A funny thing happened a few minutes ago on Twitter. Right after Kotaku released a piece shitting all over Allistair Pinsof’s claims about Phil Fish, an indie dev named Alec Holowka (@infinite_ammo) put out a tweet that seemed to confirm one of Pinsof’s major allegations. Members of our community on Twitter picked up on this immediately. As soon as they did, the crooked bastard deleted his original tweet, and immediately began crowing about GamerGate harassment in order to take the focus off his confirmation. The thing is, the Internet never forgets, you piece of shit. We have the archive, and it’s never going away.

Here’s the tweet parade, for those of you not on Twitter almost every waking minute like I am lol. First, I’m gonna post the original screens to make sure everyone gets a good look at them (h/t @Logan_910)Selection_997Selection_998

So, we have a guy who refutes Jason Schreier’s interview with Shawn McGrath, but immediately recants that refutation when GamerGate picks up on it. That’s not at all fishy? Only if you’re a mainstream journo protecting his racket, or a mindless SJW who dismisses all contradictory evidence: Selection_999(001)Selection_999(002)


Why would an indie dev lie about this sort of thing? Isn’t he interested in the truth coming out? Well, other considerations come into play, I’m afraid. He probably doesn’t want to be ostracized by the SJW segment prevalent in gaming. He’s friends with people like Kyle Pulver (a Maya Kramer lackey), Brandon Boyer (corrupt IGF chief), and several others. Would you upend your whole life over something like this? Personally, I would. But I know a lot of people who wouldn’t.

(h/t @TheIvyClover1)

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We can only hope that Alec Holowka’s conscience gets the better of him, and that he decides to come clean on all this. As I’ve said in this space before, I won’t hold my fucking breath waiting on that sort of thing to happen. Keep digging on this, though. We may find out the dirt needed to bring down this house of cards on our own.


UPDATE: Like I said, no breath holding going on here…1423174326824-11423174326824-0


  1. I’m still waiting to see a single anti who isn’t a complete piece of shit.
    Tho I know this one is acting like this just because he got caught and is now in panic mode. Why are they all so much like children?

    1. Don’t you see? GooberGrape MADE him post that Tweet, and now GibberGabber is HARASSING him! Donate to his Patreon, shitlord!

    2. They exist, they just get drowned out by the louder mouths and total shitters.
      Now I’m not exactly pro-GG because I never believed in gaming journalism.

      I actually agreed with that one tweet Cheong made saying “Who gives a flying fuck” (don’t leave just yet) because really, this shit has been going on for eons and never until last year has it gotten this bad. Does wanting people to stop flinging shit at each other from both sides count as anti? Because I’ve only see a handful of people like Biscuit actually representing the ever-so rare middle ground who are just tired of it.

      When I see a journo fucking up or some SJW getting mad cucked, or a media outlet getting utterly destroyed, I don’t see that as a victory, just an embarrassment for all those who want to keep up with the now.
      It’s the stunning realization of “these people are real” that bothers me the most.

      Both sides have their fair share of issues. Pro tends to jump the gun on many, many things and pointing out inaccuracies makes you a white knight or a pussy depending on where you do it. Anti, on the other hand, thrives on a prosperous circlejerk that laughs at the opposite end and wouldn’t hesistate to throw one of their own in the lion’s den if they even stop to think rationally.

      Makes you wonder how the Christmas truce was even a thing, yet a bunch of warring netizens can’t siddown and chill for two secs.

      tl;dr, I just wanna go home and play videogames.

      1. Those could be considered victories because it shows how the other side is losing influence, that the SJWs are going to have to realize sooner or later just how self-serving their echo chambers actually are or be taken out along with them, ultimately either ensuring that they do their fucking job right or get replaced by someone else who can. It really shouldn’t have to come to this point, where whole sites are left with practically little choice but to just completely collapse, but that’s the unfortunate state that most of games journalism has left itself in after adamantly shutting out its audiences’ voices for so long.

