As you know, I am usually at the center of some kind of drama. It doesn’t really matter what’s going on, it could be big, it could be small, but I’m almost always right there in the middle of it. There are several reasons for this. One, I have always adopted an attitude of no fucks given. In practice, it’s quite rewarding. A clown comes in my Twitter mentions talking shit and I tell them to suck my dick, go fuck themselves, or what have you. It’s fun. But, enemies start stacking up when you take the time to shit on losers. I honestly don’t even remember most of those types of interactions. The people on the other end do remember, though, and when they smell blood, they come after your’s truly. That’s precisely what happened last night.

There’s a punk on Twitter who has a gimmick where he plays puppeteer for a goofy ass otter. It never amused me, even before I started despising the hypocritical piece of excrement. I always thought it was lame and unfunny. Fuck being cute, if I wanted that I would go watch kitten videos, not listen to some suicidal fuckboy throw his voice while he has his hands up a plush toy’s ass. This person also trades on his depression and tries to use it as a shield. Unfortunately, many idiots are taken in by this sort of thing, Cathy Young included. But, I’ll get to that in a minute.

I went into said punk’s stream a couple of nights ago and talked a lot of trash. He then screencapped it and tweeted it out yesterday morning. When I got wind of it later and saw how they were spinning it, and saw how CultOfVivian had retweeted and liked the post, I decided that my truce with her was kill. I don’t think that was an unfair decision at all. Many people have said, “Oh, it’s just a like/RT, why are you getting so upset?” To me, this reasoning is completely idiotic. True, I could have let it slide, but the point is that when you’re supposed to be putting beefs behind you, it’s not kosher to retweet attacks. That’s not peace, that’s aggression. Anyone saying otherwise is either an imbecile or a liar…or both.

Which brings me to Ms. Young. She’s been published on all sorts of platforms. I will never get to that level no matter what I do here. Why? I’m not considered respectable. That’s actually the design of this site, though. I’m not trying to play the establishment games. I hate the fucking establishment. But someone like Cathy Young is trying to play those games. So when I see her liking a tweet like this, I think it’s more than appropriate to call her ass out as well.


Let me explain something to those who don’t understand the micropenis thing (yes, it’s dumb). The fact of the matter is, I don’t actually have a micropenis, believe it or not. It’s nothing to write home about, don’t get me wrong, but it gets the job done. Where does this libel come from, then? Well, a group of shitposters called the AyyTeam grabbed some random pics of a tiny dick and tweeted it out last spring while simultaneously claiming it was me in the photos. Since a lot of people are completely fucking stupid, they accepted it as fact. Then you also have the crowd who knows it’s not true but continue spreading bullshit anyway. A supposedly respectable journalist, one who was supposed to be cool with me at the time, “liked” this line of attack last night, all because I called out her precious otter fuckwad (and his mascot enabler).

You may say…

Ralph, why did you go in that chat and fuck with the otter creep in the first place? You know not to reward losers and trolls with that attention. 

That is a very fair point. I do know better than to give these hangers-on the attention they crave. However, sometimes I just can’t help it. Since October 1st, this autist has mentioned my name at least 70 times on Twitter (a very conservative counting, by the way), often times with gems like this…1112015-12-11_7-18-58 11112015-12-11_7-21-05

Check the results for yourself. How can someone be this obsessed with me? I don’t even go at SJWs like that because it would be insane to do so. Hell, Twitter would likely kick me off the service for targeted harassment. But what do brain-damaged motherfuckers who suck up to the right people get as a reward for attacking me in this manner? Hugs lol…2015-12-11_7-14-35

You can’t make this shit up, people. So if lames want an apology from me, they will be waiting for an extremely long time. I won’t apologize for defending myself and calling out hypocritical fucks. Ever. Suckers like Cathy Young can do what they want, but I would rather see myself in the ground than rollover for these frauds. Fuck the site, fuck any sort of influence…I will not live like a bitch.

