If you look back at some of my articles, you know that we’ve seen quite an array of questionable and offensive people. From Leigh Alexander’s abhorrent behavior, to Ian Miles Cheong‘s Hitler love, threats of violence, advocacy of doxing, and countless examples of hatred against gamers and our culture. But rarely have I been as taken aback as I have been the last couple days. That’s because of the behavior of prominent gaming cartoonist  Elizabeth Simins. Most radical SJWs at least try to disguise their contempt for men, a little but. But not Ms. Simins:



Start a new gaming industry free of men? What kind of psychopath says such a thing? I have never seen such language come from our side. I definitely haven’t heard anything comparable to this come from anyone with any type of following. So, why isn’t the industry condemning this disgraceful man-hater? hatecartoon

But, get this: not only are they not coming down on her, they’re actually DEFENDING HER! What kind of bizarro fucking planet are we living on? A person like this should never have a place in the gaming industry, in any, shape, form, or fashion. If she recants these hateful statements, perhaps there’s a place for her. We should always be open to future forgiveness, But she’s not retracting. She’s doubling down on hate instead:


This is how this foul human being talks to our most well known moderate, TotalBiscuit. It’s one thing to attack a firebrand like myself. But to go after TB like this? The man has cancer, for crying out loud. It sounds like she wouldn’t be too sad to see him leave this earth altogether. You have to be sadistic as hell to think like this. And instead of being run out of town on a rail, she’s celebrated as a hero. Our opponents are revealed as more and more disgusting by the day.

Speaking of days, at the end of this one, it’s all about getting some cash. The shameless paper chase is all these people know. Having any core convictions, or values, means nothing. They refuse to call out the worst among them, even when they’re top figures. I, on the other hand, am called out by moderate forces in GamerGate daily. The double-standard is immense, and it will only get bigger. The higher the stakes, the more likely these people are to sell their souls. It’s a personal character flaw.

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku has refused to comment on his site’s past relationship with Simins. She worked there this past summer, and was called their “resident cartoonist.” She’s been making offensive statements for awhile now, so it’s hard to believe that she developed these attitudes after leaving Kotaku. Why would a person who hates men, and show that hatred openly, be hired anywhere? Now she works at the feminist outfit The Mary Sue. This kind of hate passes without sanction there as well, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Even still, you think they would be ashamed to have this person on the payroll.

The problem is, they aren’t. To combat their extremism, I try to shame these companies into changing by shining a light on activities that normal people find repugnant. Censorship is not popular. Radical feminism is not popular. Their shit art games are not popular. The only place they win, is with the radical elite.

We win when we take it to the people. Tell your friends about these sites. Show them the hate that Elizabeth Simins, Leigh, and the rest of the gang have produced. Include them in your sponsor emails. They’re fighting us so hard because we’re winning. Don’t let up now. Double down on GamerGate instead.


  1. Welcome to the world of self-centred assholes, people so bound up in corruption and ideology that they believe that their point of view is correct, even when it tramples on someone else’s rights. It disgusts me that I even have the same gender in common with it.

  2. I might not know enough about anime, and I watch a lot but mostly not the 80s/90s anime, but is that a guy in that crying pic? I’m forgetting the source anime that is from.

    1. Looks like Oscar Francois de Jarjayes from Rose of Versailles. So no, but she was raised as a boy. (Also I’m disappointed to see someone with such good taste in animu turn out so vile.)

      1. If it is that, that’s ironic. Because that would be complaining about a time period that was almost literally a male-dominated society (barring the Her Majesties of course).

        Gah, where’s that time machine when you need it.

  3. Jesus, what a ridiculous double standard. If someone did comics saying, “All women/blacks/gays should not be allowed to attend so-and-so event”, all the people defending that nutbag would be crying into their $7 Pumpkin Spices Lattes and wiping their tears of rage with a $500 artisanal scarf weaved by blind lesbian Tibetan nuns that they purchased from Gwyneth Paltrow’s website.

    Oh, excuse me, Blake Lively’s website. Gwyneth’s site is SO 2012.

  4. What I find most disturbing is how many white knights are happy to bend over to accommodate hateful sexists like this.

  5. What about the stuff man made? What about those? If she really hates the men as she says, she should have problem with those too.

    1. I bet, she doesn’t use the washing machine, the dishwasher, the Iphone, any telephone in general, the toilet (I bet she sh*ts in the cesspool that is the San Francisco clique) and the Internet since they were all created by men.

  6. You know, as a weeaboo, I often imagine a hypothetical future where humankind will exist as the following genders:

    – female
    – futanari female
    – biomecha

    The futanaris will be the evolution of the y-chromosome carrying gender while adapting the lean mean fighting machine female bodytype (which, anime science shows, is perfect for piloting high G-force machines such as jet fighters and space mechs. Especially space mechs, since launching humans into space is expensive per lb, launching lolis would be most cost-effective.)

    The biomecha would literally be genetically engineered cyborg subhumans who will do most of the manual labor.