      2. Cheong’s point may be accurate, but the flipside is that hardly anyone gives a flying fuck about feminist media critics or pretentious “art” games, either. They pussy out when it comes to the standards they hold to women, but if it wasn’t for the harassment they wouldn’t care much at all about the work of the professional victims.

      3. If you truly give no fucks, then take it to its logical conclusion. Being “peacefully middle ground” isn’t exactly “giving no fucks”; throwing fire on the corrupt, the hypocritical, the pharisees and the like, watching Rome burn while you and your friends play a free concert for the invading Goths = Truly Giving Zero Fucks.

      4. I do disagree with your viewpoint, but I can understand it and respect it.
        The parts that I disagree with is wanting this to stop, I don’t want it to stop, until the corruption has been dealt with. I’m not a proGG because I used to read soo much of gaming journalists work and believed it, I didn’t, I’m pro because I have seen so much injustice. Good people have lost their jobs, aspiring devs have been driven out of the industry, people were harassed and doxed for things they care about. Talented people never had an equal chance to succeed due to the corruption and “friends helping friends” going over the line. It’s not just journalism, it’s the whole industry. I was raised by a strict moto of “to each by their own merit” and sadly, that’s far away from reality in the game industry. Work doesn’t count, only money and who you are friends with. Whenever someone get’s ahead based on that, someone else who worked hard, didn’t have the money and connections, get’s left behind. I don’t care if some corrupted journo calls Rev60 “mass effect meets heavy rain”, I care about the fact that they are promoting a shitty game, from a shitty person, while some game from someone who didn’t act a victim, didn’t have friends in high places, is being forgotten, I also care about content being stolen, contests being rigged, games being banned and creativeness moderated and politicized, and so on. I also care about people-“gamers” who I respect deeply and who are being demonized by media and antis. From what I have seen of these anti people, they are nothing but bullies, and if they aren’t they are quietly supporting bullies. That shit doesn’t fly with me. I can understand not getting involved, or wanting things to stop, or even have a somewhat differing opinion if presented politely, but then I consider that person neutral/moderate not an anti.
        Sometimes I disagree with the way some GG people handle certain things, but they aren’t bullies, they are defending themselves and others, so I understand if their tone is not always proper or they snap. There is always so much a person can take before they snap. The saddest thing in all of this is that the facts are out there, everyone knows and can find out what kind of people people like Wu or Anita of Phil or Zoe or whoever else are, everyone can see how sexist they are, and that they only care about personal gain and that they are liars, pretenders and bullies, but once again nobody listens and GG are being demonized while actually being the ones taking hits, of course their patience is running low. Who wouldn’t have low patience after so much narrative being spinned, after being told their bad experiences and opinions don’t matter because they don’t support a few people who just want to make money? I personally think Ralph goes a bit overboard sometimes, but he got doxed for speaking the truth, like all of us he has been called numerous things, he was threatened and hacked. If he calls out someone too harshly or quickly, I completely understand it. At least he has show the capability to apologize and learn from his mistakes. People of gamergate are all kinds of things, black, white, male, female, polite, politically incorrect, left, right, liberal, conservative, MRA, feminist and so on, but they aren’t liars, and they aren’t bullies. By our constitution we have shown that we generally have no problem with different opinion. We are far from perfect, that I can agree on, you can’t have so much different people and expect everyone to play the way you like or prefer, but that’s the point, regardless of our differences, we want everyone to be able to create, play and enjoy no matter their gender or political orientation. We want true equality and true fairness. “To each by their own merit”. I don’t mind the antis opinion to be precise, I mind their actions and the fact that they don’t want us to have a voice that we would gladly give to them. Unfairness and injustice are the reason I can’t keep quiet even tho my only achievement in GG so far has been one comment people have thought to be cool xD. But still, I didn’t keep quiet, I didn’t care only for me and my games. I cared about everyone else who enjoys them and creates them and wants to.