Otter lame and his team of psychologically damaged losers spread around a quote I made from his shit stream the other day. I said, “I’m loved by thousands.” It does sound like a boastful statement, and I guess it sort of was. Thousands of people come to this site daily, which is where I got the line from. I know for a fact that many people do enjoy my work and care about me and my well-being. But there are lot of people who also hate me, as many of you saw yesterday. That will never end and I’ve accepted it. Regardless, I will never comprise myself and my principles for the GamerGatePlus crowd. I would be wealthier if I had decided to suck that particular dick, truth be told, but oh well. I can’t have it all…but I can have my self-respect.

  1. Ralph, keep doing what you’re doing. Combative styles, when done with good humour, sharp wit, and precision, are nothing to apologise for. Indeed, in many cases, I consider alienating the majority a damn good thing. The majority of people are fucking stupid.

  2. This is the kind of shit that I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing day in and out on a daily basis. Why always go after Ralph when you have to go after the enemies of GG that’s been censoring vidya? And they pull this crap in the name of ethics? Tell me again of who’s running people out of GG… It’s not Ralph either.

    I’m considering unfollowing and blocking anyone who wastes their precoius time shitting on his website… If you don’t like him, why not just fucking ignore? HOW HARD IS THAT?! CLEARLY, YOU’RE JUST THIRSTY FOR EATING SALT AND RUBBING IT ON YOUR WOUNDS FOR ATTENTION.. FUCK THEM ALL..

    Seriously Ralph, next time, don’t call it a truce anymore.. Trust no one.. At all.. I’m done being friends with #Gamergate idiots like these.

    1. The reason that they continue to lose their shit over Ralph is because A: Most of them are progressive leftist types who want to play nice with the enemy because they too believe in the “merits” of the social justice movement and B: They’re perfectly aware of how big a name Ralph actually is inside of our movement. I had this very fight with Cult of Vivian. They try to act like he possesses no real clout or relevance, but they’re also well aware that Milo considers him to be a genuine product, and that his website houses articles that have been referenced by major media outlets like Huffpost and Breitbart.

      These two things combined make him an imminent threat to their own ambitions and a persona non grata to their concept of Gamergate. They’re all basically like every other spineless, feckless, surrender monkey faggot you’ll meet in life: They’re weak and they take their weakness seriously, so Ralph’s strength and acidic nature shames them. They rationalize that no one like him can be liked or respected by any sensible individual, so his website, his good rapport with Milo and Mr Bokhari causes them to feel both jealousy and confusion.

      TL;DR They desperately want what Ralph has, but completely disagree with how he obtained it, are deeply distressed by the size of his presence in GG, and are now losing their shit over the sorts of people he has contributing to his website because they all run counter to what GG+ progs think is best for the movement.

      1. I think alot of the dissent boils down to the differing reasons people have for getting involved in GamerGate. GG is no longer just about ethics in journalism. Hasn’t been since nearly as soon as it began when the cronies decided they would try to deflect attention to things being about hatred against women. This opened the flood gates for the masses outside of gaming to become involved.

        At the end of the day we just have to accept that GamerGate has expanded beyond the original scandal and became a front for the culture wars. I say this to all parties on the pro side, currently fighting and future fights: Man and woman the fuck up. GG is about more than what you think it is and you all are just going to have to live with it. I tweeted this to Vivan and I’ll say it here now. As long as you revolt against this sorry assed gaming industry for ripping us off with shady behind the scenes business practices, thereby destroying the trust we had, I don’t give a fuck what you say or do. If your thing is strictly this culture war business, well then that’s on you and I really don’t care. You have your reasons and God speed.

        One of our most useful weapons is that we can lay claim to the fact that pro GamerGate is pro speech and are by far the diverse group of people with various ideologies and beliefs, over all the white boys and girls with rainbow hair on the Anti side that swear up and down that we’re a white male hate group. We can’t say that anymore if we’re going to be shitting on each other for our ideologies and beliefs. You can not like each other all you want in private, but you drag us all right the fuck down when you start attacking each other’s ideologies publicly because you have an ego problem. I can’t say I blame the responder. I would find it incredibly difficult to let a public jab slide. But I do blame the person who started it.

