive if it were used to expose her lies and greed. These posters come off as a personal attack and childish insults and this only strengthens the resolve of anti-GG to defend her. This could have been an opportunity to sow seeds of doubt as to her legitimacy with people who don’t normally get that message in their echo chamber.

    So sabo, unsavoryagents, whoever did this, ya fucked it all up!

  24. If this was someone from GamerGate they wouldn’t have wasted their time with Anita. They’d be talking about the corrupt journalist that are there. That being said, this was a crappy tactic. I was hoping E3 would be free of anyone mentioning GamerGate or issues therein. This reeks of McIntosh antics.
    All that aside, fuck that stupid cuck Mitch Dyer. Him and his fucked up teeth were in Sarkeesian’s 25 male privileges video so of course he’s bleeding everywhere over it. He’s as crooked as his teeth.

  25. Storm in a teacup. And let’s be clear: There are no lies, no smears, no unjust attacks in what these posters say. Anita is a scam artist, a pathetic trope peddler, and moral panic crusader.

  26. Easy to find out who did it. Check local areas that print adhesive handbills, take a poster, tell them you’re a journalist, ask who did this. Ask them to describe who dropped off the Photoshop file (It’s LITERALLY a 15 minute on a laptop with PS5), then follow the money.

    It’s just a stock photo (press photo?) of Sarkesian with a included photoshop filter added. It’s not a hard job to do.

    This is pretty easily followed. And kind of a mistake.

  27. were it the UK every poster site would have a minimum of one CCTV camera pointed at the street and the poster could be identified (if poorly), I’m guessing the USA not as blanket on its accepted surveillance practices.

  28. This 3rd party troll attempt to smear GG, yet again, is absolutely pathetic. GG would never stoop to this level. Not that the aGGros would ever believe us anyway, but if GG were to do something like this than surely we’d pick a real artist with real artistic skill like Alejandro Argondona. That and Spell Check.

    “All Your Tropes Are Belong To Us Honey”

    Who the fuck would take this kind of shit seriously!? SJW’s and radical fem-tards obviously. And the 3rd party trolls know it. Although the reactions coming from the aGGros have been rather amusing.

  29. The best way to deal with attention miners is, not giving them attention. Just let their house of cards crumble under its own weight, and enjoy the ride.

    BTW, Baldwin is right, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, or something….

  30. “Anyone who says X is about Y and not Z…”

    What simplistic thinking. To use one example to prove a whole movement (a movement that has applauded ign for its new policies) is about hatred rather than the broadly published “ethics in journalism” is specious reasoning.

    Do a couple protesting posters undermine the work on deepfreeze.it, which has focussed on the questionable practises of the press? Does it negate the numerous new ethics policies that were employed when GG started?

    GG may be critical of Femfreq, McIntosh and Sarkeesian but a lot of the time it’s because the press isn’t! Where’s the analysis of their claims? Where’s the questioning over their delayed TvW series, much like what Schaefer faced?

    The posters are tacky but are hardly images of hatred, I feel

  31. It’s flattering they think we have that much organization and follow through. Do they know what crap we do with our time? We’re usually farming enemies in some game for some item we need. Besides aren’t we busy laughing at the bitch who didn’t know she was a bitch and her chihuahua that doesn’t stop yapping?

  32. Osama Bin Laden’s Paddy Cake Adventure Time meets CIA Patsy Pantsu Simulator 2k17, including GOTY False Flag Lone Gunmen WTC March DLC.
    Enjoy ejaculatory experiences with the extraterrestrial old people from hell mission pack which comes with a free bad dragon cock cannon weapon that shoots gobs of cum at enemies.

  33. Where are the colors of the rape joke? You’d think they’d try to make it look more convincing, right? Not like SJWs and journos needed much, judging from their reaction.

  34. Compared to the political ones, the anti-Anita posters are pretty tame. I think Saudi Approved and Poverty Pimp are far more inflammatory. However, this is clearly political speech, something SJWs have no idea how to respond to. So they label it “hate speech” in their minds because it makes them angry and they are incapable of handling their emotions like adults.

    I’ve seen far more incendiary political speech. But unlike the rich, white kids of privilege that make up the SJW movement, I actually engage in the real world from time to time.