        1. You need to separate your paragraphs better, but I agree all the same. I’m firmly pro-GG because for close to three years, I’ve been seeing articles going from “This game has fanservice and is fun!” to “This game has fanservice and you’re a horrible person for playing it!” I’ve been watching once-decent people like MovieBob devolve into a sniveling pile of remarks like “See Anita? You must worship Anita! How dare you talk bad about Anita, you spoiled manchildren!” I’ve seen hit pieces on game developers I have nothing but respect for, I’ve seen hype for a game becoming less about fun gameplay or even pretty graphics and more about what kind of overly pretentious social message they carry, and I’ve seen endless amounts of people trying to make me feel bad for being a white male who is firmly content with the gender he was born with, all the while never being called out for what are clearly racist and sexist remarks (because prejudice does not apply solely to minorities, dumbasses).

          Needless to say, I am fucking sick of all of it. If there’s a nail in the coffin that will finally bring all of this bullshit to an end, I have no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be GamerGate. After all that’s been going on, this was a shitstorm that was just waiting to happen, a consumer revolt that would finally give the all-too-arrogant gaming media the kick in the ass it rightly deserves. This is why I stand by GamerGate. As discouraging as it is to hear about the few bad apples on our side, or how being a leaderless revolt causes us to lose sight of our direction, I think our basic goals have been clear from the start: we want the gaming media to stop shitting on us for not catering to their far-left views and just talk about games like they’re supposed to.

          Some people may say they’re “neutral”, some may say they’re anti-SJW but don’t associate with GamerGate, but ultimately, I think it’s important for us to carry this identity. So long as the media continues to shut out our voices, no matter how rational we make them, our strength in numbers may ultimately be the only weapon we have. We get more on our side (and yes, unfortunately this is a two-sided issue so long as SJWs subscribe to the philosophy of “you’re either a feminist or you’re a bigot, there is no in-between”), until we get to the point where they will NOT be able to ignore us, or those bastards just die when their ratings plummet and their sponsors want nothing more to do with them.

          1. Yeah I’ve noticed it too. In fact, I was once a person who was kind of bothered by let’s say, skimpy armors and bikini chainmails, and I did voice it, but I looked at some other people voicing their dissatisfaction with that and I couldn’t believe the conclusion they were drawing about misogyny, objectification and all kinds of over the top bullshit. I wanted for everyone to have a choice on how they want to be dressed in a fricking game, that was the maximum of my “sjw-esness”. But while I wanted only a choice, they demanded change, they demanded a complete and utter suffocation of any creative side to designing clothes and they insisted it was some kind of woman hating thing. I noticed slowly but steadily, how it spilled over to “fem characters need to be this way only and the story can’t have this or that” and finally exploding with Anita. I grew up on video games, I grew up on the characters and I liked them as they were, I’ve played enough games to know that while some games have male protagonists there were always badass female characters doing the asskicking. Now there is even more choice then back then, now you can actually choose your gender in some. Types like Anita, who talk about “sexism in video games” aren’t gamers, they didn’t grew up with the games and don’t really care about them, they just want to hop on the next trendy thing they can be offended about and possibly make some cash while doing so.
            The media listens to them, because controversy always breeds readership. I’m actually glad that all this shitstorm happened, if it didn’t who knows in what quiet way everything would change, and who knows how many more people would profit while leaving the real talent behind in the dirt.
            I have no problem calling myself a part of Gamergate because there is nothing wrong with Gamergate, gamers are people I respect and love, who care about the same stuff I do. Nobody is going to convince me that being GG is wrong when it stands for everything that is right.

      5. We give a fuck about ethical video game journalism because it has the ability to shape the market, and in the case of indies, it can make a project sink or swim. Small devs need coverage, they survive depending on how much exposure they get.

        corrupt journalists get to control that exposure, unless the dev catches a break and gets played by TotalBiscuit or something like that. But you can’t count on that.

