Hello, readers of TheRalphRetort.com. As you know, I’ve had some personal difficulties as of late. The Lemonade post from the other day was dictated by me over a jail phone, which is definitely a first for this site. Of course, it was penned before all the news broke out into the open, so it’s pretty much out of date at this point. Also, I’m now out of jail and as such, I will be resuming my work here on the site and elsewhere. Things aren’t settled yet, but it’s time to get back to work.

I do want to thank all you guys for sticking by me. I’m confident this situation will be resolved in a satisfactory manner. I know for a fact this site will keep rolling along no matter what. That was proven in my absence.

I will likely talk more about my experience either today or tomorrow here on the site. Some people are advising me to start a legal fund, although I have not made a final determination on that. Needless to say, this is an ongoing situation and it’s not over yet. Many people in the media are trying to turn my case into a political battle, which is pretty shameless even for them. Crazy self-mutilators are using my misfortune as a soapbox for their insane rantings, which I have to admit, surprised even me. Still, that’s just how the game goes. I expect even more people will jump in and take shots before this is all said and done.

Whatever happens, I will continue to persevere, with the help of you guys and my loved ones. I talked about all this with Nora early this morning, so check out the video below. I also did a short interview with The Washington Post. The reporter seemed fair, but we’ll see how the finished product turns out. If it’s twisted then I’ll probably just pull a Sam Hyde and put out my copy of the interview. I’m hopeful that it will be fair, though.

On that note, it’s time to get back to work! Thank you all once again. Your support has meant the world to me during this tumultuous time in my life.