        Some might say Ralph started it, but when you’re in the minority, being the closest thing we will ever have as leaders without being leaders, discussing amongst yourselves like you’re special snowflakes for winning the follower lottery about how you can end GamerGate as if you just say the word and tens of thousands of pro GG people will just listen and believe you….well, I tend to blame YOU, and not the person who whistle blew you because GG is bigger than you and your ego. “gamergate has to end at some point….” Well no, it doesn’t. Hate to break it to you, but GG wasn’t going to take a month. It’s going to take years. If that’s too much for you, get out of the way and retire. We’re already in year 3 or 4, if you really want to get down and dirty about facts. The GamerGate scandal just signal boosted the problem to the masses. Most of you boys and girls did not have a clue about that, or else you wouldn’t be there discussing how to end a war that you think started just last year.

        When I look at this situation of infighting, “them” vs Ralph, it all started when Ralph blew the cover off of behind the scenes activities with the GG minority. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s an accurate assessment. Frankly, we’re all growing tired of it. Ralph won the internet website lottery. Get over it. Vivan prefers to refer to a person by whatever they wish. Get over it. All of GG is not going to end just because you wish it. Get over it. Just fucking get over it. Right now there are fat rainbow hair she twinks shoving food in their faces with the funds they got from off our backs. We have bigger fucking problems than our egos, for fuck’s sake.

    2. People also can’t just ignore games they do not like… they have to try and make sure another game like that is not created again…

      Even though I would say I lean towards ant GG, the reasoning behind trying to control art is insane to me

  3. I sincerely wish twitter was more than 140 chars. cause I can’t get out what I want to say to these fucking leeches in that short amount of text. I used to have so much respect for CultofVivian…and Cathy Young for that matter. The otter fuck I never really cared all that much for simply because I thought it was creepy.

    I don’t know wtf Viv’s problem is really. She knows as well as you and I do, that respecting the sjw’s just gives them more fucking ammo and leverage.

    Dunno where the fuck I’m going with this…so just hang tough Ralph.

        1. See, I called this on Vivian months ago, and what did I get? a hugbox for making fun of her misgendering pronouns policing.. I tried to warn others but they only had to listen and believe in Vivian.

          1. True enough. I tend to only respect pronouns of people who are deserving of my respect. I.E. those who earn it. Everyone else can be as triggered as they want to be.

    1. That’s why you write the text in MSPAINT or w/e then post the ‘picture’ to do the talking for you. 140 char is never enough but it’s not facebook sooo…

  4. Is amazing they go after Ralph, talking shit and using all kind of words bu for the REAL ENEMIES they want political correctness, the use of proper nouns, sit with them and talk, and even talk to them after they insulted us like theres no tomorrow. This Airplay thing is shit and I dont a SJW over there representing GamerGate. Its fucking incredible they dont even know what the fuck SJW mean. You people are called GamerGatePlus for a fucking reason!!!

  5. Does GamerGate actually stand for it’s original core principles any more?

    (freedom of expression/creativity; anti-censorship; anti-restrictive political correctness/feminism; ethical journalism)

    Because I’m getting the impression now that it’s been completely corrupted by SJW-lites and Moderates?

    1. Yeah and VIvian begs more money for SPJ Airplays when in fact SPJ had guidelines of not offending Islam religion as a whole if you want to be part of that crap for ethics in journalism.

      1. It’s been proven that ‘ethics-only’ doesn’t work and does not make a difference.

        SJWs and feminists are the reason on why there is corrupt games journalism and why GamerGate was created in the first place.

        Fighting via ethics-only is like constantly plugging the leaking bullet holes on a sinking ship while completely ignoring the asshole with the gun on board.

        1. The whole “ethics” affair started because SJWs journalists (or if you prefer political activists disguised as game journalists) break the more basic rules of journalism (aka they acted unethical). Now, how some people was able to delude themselves into believing you can separate the two things is beyond me.

    2. Seeing how old schoolers always top the tag in a way or another I don’t think GG has been “completely” corrupted by SJW-lites. It’s just a few ecelebs and their loud beta orbiters.