    But that is all in the far future. A future that saddens those who appreciate the macho man archetype. And a future that won’t happen because people like Elizabeth Simins exist to drive brilliant cis men from the tech companies they found because they don’t agree to the radical ideologies of the gender quota people.

    Speaking of gender quotas, you can kiss the industries of mining, fishing, and garbage collecting goodbye. Those industries are 99.999999% male.

    I guess Elizabeth Simins would prefer to not own anything with precious metals in them — including her iphone or whatever, she would prefer not to eat fish or seafood, and she would prefer to wallow in her own filth then.

  7. This is why for 12hours a day i continue to send emails, let people know trash like this exists, and this is why i wont stop until trash is taken to the curb.

  8. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. The industry people are scared of feminazism’s scrutiny. They gave Sarkeesian the GDC ambassador award FFS.

  9. What I find interesting in all of this, is anytime and I do mean anytime someone else is a racist, sexist, or even makes “out of context” comments on something the media is all over it faster than I am at eating Belgian Waffles. If that isn’t telling what their exact line of thinking is…

  10. Wait, that’s who she is? Holy shit, she’s said WORSE things! Don’t go easy on her NOW Ralph! Do you want links to some of her worse tweets? They are ALL OVER THE PLACE. She is so vile I didn’t think she was real =

  11. We should start a campaign demanding that devs hand over ownership of their studios to Elizabeth Simins after firing all men working for them of course. Anyone who wants to keep considering themselves a feminist ally must comply with this of course.

  12. I’m sure she’ll eventually say she was joking or some BS (no apology either of course, just a condescending “You should have known”… and they’ll forgive her hook line and sinker. But if a GG jokes about something and even apologizes, they won’t extend the same benefit, and that person will end up being ostracized by the anti-gg side.

  13. This disgusting piece of trash with tits is another example of what is completely wrong here. The “gaming” industry sits there and does nothing but accuse gamergate (that still is an ideal of changes and not an organisation…) of bullshit and ignores everything that realy screams “hate and violence”. This stupid trash slut needs a punsh in the mouth and a month with bread and water in a basement cell. Thats it!
    One day she can have a slap in the face to scream how bad man are so she has at least a reason to do so. Look at her. Using the work of man abusing everything the man has done for her and there she sits screaming like a insane spoiled brat. What a clusterfuck she is!
    And no i´m not sorry anymore for how i express myself. I´m done with nice trash talk about these “people” aka human scum!
    Bring back the inquisition!

    1. Troll? False flag? If not do not even allude to violence. Your comments will only be used against us.

      1. no im not a troll. I never say things i regreat afterwards. Just because you dont think like me doesnt mean i´m you. I learned my lessons not in a book my friend!
        Violence is an option not a priority for me 😉
        You might think these people dont do harm but then you are wrong. They have destroyed peoples lifes already and they are proud of this fact. So what do you think one would do in reallife…which is reality in fact when your boss fires you ?
        And dont try to tell me some peacefull bullshit. I´m not interested in that.

  14. I detest The Mary Sue as it is SJW hell for t.v., movie, and comics fandom; no big surprise they are employing a man hater now.

  15. The awesome thing is use the report function on everyone posting these. Then it’s a news story about how misandry is acceptable on twitter because reasons.

  16. This literally seems like a false flag person. To think, she’s actually real, actually works for Kotaku, and actually openly says this shit on a regular basis.

    This is the most flagrant sexism I have ever seen in the gaming industry. If Kotaku wants to condemn sexism in the industry, maybe they should start with this psycho?

  17. I thought we were against censorship? Didn’t we learn anything from that Mohammed cartoon? Radical Feminists, SJW’s and the politically correct are already destroying creativity, culture, and art by vandalism and eciting fear to prohibit any fom of espresion that doesn’t conform to their message especially in colleges and universitys. All i’m saying is condem the message, fine. But do it not looking like them. If i have miss-read the issue please say.

    1. I think the point is not that she makes those statements or draws that f”Art” but the hypocrisy of others that claim they are against sexism and for equality but either ignore or even actively support her.

      Of course they don’t think they’re being hypocritical because to them it’s impossible to be sexist towards cis men and the whole world is created to cater to their every whim. You know because patriarchy.

  18. Grown ass adults behaving like children while hiding behind moral outrage.. I swear in previous centuries these people would have been the heads of churches burning people.

  19. I love it. These people can openly hate men and wish them dead and then men agree with it and everyone is happy but if we say something like we disagree with Sarkeesians conclusions then we are scum and our culture should die.

    These are the people we want to keep out of this industry. We fight for all even though they hate us for it. Unfortunately they have their eyes closed to what’s really happening.

    In the end we will win. Money talks and shit walks. We are gamers we built this industry and we have every right to defend it from bigot sexist scum.

  20. Ralph, why are you surprised by anything Shitaku touches? People like this want to see us in mass graves, for crying out loud.
    Is it any wonder why a personality so utterly devoid of humanity would thrive there, or at Jezebel, or The Mary Sue?
    Or pretty much anywhere in Old Guard games journalism? My most recent video addressed this, after a fashion, and I’ll be dealing with it more in-depth at a later time.

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