As most of you know, I’ve shit on Airplay 2 since pretty much the beginning. Once I saw the roster of #GamerGatePlus types who were involved, I didn’t really want any part in it. Sargon and I did talk about it on his livestream when I was on, and I tried to give it the slight benefit of the doubt at that time. But as more and more info came it, it just looked like one huge money-sink.

Who needs $5,000 in order to do some glorified YouTube stream? Just pick a city, get some hotel rooms, and do it in the lobby or one of their conference rooms. This is of course if you have some sort of ethical backbone. You see, these people wanted others to foot the bill for their travel and equipment.

Talk about an unmitigated disaster. If it’s really about ethics, then the artist formerly known as CultOfVivian and her not-so-merry band of white knights have failed that test miserably.

From the most recent update

Due to situations beyond our control, we have had no choice, but to make this decision.

The initial venue that we had, was forced to cancel the planing of Sunday events, which unfortunately meant that AirPlay 2 had to be canceled.

We have been forced to look for a venue that could hold AirPlay 2 at the last minute, however many of the venues that we looked at would charge us more for a last minute booking, or would not meet certain requirements to help run the event.

The next logical step would be to push AirPlay 2 back to another time, but we have already used funds to purchase airplane tickets and cannot get refunds on them. We have also bought equipment that was either on sale, or a floor-model, which also means we cannot return them.

Another issue, was that the final check from AirPlay 2 would not come in until April 22; 5 days after the date of AirPlay 2.

Thee funds were needed to both pay for security and whatever venue we would have.

We have reached out to Gofundme to attempt to refund the money that people have donated. They are canceling the last check to refund some of the donors.

Both GJN and Gofundme will try to reach out to as many of the donors as possible to give them a refund, however, not every donor will be able to get a refund due to checks being cashed and spent, and many being anonymous donors that we cant contact.


“already used funds to purchase airplane tickets”

“we have already used funds to purchase airplane tickets and cannot get refunds on them”

“refund some of the donors”

Wow, talk about your all-time garbage fires. I guess they should have planned better. Then again, it worked out for them. A free trip to Miami and a bunch of new equipment does sound pretty sweet! Anyway, I don’t care much about GamerGate drama anymore. The only time I like to still talk about it is when there’s a big happening, like with Alison Rapp. Still, I thought this warranted a report and a hearty laughing session.