    1. There’s a reason why I’ve ignored the plushie for months now.

      Pity, especially since they were the ones who formed the “Twitter Anti-Harassment Patrol”, to see them devolve into becoming the very thing they’re supposedly against.

      Who was one of the other staunch anti-harassment twitter patrol-er? Oh yes, Margaret Gel. Imagine that.

  6. MicroP? what about Skull Ralph? boner?
    If you aren’t hated, you are not pushing things.
    The problem is SJWs irrationally hate you. There’s lots of strong disagreement in #GG, but it is a respectful disagreement. I’d rather be hated by someone who respects my view than a loving sycophant.

  7. Why would you even write about that guy? Either his humor is too sophisticated for me to follow or he is genuinely retarded, as in random words retarded. I read his baby-sitter comic and I couldn’t figure out what the fuck it was. Is that the joke? Whatever’s the case, he’s convinced he’s hilarious.

  8. Correct me if i’m wrong but wasn’t she the same person trying to end the hashtag with that paolo guy?

    If that’s the case why does anyone still care what she thinks?

    1. Yes it is.. She only supports the idea. I heard some say it was either Qu Qu or Paolo that’s the mastermind of killing the tag.

        1. But right now, Qu Qu is waking up to the ethics bullshit and he even agrees with some of John Kelly’s sentiments on this whole clusterfuckery of ethics cuck shitheads.

  9. So this Cult chick says she’s thinking of making a vlog to clear up misconceptions about her. I just love that. Who gives a fuck one way or the other?

    “Tonight at 10 PM. My last cab driver holds a press conference to clear up my misconceptions about him.”

    What might these misconceptions about Cult be?

    “Contrary to belief I don’t produce content or do original research. I just Tweet wise shit cuz I’m wise. It’s a snarky kind of wise. I practice a smirk smile in the mirror and then post selfies to my wise-feed.”

    “My wigs are not made of real human hair.”

    “I once went as far as Des Moines by myself and I’ve seen blacks on TV.”

    “I’ve watched the Discovery Channel so much I don’t feel the need to actually hike the Inca Trail or visit Abu Simbel. Been there, done that.”

    “Don’t misgender or litter.”

  10. Ralph, the fact that some people are repeatedly triggered and butthurt at the mere mention of you is a clear indicator you’re doing the right thing. The fact that you do with style makes it all the more delicious. Their reaction makes it clear these are people that need to be watched carefully.

      1. More like magnet of fuckers who just want something to get offended like a fucking scapegoat.. Same way Social Justice idiots crucify people for wrong thinking.

  11. Don’t feel bad about the Cathy Young thing, she also Listened And Believed Gawker with regards to their Mike Cernovich hit piece.

  12. “You know you succeeded when a lot of people started hating you. That means you became really famous” -Dieter Bohlen

  13. Nine months ago, I made my first comment here ( ). It was an entirely different article, but the gist was pretty much the same: idiot who failed at GG, spergs out, and puts the blame entirely at Ralph on their way down to irrelevancy.

    Several similar incidents later (at least once every 3 months, judging from my own comment history), here we are, the same act being played out, with Ralph as the attempted target for scapegoating. And like those previous acts, it’ll end much the same way: a stronger site (Hell, I’m pretty much a fan of Jack’s insightful writings, and Ralph might have made S4T shape up that his contributions have become not only legible, but bearable).

    Like how #Gamergate itself is to games journalism and Donald Trump is the #Gamergate to mass media, The Ralph Retort has become the #Gamergate to #Gamergate co-opters. Kind of interesting to consider: perhaps all those hate from 8chan, reddit, etc., were made by certain forces that subconsciously fear Ralph since his presence is bad news, and that they will soon be exposed for the frauds and despicable scum that they are. (Which, as the past year has shown, actually happened.)

    So, to reiterate what I’ve written all those months before: Keep on sailing, Ralph. Let’s move on to bigger, better things, and let those fuckers drown in their bullshit quagmire that they’ve made for themselves.

    (P.S. – to that troll who accused me of saltiness back then: Who’s salty now?)