        I love video games, and I want artists to make the game they have in their head. Let them write the stories they want, write the characters they want, let them draw them as sexy as they wish. I do not want video game journalists, ESPECIALLY not ones that are sex-negative, man hating bigots, having any control over what projects get a leg up in the industry. They are self-appointed cultural gate-keepers, and that’s extremely unhealthy for art.

    3. It is because they all have this pathetic delusion that they will be the next CliffyB, Carmack, etc. They crave the limelight. I’ve been a programmer for 20 years, and a indie hobbyist game developer/programmer for 17 years. I’ve never published a game and have absolutely no interest in ever being famous or popular, rather I’m perfectly happy being invisible. That said, I’m not going to sit idly by while this clique promotes shit games over decent games just to help line their own pockets.

      1. Being the next Carmack is a lot less about who you know, and a lot more about what you can do. Carmack and Romero’s team built id, one of the legends, from scratch. They had no “indie” scene. Many talented indie devs would do well to move to cheaper countries and try their hand at starting an actual company, hoping to grow to AA level before becoming AAA themselves or being acquired by one. A good way to learn is through analysis of Carmack’s open-source engine code.

        1. Sadly, as Wu, Fish, Quinn, and so many others have shown, they want to get from beginner to expert in a matter of months rather than years. They are wanting this instant fame recognition without every busting their asses to prove themselves worthy of that recognition. I gave up on my professional game development career years ago, but I won’t sit by while those who don’t deserve to be in the industry are skating by on victimhood or the backs of others who are busting their butts to make it in the industry.

  2. Oh, this is hilarious. An indie dev accidentally confirms what GG has been saying, realizes his SJW overlords won’t take kindly to that and now he’s in overdrive to try to cover his ass.

    I almost feel sorry for him. As someone who wants to get into making games independently, I would feel god awful to go through all the work only to have insane ideologues road blocking me because I didn’t drink the kool-aid, bend the knee and go against my beliefs to satisfy them to get my game out there. I don’t know if this guy is truly anti-GG or if he’s just sucking SJW dick to get his game out there, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Though if I were in his position, I’d tell the SJWs to go fuck themselves.

    1. I have a feeling McGrath was saying what he said to kotaku for the same reason this guy is backpedaling from that tweet.

      All these indie devs know damn well the sjw crew is running the scene. They have the power to make or break you. The press covers games they want them to cover the awards are run by them…all of it is a massive circle jerk.

      Indies were supposed to be awesome. A breeding ground for new ideas and mechanics. Now its a fucking shit show and people scratching each others backs to get rich. They saw and opening and took it and now here we are.

      1. Maybe it’s just me, but it almost seems as though these SJWs are keeping the indies under their thumbs because they know that’s the only thing really keeping them up right now. If the indie devs stopped dealing with those journos and went with neutral or GG friendly journos, they wouldn’t have to sell their beliefs or watch what they say just to get someone to notice their game. It would be win-win. The indie devs get out there and known and the old games media empire crumbles.

  3. The honorable thing for Alec to do would be to fall on his sword and delete his twitter account. As we all know by now that there is not a shred of honor to be found among these people he instead followed the SJW playbook and doubled down on his backpedaling stupidity. It was a minor meltdown in the annals of SJW idiocy but an important one.

    1. Honor is not in their limited dictionary at all. Honor is a concept even higher than morals and ethics, so it is far beyond their reach.

  4. Someone got spooked. 47 minutes is enough time for someone to send an email asking him to take his comment down. Very telling.

  5. Alec Holowka most be scared as hell if 1 or 2 articles and a “few” twits can make him act like an even bigger SJW prick and what’s up with the shit load of fuck GamerGate xD

  6. The Kotaku article is not that bad, as it adds more information to the conversation. But it seems ridiculous to call up two people that were accused of bad behavior, and then just ask them point blank, “did you do anything bad?” And then they say, “no, of course not.” And then call it day.

    The only part that’s compelling really is hearing McGrath talk about his own game. But even then, the original allegation already said why he wasn’t openly talking about it, so it would only be logical to assume that he’d still not want to talk about it for the same reasons.

