I’m back to do a Reddit rundown before moving on to a Fire Emblem blowout with two different authors, neither of which is me. I do love Fire Emblem: Awakening, though. I recently started playing it again, and I’m getting closer to actually finishing it. Let’s get to Chairman Pao first, though. She went on a media blitz last night after re-gaining control of the site (for the most part). Here’s an section from her interview with Time

“I want to apologize to our community for yesterday,” Reddit’s interim CEO Ellen Pao told TIME on Friday. “We handled the transition in a way that caused some disruption, and we should have done a better job.” Pao said the company’s management should have informed moderators earlier about planned personnel changes. Pao declined to comment further on Taylor’s departure…

“Of the 50 default subreddits, 48 of them are up and that’s what most people see on the front page,” said Pao. The site’s homepage—the content on which is generated by the number of up-votes on threads throughout the site, a measure of activity and popularity—contained several threads on Taylor’s dismissal. One pointed out that Google searches for “Reddit alternative” had spiked in the wake of the protests.

Apologies? The only thing the Reddit community wants to see from you is a swift resignation, Ms. Pao. How was this fucking scammer even hired in the first place? She’s obviously incompetent when it comes to Reddit. According to multiple reports, she barely even knows how to use the service properly. The level of ignorance it took to put her in charge is astonishing. I still think the backup plan in case she continues to go down in flames is to just put all the blame on her, which is why she’s still “interim CEO.” But I might be giving these clowns a little too much credit.

Pao talked more with BuzzFeed, one of the most reviled outlets on the Internet:

I want to apologize for how we handled the transition yesterday. We should have informed the moderators earlier and provided more detail on the transition plan. We are working to make improvements and create the best experience for our users and we aren’t always perfect. Our community is what makes Reddit, Reddit and we let you down yesterday.

The leadership there is in full damage control mode. There’s all sort of apologies coming out, but you saw how dismissive they were at the outset of all this. Don’t think for one second that they’ve changed that outlook. They’re just sucking up now in the hopes of quelling all this until better plans can be put into place. It looks like this strategy has worked, as of right now.

Before I go, here’s an interview that one of the old friends of the site, PressFartToContinue, did with Xavier Mendel. If you don’t remember him, he’s the one responsible for the Reddit mod leaks that came out a little while back (also, here’s a Daily Beast story on Victoria Taylor, and a BBC recap of the situation):


I’ll be back in a few with that Fire Emblem piece. I also have to run to the store for hotdog buns lol. Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the United States.

OH YEA, I almost forgot: Sign this petition asking for Pao to step down. It’s all the way up to 85,000 signatures as of 9:30AM EST.

  1. I think it’s safe to say that this has officially become less about Reddit and more about people wanting Pao gone. She can’t be trusted with the reigns of this site.

    Also, does anyone get the feeling that the press has to try and be professional about this story because they can’t just start calling people ‘misogynist’ on this? Yeah, it’s against a woman, but it’s for another. Must be tough for them to act like adults.

    1. The AMA with the community manager whose job was terminated because of his ongoing struggle with leukemia (I flagged it in a post yesterday) shows it isnt just Pao, its the way she has brought in a whole slew of new staff more interested in making Reddit a commercial venture to the detriment of the community as a whole.
      Im sorta in agreement with Ralph. IMHO the community have caved in too early, and will pay for it in the coming weeks. Had they had some mettle, and kept the blackout running for a couple of weeks, they could have seen Pao off for good.
      My guess is the next move they will make is the mods will wake up in a week or so to find their mod rights to blackout subs or delete content have been restricted or taken away.

      1. I don’t think it matters what the mods do. Reddit operates in the red. If the mods succeed today, pao gets booted and everything returns to normal, eventually reddit will stop being funded and shut down completely. No matter what way you look at it, there is no way the current state of reddit survives, even if Pao goes.

  2. She keeps saying “I want to aplogize to the community” but she doesn’t actually go on Reddit and aplogize to the community. It’s like she thinks this is some software company where they make the product themselves, PR means talking to the media and they don’t have to publicly justify replacing a lead “dev” on one of their major “projects”. She has no idea what her company’s product is or where it comes from.

    “I was hungry so I cooked the goose, why isn’t it laying golden eggs anymore?”

    1. she avoids it because after turning attempts to engage into a total clusterfuck she just gets ripped apart now whenever she shows up.

  3. She apologize yet she takes over all the subreddits at the same time. Expect a massive purge of mods, to be replaced by hardcore SJW asskissers all over Reddit.

    1. Any evidence or screen capped rumors to confirm this? I was saying it to someone else myself, but something substantial would be worth quite a bit. We could spread it and show that we have her plan figured out, so when it happens, folks will flock to our knowledge.

  4. I feel the same way about this as I do the major gaming sites: I couldn’t give a monkeys.

    I don’t visit such sites any more. I stop visiting and I will NEVER go back.

    That is the simple solution. No need for all this back and forth. Just walk away from Reddit and don’t go back.

    If you don’t do this, if you try to negotiate or get people to resign, the SJW’s will just view the problem as one of “we tried to make the change too fast, we need to do it with more subtlety”.

    They have their plan. They will go through with it and will wait if necessary. They can regroup and then use a more sensible approach of nibbling away a little bit at a time.

    You can’t win the game. The only way to win is to not play the game. Go play another game instead. Move to alternatives and let them shrink and die.

    1. The thing is, gaming as a community used to use a specific set of sites than even casual users could participate in without fear.
      Now most of those sites have started to clamp down on discussion the set of users participate as a community are being pressured in ways they do not deserve or expect.
      not being a user is fine, not caring is fine, but it always pays to keep an eye on how a community is being treated because it can have a direct impact on you next time you go to look up information.
      When reddit burns, youtube comments get made virtually useless (thus the disabling on many popular channels), 4chan committed suicide, entire communities are getting uprooted making it tough on the casual and community driven individuals.

      1. Thing is, you’re acting as though it won’t be replaced. Reddit itself replaced Digg. Voat or something else will replace Reddit, and will then be replaced by something else. It’s the Internet circle of life.

  5. Alright Pao you have 2 revolts under your rule. Good job. And way to go to buzzfeed to clear things up. Any actual journalist website would have torn you a new one.

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