  14. Its not CoVs fault she is a lying weasley pasty faced twat Ralph…after all……she has no soul.

    ….and Viv, just in case you are reading this, put the Twatter down, put the dressing up box away, and go get a fucking life you poisonous little pasty faced cunt. You can dress up however much you like, but at the end of the day when the dress up box is put away, you will still, and always, be the same fucking shameless worthless narcissistic ’tism raddled retard skinwaste you always are.

  15. fuck it ralph, fuck the PR bullshit “the fact that Ralph thinks this should scare you” scare you? maybe if you’re so concerned with PR and controlling the image of a hashtag, maybe then opinions you don’t agree with scare you. you don’t need the favor of these faggots man. love your shit and thanks for giving seattle a place to get his shit out, you guys are important voices

  16. Hey Ethan, when’s the last time you saw your penis? Can you see your feet?

    I lol’d pretty hard at the ” I would rather see myself in the ground than rollover for these frauds” part, Just the image of some lardass with a tiny micropenis rolling around crying and screaming about how “THOUSANDS OF INTERNET PEOPLE LOVE MEEEEEE!” is just downright hilarious.

    Never fucking change, I love you, but in a “Man, this retard is fucking funny as hell to watch slowly lose their mind” way. I’ve never quite seen someone who is so full of their own shit. Is that why the last girl who touched your penis ran for the goddamn hills months ago?

    Oh, and tell Nora to tweeze her goddamn eyebrows, they put your dick to shame.

    1. Normally I’d jump to defense of Ralph, but from the content of that post, you’re the most based shit slinging detractor who has ever slithered into our little den here.

      Someone else is gonna have to get this one. Welcome to the freak show.

    2. I cant defend Ralph or Nora on this one… Next person will have to do it.

      This comment is just too funny. Made my day… LOL

  17. Hahahah, nice she’s crying harassment and stalking for trashtalking back. What a cuntface. THE U.N. IS OVER THERE, BITCH!!! WAHH WAHH!!

    1. Well if you’re stalking bitches, that’s still stalking, even if they’re bitches. You gotta use a light touch every once in a while you know?

  18. Top Ten Facts About C-Word of V-Word:

    1. She cosplays a character less real than Batman
    2. She unmasks clowns as much as a cartoon character – none

  19. Oh noes the “you’ve got a small penis” insult, there’s just no coming back from that!

    That shit is as lame and tired as the “basement dweller” insult and proves the mental capacity of the insulter is that of a teenager. Sorry slut features but the penis isn’t small, you’ve just got a massive gaper a horse couldn’t fill…now go fuck a fire hydrant!

    Anyways for small time wannabe enemies like this it’s always good to remember the greatest insult is to ignore them.

    1. I think that’s highly unfair to mimes. Yes they are the Meg Griffin of performance art, but Otter boy would be the lad that makes the mimes tea and only on the normal guy’s day off.

  20. Just a piece of advice: don’t let the “thousands love me” thing get to your head, power trip and become another Sargon/Cult/Paolo etc etc.
    Remain what you’ve been through this entire year, do your thing, and if you realize you fucked up don’t be afraid to be the better man and admit it rather than delving into an endless spiral of radicalization like certain ecelebs.
    We like you exactly because you’re NOT like that.
    You’re one of the few old school 2014 GG vets left, who has the power to bring people back to the core principles and scare away the newfag co-opters, so keep rocking man!

  21. I’ll repost a tweet of mine here that I made a long time ago.

    CuntOfVivian: [Lie]
    Followers: False!
    CuntOfVivian: Stop harassing me, trolls! You’re not GG!
    CuntOfVivian: Trolls be dividing us!

    It’s the CuntOfVivian victim routine.

  22. Oh, c’mon Ralph! Just make peace with Vivian. Let the shit go, they’re basically trolling, and haters gonna hate. We’ve got bigger shit to deal with, starting with the 2nd Airplay event (hopefully no bomb threat this time).

  23. What I think you should do is just ignore these idiots, they want the attention, win by starving them, and win even harder by succeeding even more with your site, use the time to find good content to host here, success is the best revenge against haters. I think you shouldn’t waste time on them, just archive whenever they attack and move on

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