Ok, I guess the headline above is sort of misleading. For one, I’m sitting in an Icelandic airport as I write this. Still, I’m on my way home and normal operations should resume late this evening once I get settled in back at the command center. I have one more long flight ahead of me and then I’ll almost be there.

I realize posts from myself have been very spartan since I left for London on May 20th. Originally, I had planned to do a little work while I was gone. After a couple days, I changed that strategy. Instead, I decided to fully enjoy my vacation while using it as a chance to recharge. The last 10 days have been my biggest rest in the last 20 months, by far. Thankfully, it’s left me refreshed and ready to roll when it comes to the site.

The London #Killstream from May 21st will be re-uploaded when I get home. We ended up discussing a sensitive pop star who then basically threatened to sue me the next day, so I put it on private. The issue is so stupid I cannot be bothered to get tied up with that dumb shit, so I’m just going to edit the pop star portion out and leave you all with the rest. It was a show I really enjoyed, or else I wouldn’t bother.

I will do a final post and video on my trip sometime this weekend. I want to try to get some regular work in first. Needless to say, I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back, hopefully soon. But, there’s work to be done first and I’m ready to do it. Thank you all once again and I’ll see you when I get back to the States.

        1. Nope. Probably talking about how his husband cheated on him. In the U.K., there’s a gag order in regards to talking, or writing, about it. You can go to jail if you do. Or be sued…

  1. Is there no way that when your back in the USA, you could keep it in? After all, said Pop Star can’t sue you since it’s public news in the USA and the National Enquirer over there.

  2. a well deserved break sir ralph, I missed most of the last stream, can you maybe webm the section you plan on editing out?

  3. You were gone, dude?

    Just kidding. Welcome back. Didja being the lovely Ms Nora home?

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