    In the end, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. But this isn’t shame on gamergate. This is people trying to look into a story. A story Kotaku also thought they should look into. So what is the problem with gamergate here? They seem to be looking into ETHICS IN JOURNALISM and it doesn’t involve any women. Why not point that out Kotaku?

    1. Not to mention – The Kotaku article inadvertently doesn’t make it’s case:

      All they have is a quote from McGrath saying that the part where Phil Fish allegedly claimed that everything was his own invention was wrong – but they really don’t debunk anything else – they actually confirm that there WAS shifty business by Fish, which is pretty much common knowledge anyway. “My games don’t suck – My audience sucks!”

      1. I love how they called the lady who was accused…and when she said nope never happened they just ran with it.

        Did they expect her to admit guilt? I mean Jesus kotaku.

  7. Wow, what an asshole.

    “Well, I said something that asserted that Pinsof told the truth, but I better erase it or else i’m exiled from the SJW hugbox that props up my career, then I’ll claim that anyone asking about it is harassing me!”

  8. These people have no morals… grow a fucking spine the people in power can only hold it as long as its given to them…

  9. And now, from the echo chamber that is Kotaku, we get someone who literally deserves a doxxing for this brilliant comment:

    “MWarnerMJason Schreier

    The accusations of the GamerGate trolls, even if actually true, are almost laughably pedestrian “offenses” that do not even remotely warrant the amount of outrage that results. “Ooooh, nepotism and award-fixing at a small indie games festival! Some developer’s game got a better score because she was fucking the guy who reviewed it in a trade mag! Quick, call the justice department – we’ve got a RICO case on our hands, folks!” Give me a fucking break.

    I have never seen such insignificant “scandals” been given such limitless attention and outrage before. Even in politics (where there is A LOT more at stake) low-level scandals of this nature are usually forgotten after a month or two.

    Seriously, who. The. Fuck. CARES.”

    DO YOU EVEN ETHICS YOU LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER?! Seriously, nepotism is ILLEGAL in some places as is FIXING a FOR PAY event. These people need to get the fuck out of OUR hobby – they are the problems. How can anyone be ok with nepotism and FRAUD – that’s what fixing a fucking award CONTEST is – FRAUD.

    1. When you have alleged game journalists saying things like this, is it any surprise that the typical semi brain-dead apathetic consumer finds corruption on this level to be nothing? What does he care, it’s not taking years of his life to develop a game and pay out of pocket to get it entered in a competition where the judges are not even required to play their game before judging. I would love to meet one of these pricks in person and have them try to defend their apathy to my face.

      1. If I met one of these pricks in person I’d slap them in their pimpled, narcissistic elitist fucking face. These losers literally are cut from the same mold made of 100% shit. “It’s ok that people cheat others and essential or actually break the law, because it’s just games!” Then again we do have the same kind of sentiment from Little Hitler Cheong and “Rape is normal” Chu. So many people on this planet just need to kill themselves I’ve concluded – they do nothing but consume and make the world a worse place by existing.

        When the technological singularity happens and we spawn a super intelligence they are going to be PULPED and made into meal bars. Mark my words.

        1. Sorry, I can’t eat Soylent Green if it’s made from 100% scumbag.

          But yeah, between the thieving/lying devs, narcissistic journos, and ran-dumb SJW detractors that drink the kool-aid like it’s going out of style, I wish all of them were disposed Rupert Ginty-meat grinder style. Why the hell do the normies hate that Nightline video? Because they’re not STUPID!

          As time progresses, we see the victim card being used too much. Not only here in games journo, but all journo. Look at the clusterfuck in Ferguson; SJWs and those vultures Sharpton and Jackson stirred the pot even though Brown robbed a store and assaulted the clerk while it was caught on tape. Brown’s mom called it, “Character assassination.” No, honey, its called evidence. He then beats on a cop and tried to steal his gun (again, with evidence to prove it) and all the media did was paint Wilson as the “Eeeeevil white cop oppressor!”