    Still, unsavoryagent should send the SJWs a fruit basket for signal boosting their lame ass posters. They could have shook their heads and walked away. Or torn the the posters down and threw them in the trash. Instead, they took pictures of them and plastered them all over Twitter, giving the political message they despise an even bigger platform to state its message. What a bunch of self-defeating morons. The SJWs are so laughably predictable that you can play them like a fiddle every goddamn time.

    This morning no one knew who unsavoryagent was. Now, thanks to morons like the editor of IGN, everyone will.

  35. Really? That’s offensive

    Hahahahahaha, Jesus Christ, her rape threats were far more offensive than this.

    If this was someone from GamerGate than for shame, try harder. Hell, there are heaps of images on Twitter involving actual quotes from Anita that do a much better job of not only mocking her but also making the point that she is talking out of her ass. If it was someone from GamerGate then surely they could have found something better to post than this. Although, I’m thinking its not GamerGate.

    But then again, I don’t know who did it so I’m not going to throw around accusations like these people have already done. Maybe it was some zealous Anita supporter. maybe it was good old McIntosh trying to save face after his dumb as fuck E3 tweets, maybe it was someone else entirely? Who the fuck knows. Whoever did it, they were smart enough not to make it offensive or obscene so they could protect themselves from being investigated. No one in their right mind is going to investigate what looks no different to any “Radical Political” poster you might see in the hipster parts of town.

    But if they find that “offensive” than fucking hell, grow a thicker shell already. Oh no wait, easy offence means more money and PR.

  36. I find the timing very suspect considering:

    1) Her PR has been terrible throughout E3.

    2) Gamers mostly ignored her and were more focused on what games were getting released.

    Would put it past Mcintosh to hire these third party goons for “harassment” of the sacred cow.

  37. What does that idiot mean about “I home @femfreq is doing okay blah blah blah”. What, because she’s going to die over some stupid posters? Are you fucking kidding me? Don’t be a public figure if you can’t handle the kind of criticism a public figure gets. Especially one who spends all of their time publicly criticizing other people… who themselves often are not public figures. And fuck IGN and everyone else for continuing to give time and sympathy to this fucking Jack Thompson shitfucker.

  38. Everyone forgot and was laughing at Anta and Josh nowadays… they needed something to get back on the headlines and give them sympathy points…

  39. Idiocy is shitting a brick over a very inoffensive poster, for the sake of humanity grow the fuck up…

    I read somewhere these were ‘offensive gamergate’ posters, after reading the poster I laughed, laughed at the idiots who conjured up the faux outrage surrounding this.

    Some one should tell these faux outraged twitter mobs the story of the boy who cried wolf.

  40. When you think about how much bitching Anita and Josh have been doing, it’s doesn’t seem to have worked all that well. Just look at E3. Sexy women and violent games was on top as always.

    Anita will always have a her ass-kissers, nothing else to do but laughing at them.

  41. Aggros and the gaming press busted for lying and smearing innocent people in another bigoted false flag attack.

    So is IGN no longer considered neutral and should be on my boycott list?

    I don’t mind IGN being a giant PR firm for the industry because there is no illusion or deception – we all know exactly what they are.

    I draw the line when they resort to incitement of hated against innocent people.

  42. Ok someone explain where the problem with these posters is…

    Anita is a person of public interest and she put HERSELF into it, and not by accident but by extremely popularizing herself and her agenda. Starting with a KICKSTARTER campaign, what was basically a commercial act to begin with. She appeared on multiple podiums, interviews, in all news channels and magazines…

    She’s doing POLITICS.

    Now tell me since when cartooning of political activists was harassment… oh I forgot, everything that criticizes holy divine Anita is blasphemy and harassment in the SJW narrative.

  43. All I see is good natured ribbing going on here. Of course, that’s “harassment” to these thin-skinned pissant babies.

  44. If this was GamerGate’s doing (which I’m believing to be not), why not focus on that idiot called Jonathan McIntosh? Ask a FemFreak fan if they know who this racist is. And then slowly attach him to Anita Sarkeesian.

    As it looks right now, the vandalism’s somewhat of a hit-and-miss, but nonetheless hilarious.

  45. “all your tropes are belong to us” so far I guess some “nerd” or something could have come written it and thought it was cool, but then: “honey”. Srzly? Whomever created that poser seriously don’t understand the meme culture or the people that liked that particular meme. The people that use the “all your base” meme aren’t the kind of people that use words like “honey”.

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