          The reason games media is arguing and making us the bad guy is because it makes them money. Or, at least, it would have had we not done the email thing and used archive.today. Even Browns mom came into the fray just to bank on her son’s death. These people have no soul so long as they have friends and movny to fill the void. Use the friends to get the money. Its a beautiful thing! *Gag*

    2. Let’s forget all of that for a moment and consider it from this angle.

      If you are an indie dev who doesn’t tow their line you won’t get coverage EVER. Either that or they will slam the shit out of but honestly no coverage is even worse than bad coverage.

      However if you tow the line you get coverage, awards etc etc

      So screw ethics in journalism, how is anyone suppose to break into the indie scene with the deck stacked against them? Its possible but made to be waaaay harder than should be.

      Haven’t seen a single story on Sargon’s game…wonder why

      1. Fuck the Indie scene quite frankly. If it’s so corrupt they need to band together and create their own network, or put on big boy/girl pants and go work for AAA. Indie gimmicks and mechanics are cute, but I’ll forever be enjoying my “interactive movies” that AAA provides.

    3. Quick, call the justice department – we’ve got a RICO case on our hands, folks!

      Actually, rigging the IGF for profit is, in fact, racketeering.

      1. INORITE?! Mundane Matt pointed all this shit out MONTHS ago after Fish’s site got hacked…. why is this not being investigated by the authorities?

    4. Funny, if scandals and corruption in the gaming industry are no big deal, then why are THEY making such a big deal of circling the wagons over them, and why are they so obsessed with “increasing diversity” and “breaking up the boy’s club” among gamers? If reviews, indie reward festivals, and nepotism are so insignificant, why are they so adamant about using them to inject SJW politics into gaming?

      Goodness, how DARE we be so much more inconveniently concerned about the well-being of our hobby than the average citizen is about theirs! Corrupt journalists trying to claim the moral high ground by morally lecturing others about how much their allowed to care about their corruption is just precious.

      1. No, they’re not trolls. They are young people who are dripping with entitlement and see no problem with friends helping friends, despite that fact that doing so disadvantages others unfairly. I’ve spoken to enough of them directly to recognize a true believer from someone just “doing it for the lulz” sadly.

  10. LMAO @infinite_ammo’s tweets are hysterical – it’s like he’s vomiting out SJW rhetoric as an act of penance. He wants to know how the best way to help people is. Then immediate says that helping might be patronizing and he should say supporting. YESSSSS LET THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WASH OVER YOU, YOU CIS-MALE HETERO CUCKOLD!

    What a cunt.

  11. Just let me get this clear…you are discounting McGrath’s interview, saying what actually happened, in favor of Pinsof’s memory of what he thinks McGrath said years ago because there is this evil conspiracy?

    So if I told a story about something you said, Ralph, and you said, “No, that is not what happened”, people should believe me over you?

    I keep hearing GamerGaters talk about reason, evidence and logic but you seem to want to believe elaborate fantasies rather than take a person’s words at face value because it contradicts what you want to be true. Tragic, to claim to want truth and then create your own imaginative scenarios where you define what is true based on, gasp!, your feelings.

    1. This is why GamerGate is winning.

      Because you AntiGamers can’t understand what “reason, evidence and logic” means.

      It makes perfect sense.

      Pinstof: “Phil Fish stole the code for Fez and his victims are too scared of the clique to speak up.”

      Victim (in Kotaku interview): “Ah, um, he didn’t?”

      AntiGamer: “GooberGrape is stupid! GooberGrape is stupid”

      AntiGamer Dev: “I remember Victim talking about this.”

      GamerGate: “Called it!”

      AntiGamer Dev: “I never said that! GargleGoats is lying!” [frantically deletes tweet] “Help! Help! I’m being harassed!”

      Roxie: “Let me condescending explain how this isn’t suspicious at all.

    2. You are missing the point, I think. Pinsof told his side of the story as he remembered it, and McGrath and Chow told their side of the story as they remembered it. The key difference here is, I believe, that Pinsof has nothing to gain from lying about it but they have to avoid any sort of controversy and scramble to defuse any revelations. And they did so very quickly with a little help from their friends.

      Circumstantial? He said, she said? Of course. But doesn’t this also fall under the notion that you should ‘believe’ someone who is an outsider, a marginalized individual to his culture at large instead of immediately assuming they are making false claims?

  12. Hatred for indie devs = CRITICAL, MOTHERFUCKERS! RUN!

    Also, I smell SJW shitheel coming from somewhere in this comment section…

  13. What an absolute coward. How the hell do people walk around knowing how completely pathetic they are (and believe me, he knows)

    What games has this idiot worked on so I know never to spend any money on them?

      1. I disagree with this. While there are a lot of shit indie devs, it’s that similar kind of blanket statement that kicked off GamerGate. There are good indie devs and they shouldn’t get swept up in any anti-sjw move or boycott.

        I myself want to make games independently. Literally at this moment I’m taking a small break from learning modeling in Blender to comment here. Just because someone makes indie games, doesn’t mean they’re in the same lot as those fools.

      2. I do that naturally because the vast majority of them are shit games. It’s been a long time since FTL came out….

      3. I dunno that I’m boycotting the entire market. I’m really just not down with the blind adoration that way too many gamers seem to have for indie games as a concept, rather than assessing them on a game-to-game basis.

        It’s like…there are only a few things that separate indies from AAA, those being the budget, the fact that the devs aren’t subject to publisher pressure, and the fact that sans pressure their games can be as true to the devs’ vision as they’re capable of making them. That’s cool and all, but none of it automatically qualifies an indie game as worthwhile in and of itself.

        Indie developers have to deliver a product that’s entertaining and fun to play just the same as any AAA developer does, and so I always sort of felt like fawning upon the indie scene and automatically hailing every last game that came out of it as the digital equivalent of the second coming of Christ was kinda…well, fucking stupid.

  14. I love when these Sociopath Injustice Narcissists try to cover there asses by back pedaling as hard as they can once they show their TRUE colors. Fucking cowards!

    Keep up the good work Ralph. Because your site is one of the few media outlets that enjoy reading with no sugar coating added to it.

  15. It seems pretty clear that McGrath was not wanting to make an issue out of it. Certainly not now as he has nothing to gain from it. Yet he still said Fish stole the dimension swapping concept and Kotaku have the nerve to run with a headline sneering at the suggestion that there’s anything to the story.

    1. That’s the crazy bit to me. Like…dude straight up confirms that, yeah, Fish stole his work, but according to Kotaku’s logic the fact that the differed on a few other points in Pinsof’s accounting of the mess means that none of it is true, not even the bit that is. It’s like…these fuckers are either barely functional retards, or think that their readers are.

      Though to their credit, anyone reading the site after the whole GamerGate thing broke would kinda have to be. Either that, or new to the internet, anyway.

  16. You’d think they’d realize, by now, that trying to hide anything from the internet, ESPECIALLY FROM GAMERGATE, will do nothing but blow up in their faces.

    The internet may forgive, but it never forgets.

  17. Honestly, how long is it going to take to uproot this entire corrupt, SJW-laden, payola-plagued forest?
    There seems to be no end to this bullshit in sight.

  18. These people have zero shame, you can see the arrogance in their twitter posts, “It was all true” as if the corruption doesn’t matter and they are untouchable in their little cabal of toxic parasites. But then someone gets an archive and suddenly they all try to pull the “I was joking card”. Seriously fuck these people, the media needs to be purged of these fuckwits, this crap has gone on long enough.

  19. “Fish, who has been a target of GamerGate since the campaign started” because GamerGate hates women.

    I remember reading about Fez years ago on The Verge, about it being this revolutionary different game, and hearing Fish’s name all over the place about it, and now I just barely learn of McGrath, so regardless of Fish never claiming the idea, his name was on it everywhere.

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